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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Neighbor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Neighbor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Neighbor

When it comes to love and building a healthy relationship, there is no boundary or segregation, as anyone can fall in love at any time, even when the person you really love is your neighbor. 

Sometimes that very person you like and deeply love could be your neighbor, and you might be wondering if such a relationship can ever work. Well, before you consider dating your neighbor or someone living on your street, check out the advantages and disadvantages and what to expect from the relationship.

What Does Dating A Neighbor Mean?

It simply means building a relationship with someone who is living in the same apartment, street, hostel, lodge, or house with you. They could be your co-tenants or someone living in the neighborhood.

Advantages of Dating a Neighbor:

1. Understanding.

 Understanding is one of the most important things in a relationship, and this is one of the major benefits of dating someone who is living on your street or in the same apartment as you. There will be fewer disagreements because you already know their habits.

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2. Free Foods.

If you are the guy and you want to date your neighbor, you will enjoy the benefit of getting free food from your neighbor because you are living in the same house and she might offer a wife role for you, such as cooking and passing the night in your room.

Also, the woman would enjoy the husband’s role as the man provides needs like buying food for her and attending to the lady’s basic needs.

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 3. No Secrets.

Dating your neighbor is one of the best feelings because the feelings are real and genuine, so it will be difficult for them to pretend or keep secrets. Both you and your partner will be free and honest with each other.

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4. Quality time together.

Your neighbor will be ready to give you his or her full attention anytime, based on the fact that you are always together and in the same neighborhood. Perhaps quality time together in a relationship builds up mutual love, respect, and caring for one another. They will be the first person you see in the morning and the last to see at night. The relationship will be fun, and the intimacy will be deep.

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5. Resolving Conflicts.

Sometimes your significant other may offend you with their annoying habits. If s/he is your neighbor, it will be easy for you to settle any misunderstandings and issues in the relationship due to the physical contact. You will see them almost every day, and this will make it impossible to break up.

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Disadvantages of Dating a Neighbor:

1. No Privacy.

Dating your neighbor might not be a good decision because your privacy may be violated by them. He or she could decide to spend the night in your room at your inconvenience, and you may not be able to stop them from intruding on your privacy.

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 2. Marathon Sex.

While sex is one of the vital components of relationships, dating your neighbor can get you addicted to sex. It may be difficult for you to overcome this temptation, and this can affect your mental health and overall well-being. If you don’t want to be a victim of sexual addiction, it will be an unwise decision if you date your neighbor. 

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3. Jealousy.

Jealousy is normal for every human on earth, but dating your neighbor will open the door for too much jealousy. If they see you with the opposite sex or talking with your other neighbors, they will get angry, and this can be frustrating at times. 

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4. Financial Burden. 

Dating your neighbor will place more responsibility on you. You will be left with no other option than to perform a husband-or-wife role for your partner. This will cost you more money because you are living in the same neighborhood.

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5. Breakup Trauma.

Relationships are very sweet at the beginning, but along the journey, you will start seeing their true colors, and now that you’ve discovered that they’re not the right person for you, it may be difficult for you to end the relationship and move on with your life because you will be seeing them every day.

Even when you know within yourself that the relationship isn’t healthy for you, you will find it difficult to move on unless you pack out of the street.

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6. Poor Communication.

The communication in the relationship will shrink since they are your neighbors, and you see them daily. There will be less communication, like calling, chatting, and video calling, thereby making the relationship boring.

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7. No Freedom.

The moment you decide to enter into a relationship with your neighbor, your freedom will be limited. You can no longer receive visitors as you like without considering if your partner will like it or not. They may choose to monitor your movement and block your access to hang out with friends and have fun.

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8. Boredom.

The relationship can be boring because there is no space between the two partners. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will only miss you when you are unavailable for a long time. If you want your spouse to miss you once in a while, then dating your neighbor isn’t the best thing to do.

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Tips For Dating Your Neighbors: How to Date a Neighbor Without Getting into Trouble

1. Create a boundary.

Let there be a clear boundary in the relationship between you and your partner. Discuss when to receive visitors, how to spend time together, and how to handle negative criticism from other people in the neighborhood. Make sure there are clear boundaries to avoid your privacy being violated.

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2. Don’t make yourself available every time.

Even though you guys are living on the same street, hostel, or lodge, try to create a space for yourself; don’t abandon your room for theirs or perform husband-and-wife roles in a relationship. Perhaps if you are expecting them to miss you and crave your presence, try to make yourself scarce for them. Get involved in any activities that will keep you busy.

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3. Talk About Your Interests.

If you are to date your neighbors, talk about your interests and dislikes, and discuss how you can achieve a healthy relationship together.

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4. Move Out of the Apartment.

To avoid negative comments by people in the neighborhood, you may consider packing out of the apartment while you check on your neighbor who is now your spouse once a while. This will create respect in the relationship and may prevent others from badmouthing your relationship.

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Is it advisable to date my Neighbor?

Considering the advantages and disadvantages listed above, the disadvantages of dating your neighbor are greater than the benefits, so I won’t encourage anyone to date their neighbors, co-tenants or someone living on the same street with them because the relationship will face many storms.

However, if that person you love is your neighbor and their interests match yours, you can give the relationship a try, but make sure you prepare for the worst. Best of luck.

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