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Is Sex on a First Date Good or Bad? When is the Right Time to Give a Man sex in a Relationship?

Is Sex on a First Date Good or Bad? When is the Right Time to Give a Man sex in a Relationship?

Is Sex on a First Date Good or Bad? When is the Right Time to Give a Man sex in a Relationship?

Sexuality is one of the vital components of a relationship, as it fosters bonds and boosts intimacy among couples. Perhaps it is uncommon for a guy to demand sex on a first date, and you may be wondering if it’s right to give it to him or not.

Most women are confused about when it is safe to give a man sex in a relationship to avoid being used and dumped. 

In this article, we shall explore the pros and cons of sex on a first date and highlight when it is safe to try sex in a relationship.

Is sex on a first date good or bad?

While modern dating has evolved to become more open-minded and accepting, the practice of engaging in sexual activity on a first date remains a topic of contention. While some argue that it can be a liberating and enjoyable experience, there are several potential drawbacks that should be considered.

Sex on a first date is not a bad thing, but if I am to be honest with you, it’s not a good thing either because it comes with some consequences that may hurt your relationship. Here are seven (7) disadvantages of engaging in sexual activity on a first date and why it might not always be the best choice for long-term relationship prospects.

1. It Makes You Look Cheap.

Men mostly value things they find hard to get. So, if you open your legs for him on a first date, it indirectly means you are cheap, and he might not value you. Perhaps sex on a first date can reduce your self-worth before him. To you, it’s love, but to him, you are cheap.

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2. Easily Get Used. 

Giving a man sex on a first date is prone to being used and dumped. You don’t even know yet the intention of this man towards you, and if you rush to sleep with him on the first night, don’t be surprised to see him change his attitude towards you after sex. Besides, you still have lots of time to spend together in the future, so why in haste to give him sex? Sex should be the last thing on your mind on a first date or at the early stage of your relationship. 


Keeping sex off the table for a while can help you take things slow, and it might strengthen your romantic relationship before things get physical.

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3. It May Ruin Your Relationship.

Keeping sex off the table on a first date or at the early stage of your relationship will strengthen the bond among the couples. You wonder why some guys lose interest immediately after they sleep with the woman? That’s probably because of infatuation and lust. 

When the relationship is still fresh, the man’s testosterone level will be so high, and they might be pressuring you for sex. At this point, you need to apply wisdom and take it slow. Make sure the foundation of the relationship is never built on sex; otherwise, such a relationship might never last. Having sex right away can speed up the relationship a bit, and it takes away the initial “get to know you” portion of dating. 

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4. Limited Opportunity for Emotional Connection.

One of the primary disadvantages of having sex on the first date is that it may hinder the development of a deeper emotional connection. Building trust, understanding, and mutual respect often requires time and shared experiences. Jumping into physical intimacy too quickly may lead to a shallow connection that lacks the foundation necessary for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

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5. Miscommunication of Intentions.

Engaging in sex early in a relationship can sometimes blur the lines between intentions. It might be unclear whether both parties are seeking a casual encounter or are open to something more serious. This ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and potential disappointment if both individuals are not on the same page regarding their expectations for the relationship.

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6. Risk of Physical and Emotional Vulnerability.

Intimacy, particularly in a casual setting, can leave individuals feeling exposed and vulnerable. This vulnerability may lead to feelings of regret, discomfort, or even anxiety about the encounter. 

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7. Missed Opportunities for Genuine Connection.

When the focus of a first date centers around physical intimacy, it can detract from other important aspects of getting to know someone. Meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and discovering common interests can take a back seat, potentially robbing both individuals of the opportunity to establish a genuine and well-rounded connection.

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When Is It Safe to Give a Man Sex in A Relationship? 

Firstly, sex shouldn’t be the foundation of a relationship; rather, effective communication, nurturing love and mutual understanding, spending time together, learning about their likes and dislikes, and understanding the love languages are the most important aspects of a relationship at the early stage. If all these things mentioned together are established in your relationship, then lovemaking can happen naturally.

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Are They Someone You Can Trust?

