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Things You Must Never Sacrifice For Relationship

Things You Must Never Sacrifice for Relationship

Things You Must Never Sacrifice for Relationship

There is no love without sacrifice, but there is one thing you must never sacrifice for love, and what is that thing? Your “career.”

A career is like one’s calling in life. I believe everyone has their own career that they pursue in life, and if care is not taken, you might not be able to achieve your aims and pursue your own career because of love.  Love is so powerful that when some people fall in love, they forget their dreams till those dreams fade away.

Every relationship at some point will require you to make a sacrifice for your partner, but my dear, never sacrifice your career for love and also never sacrifice what you know you can’t afford to lose for love. You have to love with your senses. If you have sacrificed your own career for love in the past, it is never too late to start over again by making amends because your career is your future.

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Some men would sacrifice their own profits and money for their partner. Their expectations are just to make sure that their partner loves them in return. As a result of this, some of these guys will go the extra mile to make a sacrifice for their partner, even if that sacrifice is risky, they don’t care but when things take another dimension, they will be like, “After everything I’ve done for you, this is what I get in return.” To avoid all these stories that touch, before you make any sacrifice for love, you need to ask yourself if the relationship worth it.

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Don’t allow love to kill your dreams. Some people, after falling in love, quickly forget their dreams. Which is very wrong. You must never allow love to blind you from seeing your career. Have you ever had a plan for your life that you were pursuing but suddenly stopped because of love? Wake-up now and work towards fulfilling your dreams before they die off.

A lady once told me how she missed an exam just to spend time with her lover. This led to an extra year, and she lost a job opportunity because there was no result to tender due to the carryover she had. How about you? Are you sacrificing your career for love? Do you have a plan for your future that you were building but abandoned all of a sudden because of love? Think twice. Remember, this is your life. It might be difficult to start over again. Love is a distraction, and no matter the circumstances, you must never sacrifice your career for love. 

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My lecturer once said, “Don’t go and rearing children when you are still supposed to be rearing your life.” What he meant is that you have your own life to build and as well as your kids thus you should not be eager for marriage because of love. Discover your purpose in life, chase your career, focus on your dreams, never sacrifice them for love.

In a nutshell, love comes with sacrifice. Every healthy relationship must have gone through a moment of making a sacrifice. However, before you make any sacrifice, ask yourself first if that relationship is worth it, and no matter the situation or circumstances, NEVER SACRIFICE YOUR CAREER FOR LOVE.

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