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18 Excellent Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry: Signs She’s a Wife Material

18 Excellent Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry: Signs She's a Wife Material

18 Excellent Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry: Signs She’s a Wife Material

Do you have some standards when it comes to identifying a good woman to marry? Anyway, if you have been thinking about the qualities to look out for in a woman to marry, here are some 18 traits to look out for:

18 Excellent Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry:

1. She’S Submissive.

One of the top qualities of a good woman is when she’s submissive to you. Find a woman who is submissive to you. A woman who listens to you and allows you to be in charge of the relationship. Such women will make good wives, and they won’t give you problems in the marriage. Being submissive is a quality of a good woman; if she has this trait in her character, she’s good for marriage.

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2. She’s Good at Management. 

When looking for qualities in a woman, you should watch her ability to manage your resources. Look for a woman who is wise in spending and knows how to double her money, not the one who goes about spending lavishly while demanding more. A woman who is good at management knows how to shun procrastination and laziness and also strike balance with time management.

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3. She Has Her Own Source Of Income.

She has her own source of income and work that fetches her money, she doesn’t rely on you as her regular pay cheque. This quality is important in ensuring that one partner doesn’t become dependent on the other, and in case you face any financial challenges in the future, she could be of help without hesitation. So, when looking for a good wife, it should be a woman you can rely on for support and can count on any day, anytime.

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4. She’S Not Lazy.

You know a woman is good for marriage when she’s not lazy; she doesn’t joke with her education and career. She focuses on her goals and doesn’t wait for you to tell her to do the necessary things before getting them done. She knows when to do her chores, clean up the room, and get up to work.

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5. She’s Equipped with Morals and Self-Discipline.

A good woman to marry is a woman who is equipped with morals and self-discipline. She manages her time, resources, and relationships well. She does the right thing at the right time, and her behavior is something you are proud of. By the way, she takes good care of herself, eats healthy foods, and avoids bad habits. She doesn’t seek social media validation or live a fake life online. Women with this trait are a sign of a wife material.

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6. She Never Compares You with Other People.

A good woman will never compare you with other men because she loves you for who you are and your imperfections. She understands you are not perfect, and she’s always ready to correct you when you go off-lane. She will never compare you with what other men are doing for their women or with your friends. 

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She appreciates every little thing you do for her. These are the qualities to look out for in a woman you want to marry. You shouldn’t settle down with a woman who goes about complaining and comparing you with other men out there.

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7. She Knows God and Is Spiritually Strong.

A good woman is a woman who knows God and doesn’t joke with her spiritual life. Despite the fact that you are not yet married, she always prays for you, your work, and your family. You need to look for a woman who can join you in prayer and stop any spiritual attack in future. A prayerful woman is a good woman, and a prayerful woman is an admirable woman.

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8. She’s Kind to Your Family and Friends.

Find a woman who is kind to your family, friends, and everyone around her. A woman who will accept your family as her family, a woman who sees your parents as her parents. This way, you can be so sure that your future together is already blessed. A kind woman is gentle, and they treat the rich and poor equally. She can help anyone in need within her capacity.

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9. She Listens to You Without Judgment.

Find a woman who listens to you and gives you a hearing without judging you. One thing about her is that she listens to people and hears them first without passing judgment on them. Well, she already understands that people struggle differently and will always listen to you, no matter the circumstances.

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10. A Calm and Patient Woman. 

You need a calm and patient woman who is not overpowered by anger or hot temperament. She doesn’t allow her emotions to kill the situation on ground. 

She is calm with everyone and won’t jump into confrontation; rather, she solves every issue in a polite manner, even when provoked. Of course, this is an important quality you should look out for in a woman to marry. You don’t need a woman who has anger issues and goes about destroying things when provoked during arguments.

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11. She’s Peaceful.

There is nothing as good as having a peaceful woman who understands you and gives you peace of mind. Sometimes, marriage can be stressful and frustrating, and this is why marrying a woman who gives you peace of mind is important. You are always welcome at home because at home, you find peace and happiness.

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12. She’s Respectful.

A good woman is one who has respect for everyone around her. She doesn’t raise her voice at you or shout at you. She’s open and honest with you and doesn’t force her opinion and beliefs on other people. She respects your religion and beliefs and doesn’t insist her suggestions on you or other people around her because she understands the differences between you two.

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13. She Has Integrity.

A woman of integrity values her dignity. She does not lie or pretend to be what she’s not. She’s honest and does not engage in corruption. Of course, you will know you can trust her and that she will never bring any embarrassment to your home. If you happen to find such a wife, hold her tight and be grateful, because she’s indeed a wife material.

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14. She Can Cook.

She doesn’t have to be a chef, but she knows how to make your favorite food, and her meal tastes the best. Besides, a good wife must be able to feed her family. She knows how to satisfy you both at the dinner table and in the bedroom. Both foods are important in a man’s life.

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15. She Knows How to Communicate with You.

There is nothing more important in a relationship or marriage than communication. Marry that woman who feels comfortable talking to you, and you have to feel comfortable talking to her about anything and everything. 

A good woman is a woman who knows how to communicate her feelings with her man without feeling reluctant to do so. You should marry a woman you can talk to about anything. Perhaps the more you communicate with your woman, the less likely the two of you will get into arguments and will be able to sort out any problems.

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16. She Loves Children. 

A good wife should love children and like to have them around. Not everyone can be patient with kids, so if you are blessed to have a woman who has a soft heart for kids and loves playing with them, she will definitely be a good mom. Marry her.

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17. She’s Emotionally Stable.

A good wife is a woman who is emotionally stable. You easily understand her mood swings when she’s happy and when she’s down. You don’t need a woman who is unemotionally stable and will break down in tears at the sight of any little challenges. An emotionally stable woman will make a good wife and a great mom.

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18. You Share a Lot of Things in Common.

It can be the same kind of hobbies, food, music, games, and other things you have in common. If there are things that you both like in common, it’s a good sign that your marriage will be filled with happiness.

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In conclusion, all these aforementioned traits are qualities of a good woman to marry. However, it is important to remember that your partner is not perfect, and she’s unique in her own way, therefore, you should be ready to love her with her imperfections. If you are looking for the qualities of a good woman to marry, you should try as much as possible to be a good man who will be a good husband yourself. Be that kind of man of the version of woman you are looking for.

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