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Is it True that Men are Polygamous by Nature? Find Answers Now

Is it True that Men are Polygamous by Nature? Find Answers Now

Polygamy is a practice whereby a man has more than one wife or a woman has more than one husband. Monogamy, on the other hand, is a one-man-one-woman marriage. Most men who practice polygamy do so, because of their desire to have a larger number of offspring and most effectively increase their fitness by having many sexual partners.

Human nature is very complex to say that men are polygamous in nature or that women are monogamous in nature. Some men are polygamous while others are monogamous, and the same thing applies for women too; thus, people tend to choose what works best for them. So polygamy is not human nature; it is a choice. If a man cheats on you and claims it’s in men’s nature to cheat, that is his own choice, and not every man cheats. Cheating has nothing to do with nature.

The tale that men are polygamous by nature is just a myth. If you are a serial cheater and back it up with the fact that all men cheat or that men are polygamous in nature, you may still be living in the past. Cheating is never a mistake; it’s a choice.

That same King Solomon that you always referred to in the Bible as a reference—what ended him after all his wisdom? Since you love to quote King Solomon, didn’t you see the same part in the Bible that condemned adultery?

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Men are not polygamous by nature; you are the one who lacks discipline and self-control. If you don’t know how to control your emotions and lack self-discipline, you shouldn’t be in that institution called marriage, not even relationships.

If you have a man or someone who cheats and is still proud of it to your face, the longer you stay with someone who constantly cheats on you, the more damage your future may take.

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There are some people who came from a polygamous family, and know that there is no true love in that home. I’m very sure we wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistakes our forefathers made. Even if you have money, remember that there are some things that money can’t buy or fix.

This also goes for men. If you have a woman who cheats on you once or more than once, that action is never a mistake; it was her choice and decision, except if she told you clearly in the first place that there is someone else apart from you. These kinds of women are the ones who will bring another man’s child to your home, and after some years, you will see a strange man claiming to be your child’s father. If she can’t stick to only you, then she should remain single. It’s as simple as that.

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I was listening to a program on my radio set days ago when I heard the story of a woman who had two men claim to be the father of her child, and the funniest part here is that the child is 16 years old. Now imagine the secret love of over a decade ago. The woman said she told the second man that she was already pregnant with another man, but the man said he would accept her like that, provided nobody knew about it. Unfortunately, 16 years later, the first man is now claiming to be the father of the child. 

How would you feel if you were the man whose wife cheated on you? Meanwhile, this happened before they married as husband and wife. It’s just a normal thing in our society today that if a lady gets pregnant, she automatically becomes a wife, and they start living as husband and wife, and that’s what’s happened here too.

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The second guy may have accepted the pregnancy as his because of love, and I think there are some guys who do that too. Even if you tell them you are in a relationship or married, they will pretend not to care about that saying, “Love is blind.  Love is never blind; it sees but chooses to ignore. Just the same way the second guy accepted the pregnancy of another man as his and regretted it 16 years later, the moral lesson here is that if you settle with a cheater, there is a possibility of emotional damage for you in future might not be now but definitely in future.

Cheating is a chronic emotional disease and if you are proud of it with the point that “Men are polygamous by Nature” it shows how undisciplined you are as a man and this has nothing to do with nature. It is your choice and personal decision to cheat not nature. Was it nature that unzip your trousers too? 

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A cheating man vs. a polygamous man.

A cheating man is a deceitful man who goes about deceiving women with love and promising them monogamy. He could have five girlfriends and promise them all monogamy. He may already have a wife at home with whom he practices monogamy but has several side chicks elsewhere. He’s probably too broke to fend for more wives and has decided to be dubious in his ways.

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A polygamous man, on the other hand, is a straightforward man; he tells you on set that he loves you and wants you to be his second wife or one of his wives; perhaps you’ve seen the wives he had before you. He may also tell you right from the beginning of the relationship that he may take a second wife in the future, so you won’t be surprised if that eventually happens. 

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Examples of men who are polygamous in nature are men who are from the royal family or men from a tribe or culture known for polygamy. Polygamous men don’t deceive women with love by promising them monogamy; they marry them instead. Polygamy is common in Africa.

Some men are polygamous by nature, while others are monogamous by nature, so people tend to choose what works best for them. Nevertheless, people should stop justifying cheating with “men are polygamous in nature.” 

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Is it possible for a man to love you and sleep with someone else? 

  • The truth is, a man can take a bullet for you and still sleep with someone else.
  • Another fact is that a woman can love you with her full chest and still get wet for another man.
  • Cheating on someone because that person cheats on you is like drinking poison and hoping the poison kills them.
  • Cheating is not a mistake; it goes through the exact process.
  • Men are not wired to cheat. Some men can be polygamous in nature but that’s not a reason to cheat on your partner. It’s the same if the woman cheats.
  • This is why self-discipline and self-control are so important in relationships and marriage. You must overlook some things so as not to fall into temptation.

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In conclusion, cheating is the most disgusting, hurtful, and disrespectful thing you could do to someone you say you love. Treat your woman like you want your daughter to be treated. Treat your man the way you want your son to be treated. Cheating is not something to be proud of, nor is it ” Mens nature.” It’s a choice and a symbol that you lack discipline and self-control.

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