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11 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

11 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

11 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

There is nothing as sweet as being faithful and loyal in a relationship because loyalty is very necessary for relationship growth as it comes with trust and peace of mind. When loyalty is lost in the relationship, you begin to doubt your partner and wonder if he or she has been cheating on you.

Besides, everyone deserves to know when their partner is cheating on them. Do you have this doubt that your partner is cheating on you? Are you suspecting that he is seeing someone else? Well, you can’t just assume your partner is cheating on you until you have concrete evidence. Below are some of the signs that your partner is cheating on you.


If your partner no longer cares about you like before, it’s a sign that they are seeing someone else. For example, you told your partner that you were sick, but they never bothered to check on you or showed any sign of caring. 

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If your partner has been ignoring you lately, like they no longer pick up your calls, reply to your texts, or accept going out with you, this is a sign that S/he might be cheating on you. They don’t want to tell you directly that it’s over, so they use body language. 

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Does your partner overreact or get upset when you touch their phone to check the time and date? They locked all the apps and everything else on their phone to deny you access to it. Perhaps if their phone is always off or in-flight mode when they are around, or if they suddenly change their password and start keeping it, this is a sign that they might be cheating on you. Someone who treasures you and has nothing to hide will not feel reluctant to give you, their phone.

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Have you observed that your partner no longer picks up his/her calls in your presence, especially when the call is from a strange number? This could be that S/he is hiding something from you.

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Did you observe a decrease in frequent sex, or has the sex you do have decreased in recent times? If she’s giving you a new style that she has not done before, this could be the sexual preference of the new guy she’s seeing on the other end. Did S/he deny you sex? Someone who already has sex somewhere else will not always need it again. For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend pushes you away when you try to kiss, hug, or get intimate with them, this could be a sign of cheating, as they are trying to avoid getting in contact with you for fear of being caught. This is a sign that they are cheating on you, as they are already losing interest in the relationship with you.

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As much as it is okay to keep your relationship from third parties, if you have been hearing rumors from different sources that your partner is cheating on you, I think it’s time for you to listen to them to find out the truth. Perhaps if the rumor is coming from different sources in your partner’s street or the neighborhood.

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Although it is good to look healthy and attractive, especially to the opposite sex but if your partner starts buying new clothes, changing wardrobes, changing perfumes, and changing their outlook without a particular reason, this is a red flag and could be a sign of cheating, as this is usually done to impress the new partner. For example, if your partner started exposing her skin or wearing clothes that were unusual to her, you should be worried.

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If your partner always gets out of the house every hour and minute on the excuse that he or she wants to pee, buy something, or take some fresh air outside, this could be a sign that he or she is cheating on you, as they are afraid of spending quality time with you, so they won’t be caught. Moreso, if S/he doesn’t welcome your visitation to their house anymore or they ask you to always call before visiting their house. These are the top signs that they are cheating on you.

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They know almost everything about you, but the reverse is true for you. For example, if you call and ask, “Where are you?” they don’t give a straight answer. You are not allowed to follow him or her on social media. S/he tells you not to tell anyone about the relationship. They get upset when you post them on social media. If you noticed this sign, it could mean that your boyfriend or girlfriend is hiding something from you.

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A major sign of a cheating partner is being disrespectful. Did your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly change, act weird, and no longer accord you respect? Like S/he always gets angry for everything you say. In fact, when you confront them about your feelings, they always turn it into a fight. When someone starts treating you like a cunt, it means they have lost interest in the relationship or are probably seeing someone else.

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So, you invited him/her over to your place, and they started giving you excuses like “I’m busy” every time, or they began to use work as an excuse. People always spare time for those they love, so if your partner no longer gives you his or her attention, telling you that he or she is busy, this means that they are cheating on you and trying to give you space so that you will not find out the truth.

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How to Deal With a Cheating Partner

The reason why people cheat varies and dealing with a cheating partner can be traumatizing as you may not be able to trust them again. If you have noticed these signs that your partner is cheating and feel like confronting them over it, don’t do that until you gather solid proof. If you do so, they will work harder to hide any proof you would have found otherwise. However, if you can’t find any proof and you notice these signs, it’s best to talk one-on-one with your partner to clear your doubts. 

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In conclusion, serial cheaters do not repent or change; they see dating multiple partners as an achievement. So, if you notice that you are dating a serial cheater, there is little or nothing you can do to change them because that’s their nature and they rarely repent, so it’s best to get out of the relationship and move on with your life; you deserve someone better. 

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