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Everything You Need to Know About Casual Relationships, Friends With Benefit, and Casual Sex: The Causes, Effects, and Benefits

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Everything You Need to Know About Casual Relationships, Friends With Benefit, and Casual Sex: The Causes, Effects, and Benefits

Everything You Need to Know About Casual Relationships, Friends with Benefit, and Casual Sex: The Causes, Effects, and Benefits

A “casual” relationship is the type of relationship that takes place outside of a committed and romantic relationship. Casual sex occurs between people with no expectation of being together. Casual sex is common among teenagers, married men, and women. 

In a casual relationship, there is nothing like commitment, trust, or faithfulness. An example of casual relationships are hookups, friends with benefits, relationships without strings attached, school father-and-school-daughter relationships, school mother-and-school-son relationships, sugar daddy-and-sugar mummy relationships, etc. The purpose of this type of relationship is to have fun and move on.

In a casual relationship, partners can date each other and also be free to have an affair outside the relationship. 

What are the causes of casual relationships, and why do people engage in casual sex?

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There are lots of things that cause casual sex, and some of them include:


Not everyone is capable of moving on after a heartbreak, so instead of giving love another try, they switch to casual sex. For example, a friend of mine once swore never to love again because his girlfriend cheated on him, so now he prefers friends with benefits and hookup girls. Some people prefer casual relationships or casual sex just to peek at their ex. Imagine flirting with different men and women every day and posting them on your Facebook status just to make your ex regret losing you.

Also, some people are very unlucky when it comes to relationships; you can imagine a lady who tries a relationship but always gets dumped, and this can compel her to never love again and engage in a casual relationship.

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2. FUN.

Casual sex is seen as fun because you don’t have to be worried about getting caught. You could have sex with them whenever you like, even when you have no feelings for them. Most times, casual sex is for fun or to satisfy sexual pleasure. You see some people posting online that they want a bestie, a school father, a school daughter, etc. These are just logical ways to engage in casual sex. 

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The love of money is one of the reasons why many people engage in casual sex. The hookup business has been on the rise in recent years as everyone wants to level up without stress. They want to reap where they never sowed, and the surest way to achieve this is through casual sex. People in the hookup business can make an average of #50,000 per night, and some of them also have sugar daddies and mummies they have fun with and, in exchange, foot their bills.

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Some people do not intentionally want casual sex, but temptation pushes them toward it. During my undergraduate days in school, all my friends were female, and we played and flirted a lot—to the extent we almost had sex because they always came to my room to read at night. I was able to overcome the temptation because I wanted to be seen as a responsible man and was scared that year. Even though my female friends still call me names like “Okunnu” and “Okobo” till date. Not everyone has self-discipline or control over temptation like this; in fact, men of these days would not hesitate if such an opportunity came their way. 

Besides, some of my friends who had this same opportunity back then in school didn’t hesitate; they kept having casual sex with their besties, their school daughters. 

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Comparison is also one of the reasons why people engage in casual sex. A lot of people compare their lives with others, which is unfair. Imagine comparing yourself with your roommate, who makes #100,000 per week from hookups by sleeping with different men every day, and you, whose boyfriend could only afford to give you #2,000 per month. This can prompt you to engage in casual sex, like your roommate.

Some guys also engage in casual sex as they compare their lives to those of their friends. You could imagine your friends sleeping with different women every day; the urge to be like them can make you do it too.

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People also engage in casual relationships to boost their self-confidence. Once you start sleeping with different women or dating multiple partners, you will see people hailing you and giving you different names like “Badoo, baddest, sharp shooter,” etc. Also, it is believed that ladies prefer bad boys to good ones. I could remember my friends abusing me, saying I’m not a man because I didn’t sleep with my female friends. Some of them believe the best way to boost their self-confidence is through casual sex.

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Benefits of Casual Relationships/Casual Sex

1. Free Sex Without Strings Attached.

There is nothing like romance or being romantic in a causal relationship. The major benefit of a casual relationship is having sex. For example, you could save their number with “Bitch,” “Ashawo,” or “Aza Man,” unlike in a healthy relationship where romance is involved and you have to save their number with a romantic name like “My Heart Beat.” Sex is free in casual relationships as long as you have money.