When you meet a guy for the first time, it is possible that they won’t reveal their true self to you as you get to know them better with time, so if you rush to give such a man sex, they might not value you along the journey and may start to misbehave because they probably got what they wanted.

Before you give that man sex, is he someone you can trust? Do they give you reasons to trust them? Do they try to make the relationship work? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is safe to try sex in the relationship to keep the spark alive. 

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Does He Love You? 

You see, a man who loves you will demand sex, and the ones that are after your body will also demand sex, and the best way to figure out the right one from the wrong is to take things slow and be patient. Don’t just rush to open your legs because you feel he loves you or you love him. It is easy to fall in love and start a relationship, but keeping the relationship is the main issue. Thus, the right time to try sex in a relationship is when you think the relationship is worth it, not on a first date or in the early stages of the relationship.

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This is why, at the beginning of a relationship, you shouldn’t ever believe a man. Men are visual beings, and he will always in the beginning fall for your beauty, and while pursuing you, his testosterone will be super high, and he will see you as a serious girlfriend. 

That’s why I always say, when it comes to men, wait 4-6 months until his testosterone level comes down. And when he’s so infatuated with you, his own thinking will be blurry; it’s only then that you should start to believe him because you want him to tell you things he actually believes in himself as well.

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How do I know if a man is after my body? 

Men are so desperate and smart that you can’t tell the real ones from the ones who only want to sleep with you. A man who is after your body will start pressuring you for sex right from the first date, and they will begin to give you a negative attitude immediately when you turn down their demands. In fact, some of them might stop talking to you. Meanwhile, a man who really loves you will not mount pressure on you for sex at the early stage of the relationship or dump you because you denied him sex.

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What Is the Best Time for Sex in a Relationship?

The best time for sex in a relationship should be after 4-6 months; by then, you would have known a little bit about them and their intentions. Even if he’s a pretender, at least you will know because nobody can pretend for too long. So don’t just rush to sex; be patient for at least 4-6 months. This time is for you to figure out if this relationship is worth it or not.

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What Is The 3-Date Rule Before Sex?

These rules are to make sure everything goes well with your relationship on the first date, and the three date rules are:

  • Never have sex on a first date, no matter how much you love them.
  • Always use protection, no matter how much you trust them. Do not engage in unprotected sex with a new partner you just met. It is very dangerous, and besides, you don’t know their intentions towards you.
  • Don’t rush to open your legs for them even if they mount pressure on you; you need to slow down a bit and be patient.

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What Does It Mean If a Woman Slept with You on the Very First Night?

If a woman slept with you on the very first night you met that she came to visit you, this means that she loves you with all her heart. The reason a woman will sleep with a man on a first date is if she likes him. So do not think she’s a cheap girl or take advantage of her because she slept with you on a first date; instead, this should be a reason for you to love her more and hold her tight. If she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t have opened her legs in the first place.

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Guys Who Try to Sleep with You on a First Date.

If a guy tries to sleep with you on a first date, it is probably because of infatuation and your beauty, and it would be a great decision if you could turn down such requests or cut off sex from the table on the first date. At least there is still room to talk about that in the future. However, if a guy is desperate to sleep with you on a first date, then he could be a playboy who is only after your body, so you shouldn’t fall for such behavior.

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Can A Man Fall in Love with A Woman Who Slept with Him on the First Date or First Night?

Yes, a man can fall in love with a woman who slept with him on a first date only if love is more important in that relationship than lust. I’ve seen couples have sex on the first date and marry for life. Sex is good only when done with the real emotions of both partners. Sex is made through love. Without love, it’s just lust. 

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In summary, the right time to try sex in a relationship is not on a first date or first night, but rather when you think the relationship is worth it. Before you give a man sex, make sure that mutual love, trust, understanding, and loyalty are already established in the relationship. When these things are established, sex will come naturally because sex is a product of love.

However, it is important to understand that sex doesn’t keep a man. So, whether you give a man sex on a first date or after the first year, that will not keep him. You can only keep a man who wants to be kept.

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