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14 Simple Things Men Do to Deceive Girls

15 Simple Things Men Do to Deceive Girls

15 Simple Things Men Do to Deceive Girls

Men are very intelligent and smart, and that is their nature because, right from the beginning, God created them to be the head, and this is why they are always at the top. No matter how smart you are as a woman, you could still be deceived by a man because some of them are desperate. Nevertheless, if you understand the simple things that men do to deceive girls, it will be easy for you not to fall for their deceit. Below are the 14 simple things men do to deceive girls.


This is the most common method men use to deceive girls. Some of them will be like, “If I don’t have sex, my stomach will ache.” They fake stomach aches and pretend as if they’re dying just to gain your sympathy. If you ever believe him that not having sex with you will result in stomach pain, that means you have been fooled. If he’s having stomach aches, he should visit a pharmacy to buy drugs.

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Guys have been using this trick since ancient days, and it works very well. If you want a girl to be loyal to you, tell her that your mom likes her and watch her loyalty to you. They will be like, “My mom likes you and wants you to meet her.” The funniest part is that he can ask you to speak with his mom on the phone. All these are lies just to convince you that you are the main girl. If you know how many girls he has introduced to his mother in the past, then you will understand that these are simple things men do to deceive ladies. If he introduces you to his mother or tells you that his mom likes you, don’t be impressed by that and think you are the main babe till you are convinced otherwise.

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So, you asked him if he was single, and you expected him to say yes and tell you the truth. Most of them will say no. Although there are many single guys out there, the truth is, it is rare to see the ones who are genuinely single these days. Most of them are already in relationships and just looking for someone to knack. If he tells you he’s single, you need to be very careful and don’t rush to believe that statement because it is one of the methods men use to deceive girls.

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If you visit his house for the very first time and you can’t find a single chair in his room and he asks you to sit on the bed, be careful, it could be a trap. Some guys will purposely remove chairs from their rooms whenever they have a female visitor. They do this because it makes it easy for them to get into the girl’s pants.

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If you request money from a man, he will demand sex. If you don’t, he will still demand sex. So why not bill him once in a while? If you don’t bill him, he will take advantage of you. In fact , he might call you a cheap girl and make fun of you among his friends. Billing him doesn’t make you a dependent. You can demand for things you know he can afford. If you don’t bill them once in a while, they will take you for a fool.

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If he says he wants to take care of you, take a deep look at his family. Do they look like someone who needs help? Take a survey of his lifestyle. Does he look like someone who lacks concern for himself? A man who lacks the ability to take care of himself won’t know how to take care of you. The word “I will take care of you” is one of the simple things that men do to deceive girls. If he truly cares, it will show in his actions and not just by mere words.

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Love is expressed through actions rather than words. From time to time, men have been using this statement to deceive girls. So if a man tells you I love you, don’t rush to believe those words because they are full of deceit. To avoid being deceived by a man under the guise of love, you should pay attention to his actions. Trust me, men are more nicer to the pussy they never fucked. He could take you out for shopping, buy you expensive gifts, until he sleeps with you, that is when you will know his true color. So don’t go crazy if a man tells you he loves you. Most of them use this simple trick to deceive girls.

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If you recently met and he has started disturbing you for sex and asking you to sleep with him to prove that you truly love him, then you should be bothered because sex is a product of love and not evidence of love. A man can travel a thousand miles to have sex with you and still not love you. He knows that if he tells you to sleep with him, you might reject him, so he would rather tell you to prove your love to him, giving you no other option than to succumb to his will. Well, some of them might genuinely love you, but the fact is, these are simple things that men do to deceive girls.

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Girls mostly fall for men who are fluent in English and have flashy glowing skin. You recently met him, and he started speaking English fluently, like a prof. Well, fluency in English is not a measure of intelligence. He might be forming like a professor to appear like a genius to you, but before you fall for such men, study him very well so you won’t fall for their deceit.

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Girls love guys that dress smart. I have interviewed a lot of them, and they admit to having a crush on men who dress well. Even if you are broke as a man, you can still deceive a woman if you dress well. Have you noticed that he always dresses neatly to class? Or does he always pass your location for you to notice him? He is attempting to make an impression on you. We can’t generally say that this is deceit, but men mostly use this to deceive girls so as to create a nice impression of themselves with the lady.

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Every woman wants a man who can make her laugh, and this has been one of the simple things guys do to deceive girls. We can’t actually say this is a deceit too, but it is one of the methods men use to catch a girl they want. They make you laugh often, and from there they take advantage of that to get into you.

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He started making different calls in your presence about his land in Lekki, his business overseas, the connection he has, and do you believe him? That could be a trap. Men are very desperate and would do anything to get you. A lot of girls have fallen for this trick. He could be calling his friends who are birds with similar characteristics in order to make an impression on you.

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13. MONEY.

If you want to deceive a girl, just use money. The most powerful thing men do to deceive girls is money. Some will go to any length just to impress the woman they love until they get into her pants. Sometimes you wonder if the same man who was once a caring man when he was chasing you is the same man after giving him a chance in your life. That’s just the trick.  Besides, you don’t give fish food after catching it; you only give it food before catching it as bait. Some guys purposely use money as bait to deceive girls. If he constantly sends you money, buys airtime and data, and does all kinds of things for you, you should know that it is not free. He is expecting something in return, and you may likely fall for this trap. If you love money too much, then you are vulnerable to being deceived by men.

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If you have a man who cheats a lot and constantly tells you stories about how Abraham had many wives and how King Solomon cheated on his wives as an excuse, you should run. Some guys will tell you that men are polygamous in nature. That is a flat lie to cover their adulterous lifestyle. A dog will always be a dog, no matter what you do, he won’t change. He will keep deceiving you quoting the wrong Bible verses.

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In conclusion, the reason why men deceive girls varies. Some do it out of love to impress the girl, to sleep with her, or to gain her trust and win her heart. Nevertheless, deceiving a woman is not fair because you may end up being the victim at the end of the game. However, you must understand that not every man deceives girls, so if a man does any of these aforementioned tricks on you, it doesn’t mean that he is a man of deceit but to be honest, these are the simple things that men do to deceive girls. Let’s hear your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks

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