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13 Types of Men You Should Never Marry or Date If You Pray for a Happy Marriage

13 Types of Men You Should Never Marry or Date If You Pray for a Happy Marriage

13 Types of Men You Should Never Marry or Date If You Pray for a Happy Marriage

As a woman, you have to be observant about the kind of man you choose to marry because a single mistake can ruin your happiness and make life hell for you. While it is good to pray to God to bless you with a responsible man who will care for you, you still have to choose for yourself the type of man you want, and when selecting a husband material, make sure you avoid these types of men at all costs for your own good.

Here are the 13 types of men you should never marry:

1. A Man with Questionable Sources of Income. 

While money may be important in a relationship or marriage, you should never settle down with a man with questionable sources of income. He spends lavishly on you, but when you ask him what he does for a living, he doesn’t give you a direct answer. Don’t mistake those pamperings for love; do not be surprised when you find him to be a ritualist or kidnapper, and by then it might be too late.

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2. A Lazy Man.

A lazy man is an irresponsible man; they will frustrate your life when you date or marry them. A lazy man doesn’t like to work but wants money. He expects you to give him money and foot his bills while he feeds you with love. Never marry this kind of man.

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3. A Man Who Runs Away from His Responsibilities.

These types of men are not good for marriage. You will notice that he runs away when it’s time for him to perform his responsibilities, but he expects you to cook for him, clean, and do laundry. For instance, if you ask him for anything, he will suddenly disappear and reappear after some time. Real men don’t shun their responsibilities. 

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4. Stingy Man.

Marrying a stingy man with the hope that he will change someday could be your biggest mistake. When you marry this type of man, they will frustrate you with their selfish interests. Even taking care of their kids will be a problem. Stingy men don’t like giving to their family; instead, they love to shift all the responsibilities onto you. Remember, money problems and financial struggles are the main causes of divorce. 

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5. A Drug or Alcohol Addict.

You need a responsible man who your kids can learn from. Marrying a man who is addicted to hard drugs or alcohol is dangerous for you and your unborn children. Alcohol addicts don’t know their limits; they drink to stupor and may bring public embarrassment to your family. 

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There is no problem with drinking responsibly as a man, but if he is addicted to it, you can’t set him free; in fact, you can’t change him; only himself and God can. Marrying a man who is addicted to drugs, pornography, and alcohol will lead to self-destruction.

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6. A Toxic Man with A Hot Temper.

There is nothing as bad as marrying a toxic man with anger issues. After a few arguments, he started beating you and destroying your properties. They abuse you and demand everything they bought for you back. 

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A toxic man will never respect your boundaries; they’d love to control your life as they wish without considering your feelings. He will tell you not to have friends or go see your friends; his decision is always final. Never marry this type of man. If not, you may regret doing so in the future.

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7. A Gambler.

A man who gambles a lot is not ready for life yet, and it’s difficult for their life to progress because they have the hope that they will win big someday, even at the expense of investing all their hard earnings and selling their properties to play bets. 

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When you visit him, you will see different bet slips in his room; he’s either in a bet shop or at home playing virtual games. If you marry this type of man, they will leave you wrecked by borrowing, and even when you lend them money, they will still use it to play a bet. When you meet this type of man, run, because there’s danger ahead.

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8. Womanizer.

Dating a man who cheats serially can be an emotional trauma that may affect your mental health. Most times, a serial cheater would claim that men are polygamous in nature, thus jumping from one woman to another. They don’t hide their cheating behavior; even in your presence, they could flirt with your best friends and sleep with them. 

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When you see this type of man, please run and never look back because they lack empathy for your feelings. A womanizer hardly repents, and when you marry them, they will still cheat on you with many side chicks. You need a man who will love you in a million ways, not one who will cheat on you in a million ways.

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9. A Jobless Man.

People say, “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop,” and i agree with that. By nature, men are providers, while women should be supporters, so you need a man who will be able to provide for you and your household. How will he perform his responsibilities when he’s jobless? To avoid any regret in the future, never marry or date a jobless man.

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10. Dad of Too Many. 

When a guy is less than 35 and he already has three kids with three different women, that’s a red flag that dating such men isn’t worth it except that you want to be another babymama to him. Avoid men with many babymamas, and you will be grateful for making this decision.

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11. A Man Without Vision or Future.

There is no point in marrying a man who has no vision or a future for you. When you ask him to make a decision, he will decline and respond, “I don’t know.” He doesn’t talk about the future with you. When you ask him about his plans for you, the relationship, and the future, you’ll be surprised that his plans are completely blank. Dating a guy who has no idea what he wants or where he is going will be a regrettable mistake.

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12. The Mama’s Boy. 

There is nothing wrong with a man being close to his family and showing care for his parents, but if your man is still tied to his parents to the extent that he can’t make a single decision on his own without consulting his mother and he still has his parents paying almost all his bills, you should avoid such a man. 

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If you have trouble creating boundaries before you get married, there will definitely be trouble later. A man who can’t make a decision on his own and take full responsibility for his relationship and life decisions will be difficult to handle in marriage. If you try to adjust him or correct his ways, his parents will think you are trying to turn their son against them and will label you a wicked wife.

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13. Lair.

Every marriage must be built on trust and honesty. Without this as the foundation of your relationship, you are likely going to face serious trouble in the future. Never marry a man who loves to feed your ears with a series of lies; they will leave you in a confused state. Any lies are meant to hide, deceive, and manipulate you from knowing the truth. 

Too many lies in a relationship are a red flag to back off; you will keep wondering what he’s hiding from you. If you marry this type of man, you will be shocked by the time the truth reveals itself. Don’t fall for deceit; stay away from him.

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In conclusion, it is important for every woman to understand that love alone is never enough to determine the type of man to marry. If your man possesses most of the habits listed above, this may be the right time to reconsider the relationship.

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