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How to Know She’s Pretending to Love You: 11 Signs a Woman Doesn’t Love You

How to Know She's Pretending to Love You: 11 Signs a Woman Doesn't Love You

How to Know She’s Pretending to Love You: 11 Signs a Woman Doesn’t Love You

Love is only beautiful and sweet when you are in a relationship with someone who you love and loves you in return. Building a relationship with someone who doesn’t like you or want to be with you can be daunting. Here are 11 signs that may indicate that a girl doesn’t like you:

1. She Doesn’t Communicate with You Regularly.

If a woman wants to be with you, you will not beg her to communicate with you. In fact, she will be the one to call you and ask about your well-being and life activities. If that girl you like is not calling you, texting you, or chatting you up when she’s online, this is a sign that indicates she doesn’t like you.

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2. You Have to Beg for Her Attention.

If it seems that you have to beg her before she can give you her attention, this may be because the feelings are not mutual. She won’t call you unless you call; she won’t text until you do; in fact, she will not chat with you unless you text her first. This attitude is a sign exhibited by a woman who doesn’t like you.

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3. She Rejected Your Proposal. 

While rejection may be a normal thing as it is her right to say yes or no to your advances, if you have been chasing that woman for years now and she keeps telling you “no,” it is time for you to let her be because if she really loves you or has feelings for you, she won’t reject your proposal. If a woman rejects your proposal, this may be because she doesn’t want to have anything serious to do with you.

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4. She Denies You Sex.

Sex helps to build emotional connection in a relationship, and if that girl you love keeps turning down your sexual request, this may be because she doesn’t want to be emotionally attached to you or she assumes that you do not deserve it. Most times, women in a relationship deny having sex with the man for whom they have no feelings. 


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5. She Hides You.

One of the red flags of a woman who doesn’t like you is when she hides you in public. They will never introduce you to their family and friends. Even when you go visit them, they will hide you from their neighbors. This is because you are not a priority to them. Trust me, if a woman loves you, she will happily flaunt you to the world. If the reverse is the case, that means the love is one-sided.

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6. She Forgot Important Dates. 

How can a woman forget her man’s important dates? That is because he isn’t important to her. If a woman doesn’t like you, she will forget important dates like birthdays and special anniversaries.

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7. She Remembers You Only When She Needs Help.

Does that woman only remember your existence when she needs your assistance? This behavior is a sign that she doesn’t love you, because if she does, they won’t remember you until they’re in trouble. 

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8. She Lies and Keeps Secrets.

When a woman is in love, they love everything both physically and spiritually, but if the reverse is the case, they will lie to your face and keep secrets from you. If that girl has told you many lies and it appears they have lots of secrets, this is a sign that may indicate that she doesn’t love you genuinely. Being open and honest is crucial for any relationship.

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7. She Cheats on You. 

When a woman is in love with you, they will be 100% committed to the relationship, but if the love is not real or they’re just pretending, they will cheat on you and manipulate you with lies. Loyalty is the sign of a woman who really loves you. Even when you hurt them, they will never cheat on you. If you can’t remember the number of times that woman has cheated on you, you don’t need anybody to tell you that she’s only pretending to love you.

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8. She Doesn’t Care About You Anymore. 

Have you noticed that this lady does not care about you anymore? This could be a sign that her love for you is fake. When a woman falls out of love or has no feelings for you, she will never care about you. Tell her you are sick; she won’t bother to check up on you. Neither will she bother to spend time with you. If a woman is avoiding you at all costs, you should just leave her and move on with your life, because these are signs of not being in love.

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9. She Flirts with Others.

Apart from the fact that flirting with the opposite sex is disrespectful, this behavior is common among women who have no feelings for you or might just be pretending to love you. When a woman is fully committed to you, she will respect your feelings and won’t flirt with others in your presence. She’s doing this because she doesn’t give a fuck about you.

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10. She Asks For A Break.

When a woman asks for a break in a relationship, most times it’s because they don’t love you or want anything to do with you anymore.

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11. She Avoids Talking About Her Future Plans.

You can tell a woman is in love with you when she is curious about your future together, but if the opposite is the case, she will always avoid talking about future plans with you because she doesn’t see herself with you in the future.

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In conclusion, if you recognize these signs in your relationship, don’t jump to the conclusion that she doesn’t love you. Instead, you should approach your woman and talk about your concerns regarding her behavior. If she still continues to exhibit these signs of not being in love, then it may be time for you to reconsider the relationship.

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