A casual relationship reduces stress in the sense that you no longer have to worry about relationship problems. Dealing with arguments and misunderstandings in a relationship can be hectic for some people; thus, casual relationships reduce the stress.

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People who engage in casual sex often enjoy the benefits of avoiding relationships. In a relationship, you both have to stay committed to each other, but reverse the case in a causal relationship.

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How can I know if I’m into casual relationships or casual sex? 

If you possess any of these characteristics, it means you are in a casual relationship or having casual sex.

  • You have sex with your best friend often and often without strings attached (Friends with Benefits).
  • You sleep with your students as a teacher or lecturer.
  • You are into hookups (Olosho).
  • You have more than one boyfriend or girlfriend and you open your legs for them.
  • You sleep with people for the purpose of money and not for love.
  • As a married couple, you still engage in extramarital affairs.
  • You have a sugar daddy or sugar mama.
  • You have a sexual partner or a secret lover. 
  • You Demand for sex from people in exchange for an offer 

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What are the effects or consequences of casual relationships?

The effect/consequences of a casual relationship, also known as casual sex, casual dating, sex without strings attached, or friends with benefits, are as follows:


Lots of people who engage in casual relationships always end up with regrets. They will be like, “Had I known” An example is a viral video of a pregnant wife who engages in casual sex with her pastor. You may think you are enjoying your life and having fun, but a day might come that you will regret your actions. 

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People who engage in casual sex will have to deal with shame later in life. The shame of unwanted pregnancy and abortion Perhaps when you finally decide to settle down and get serious with life, then your past will begin to hunt you. You think you are strong enough to face this? Think twice before you do it.

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3. STDs and STIs.

A casual relationship isn’t worth it at all because it lacks commitment and you risk being infected with sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Lots of people spend their savings treating infections and diseases contracted during sexual intercourse. Enjoyment today, hospital tomorrow, is that what you want? Think twice before you do it.


Casual sex can leave you with guilt and mental scars that hardly heal. You should think twice before you do it. 

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A responsible man is a man who knows when to zip his trousers. A responsible man does not see every hole as an opportunity. You see that hole that looks like an opportunity for you to “chop and clean your mouth” can throw all your dreams and goals in the trash. A responsible woman does not open her legs for any man. If you engage in casual sex in exchange for money, this shows that you are irresponsible. Remember, nothing is permanent in this life, so think well about all these effects before you do it.

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What should a casual relationship avoid? 

Casual relationships should avoid casual dating. That is, you shouldn’t even think of engaging in it all. Avoid dating multiple partners, avoiding hookups, avoiding friends with benefits, and engaging in sugar daddy and sugar mummy relationships. Avoid one night stands, avoid relationships without strings attached. A casual relationship should be avoided.

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Do you text every day in a casual relationship? 

It depends on the individuals involved; they can text and chat every day, and besides, it’s just for fun; there’s nothing serious about the relationship.

Can you kiss in a casual relationship? 

Yes, but it depends on what they want. Some people get turned on by kissing, and since casual relationships are all about sex, you can kiss to get turned on.


Can A Casual Relationship Lead To Marriage? 

Casual relationships are mostly for fun and not for marriage purposes. If you are in a casual relationship, you should know right from the start that the relationship can’t lead to marriage, except if you are deceiving yourself. A marriage is built on a healthy relationship, which requires commitment, loyalty, love, trust, and romance that are not available in casual relationships. The percentage that a casual relationship will lead to marriage is 25/100.

Besides, you can’t expect marriage from a relationship without strings attached, like friends with benefits. Casual relationships that lead to marriage are usually done to cover shame. If you want a relationship that will lead to marriage, then you must stay away from casual relationships and casual sex. 

In conclusion, casual relationships, casual sex, and casual dating can throw your goals and career into thrash, put you in shame, and leave you with guilt that you may regret for the rest of your life. You should think twice before you do it. Do you have any questions or comments? Kindly leave them in the comment box below.


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