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18 Types of Women You Should Never Date or marry If you Want a Successful Life and Happy Marriage

18 Types of Women You Should Never Date or marry If you Want a Successful Life and Happy Marriage

18 Types of Women You Should Never Date or marry If you Want a Successful Life and Happy Marriage

Everyone prays for an everlasting happy relationship, and while it is good to pray for a good wife, there are 18 types of women you should never date or marry for your own peace of mind if you want a successful life and happy marriage.

By avoiding these types of women mentioned in this article, you automatically dodge a bullet that can penetrate your happiness in the future.

18 Types of Women You Should Never Marry or Date:

1. Someone’s Girlfriend.

Before you buy land, you should ask the owner first, and the same thing applies to relationships. You don’t want to experience a situation whereby you get harassed by hoodlums in the street for stealing their girlfriend. If a girl is already in a relationship, find your own woman elsewhere; this will save you from any heartache or heartbreak in the future.

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2. A Married Woman.

No matter how a married woman seduces you, please never fall for such temptation or see that as an opportunity; instead, you should flee. If you want a healthy relationship and pray to have a beautiful home, you shouldn’t toy with another man’s wife. Dating a married woman is very risky and dangerous. Whatever feelings you may have for her, please let it go. Never date them unless they’re divorced, and also, don’t be the reason why she would divorce her husband.

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3. Women Going Through Heartbreak.

f you want to date any woman, please allow her to heal first before proposing love to her. I know you think this is the best time to shoot your shot, but you may be disappointed after a few months and discover that she has gone back to her ex. 

When a woman just exits a relationship and is still healing, you can show her that your love for her is pure, but you still need to allow her to heal; otherwise, the relationship may crash because you don’t know if she’s still very interested in her ex. Do not date a woman who is currently experiencing heartbreak; it may be difficult to know if she truly loves you or is just using you to pass time.

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4. Stingy Woman.

Marrying a stingy woman is a mistake you must avoid at all costs. You may think she will change after marriage, but it may get worse. Stingy women do not offer support for their husbands; they are always at the receiving end. You need a woman you can rely on and count on.

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5. Liar.

Don’t marry that woman who lies to you multiple times. A lair cannot be trusted, and they will try to manipulate you and make you think you are the problem. If you have caught her lying to your face countless times, marrying such a woman can be your biggest regret ever.

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6. The Ones Who Dislike Your Family.

If your girlfriend dislikes your family and hates seeing your parents, that is a red flag that must never be ignored. They will be like, “I want only me and my husband,” or “I don’t want our parents in our house.” If you hear these words, please run, because if you marry her, she may turn you against your own family.

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7. A Lazy Woman.

Marriage is not as easy as it seems; it’s a school where you will never graduate, and to make the journey easier for you, make sure that the woman you are marrying is a hardworking woman and not the lazy type that wants you to do almost everything. 

She can’t cook, sweep, do the chores, or even tidy up her own room. They’re so lazy to the extent that they don’t like to work but expect you to pay them for loving you. I know you love her but love alone isn’t enough in marriage.

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8. The Ones That Are Disrespectful.

A woman who doesn’t respect you will bring embarrassment to your home. You can’t tell her to do something for you in public; she will disobey you, and nothing will happen. For instance, she gets involved in a fight with someone, and when you tell her to stop, she won’t listen; instead, she will say, “Not even my mother can tell me to stop.” If you marry such a woman, they will embarrass you in public.

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9. A Violent Woman.

A violent woman will make a horrible wife. Before you know it, they’ve started destroying your things over a minor argument. They could lay curses on your family and spoil things. If you marry a violent woman, she may kill you unintentionally someday. Remember, kids learn most things from their parents. You don’t want your kids to learn to be violent from their mother.

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10. The Ones Who Cheat a Lot.

You need a woman you can trust any day and anytime. If you marry a cheating girlfriend, she will bring another man’s child for you to raise, and it may take years before you get to know about it. If she has cheated on you serially, never marry her for love; otherwise, she will do worse after marriage.

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11. Flirty Woman.

These ones will claim that they are not ready to lose any friendship because of the relationship. They flirt with different men who they call their friends, and when you complain, you will hear, “The problem is you don’t trust me.” No! The problem is, she’s not ready for a serious relationship or marriage yet. Never marry her because habits like this might be difficult to break after marriage.



12. Bitter Woman.

These types of women seem to be bitter, maybe due to their past experiences with men. You will hear them say, “Men are evil,” “All men are the same,” and “I can’t trust any man.” They are always bashing men, talking about how they are not good enough, or broke-shaming them. Seriously, you need to avoid these types of women because she will be the first person to castigate you should anything happen in the marriage.

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13. The party or club girl.

These types of girls are lovers of clubs and partying; they go to clubs almost every day and spend not a single weekend without being invited to a party. They have the most beautiful faces, a flashy lifestyle, and wear expensive clothes. 

The closer you look, the more you will see that their whole life is a party. If you marry her, it will be so challenging to take this habit away from them. You may be surprised to see that your kids were left unkempt after their mother left for her usual weekend party.

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14. The Ones Who Don’T Take Corrections.

No matter what you say or try to convince them, they think they are always right. They hardly apologize or listen to you. Whatever she says is final; even when you give them reasons to change, they won’t. If you want to be in charge of your home, do not marry a woman who thinks she’s always right and never takes correction.

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15. Expensive Girls.

These types of women have expensive tastes, and they expect you to shower them with high standards. They never appreciate little things. You should be careful with these girls; if not, they will push you into doing things that may later cause regret for you in life. It’s better if you date or marry a woman you can afford.

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16. Social Media Queen.

She doesn’t have a life offline, and she’s a social media godmother. All her life is spent on social media; she can’t do a single thing without letting the whole world know. Well, there is no problem with using social media, but getting addicted to it to the extent that there is no room for privacy is a big red flag. This type of woman can call you out on social media in the future; just be careful.

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17. Alcohol Addiction.

Men should stay clear of marrying a woman who is addicted to alcohol and smoking. Seeing your woman drunk at any given moment is emotionally draining.

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18. Irresponsible Woman.

This type of woman is irresponsible in every aspect of life. She doesn’t like to pay her bills and instead leans on other people to pay her incurred financial responsibilities. When she gets married to you, she will expect you to carry all her responsibilities while bringing little or nothing to the table.

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In conclusion, love alone is not enough in marriage. If you have a woman who has most of these habits in her character, marrying such a woman or lady will be your biggest mistake ever. You can’t change your past, but you can still change the future. If you want a successful life and marriage, then you should never get yourself involved with these types of women. A word is enough for the wise.

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