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Six (6) Things That kills Relationship

Building a healthy relationship comes with full responsibilities, respect, understanding and intimacy. The joy of everyone is to get married to the love of their life after years of being in  relationship with their partner, however, there are some certain things that kills relationship faster and destroy your hope of getting married to your dream husband/wife. When relationship dies, reviving it maybe difficult and this is why you need to be aware of these things, so what are the six (6) things that kills relationship?


Cheating is one of the major things that can kill even the best relationship, if you already found a partner, you have to be committed to the relationship and remain loyal to him/her. There is no how you won’t see someone who is better than your partner, someone who is richer, beautiful and handsome than him/her nonetheless you have to be loyal to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Cheating on Him/her will result to lack of trust and misunderstandings which might actually kill the vibes in the relationship and when the vibes are gone, the relationship tends to fail. If your desire is to make your relationship head to marriage, then you must never cheat on your partner as doing this may kill  the relationship and reviving it back may be difficult for you to do.

Moreso, if you sense any reason to cheat on him/her why not sit him/her down and talk about it? For instance, you discover that your partner is a bad cook, instead of cheating on him/her with a good cook, you can encourage him/her to improve on his/her cooking skills and also you can as well sign-up a catering course for him/her to learn and improve. There is nothing much to gain in cheating, it only weakens and kill your your relationship.


Lies are very good to the hearing of the listeners especially when you have a big fish to catch, you begin to tell all sort of lies just to make him/her love you more, but do you know the implications of lies on your relationship? That very day that your partner will discover the truth about you, the relationship will never be the same again and it may die thereafter. Sometimes the best way to build a healthy relationship is to be honest and transparent with your partner. You don’t need to lie that you obtained your National Diploma in American university or that you were born in Chicago just to make him/her fall for you. Lies can get you love but one day truth shall prevail and that very day would be the end of the relationship.

Even if you are good at keeping  secrets till when you get married and your husband/Wife later discovered you were fake, the marriage may collapse. So before you tell lies in that relationship be aware that lies kills relationship faster.  Everyone loves to have an honest partner whose “Yes” is “Yes” and whose “No” is “No.”  A relationship built on lies will die at the end because such relationship can never survive till end.

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If you are the type of partner that cherish telling lies  it’s better for you make adjustments by confessing to your partner before it gets too late. Well I understand clearly that truth is bitter and might make your partner feel betrayed but telling him/her the truth is an evident of love and honesty, the more you tell your lies the Faster the relationship is to die.

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Jealousy is a state of suspicious guarding towards a spouse, lover. There is no true love without jealousy but too much of jealousy can kill your relationship and  also provoke your partner, making him/her to give up on you. Are you always worried about where and what your partner is doing when you are away from him/her?  or you are always obsessed with negative thoughts when S/he hangs around with the opposite sex? Or you always fight him/her when  S/he uploads a picture on social media posing with the opposite sex? These are signs of over jealousy that can kill your healthy relationship. You need to trust and understand your partner as that is what can make it last forever and leads to marriage hopefully.

Jealousy is a sign of Love but too much of it will kill that your beautiful relationship, as long as you didn’t have any evidence to doubt your partner, put your mind at rest regardless of what people says about him/her.

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Building a healthy relationship comes with effective communication because Feelings Die when there is no communication and this is why people fall in love so fast and breakup when the vibe in the relationship which is “Communication” is lost.  If you want to kill any relationship just stop the communication.

I laughed when a friend of mine said to me, “I spoke to my  girlfriend once in a week and she understands me because I’m always busy”  well understanding is a key in relationship but communication is the master key, Being busy should not stop you from communicating with your partner, there is power in communication.

S/he may fall for another Man/woman who gives him/her his/her full attention and communication. Loss or lack of communication kills relationship and the earlier you realize this the safer your relationship is. If your work is affecting the communication In your relationship, try to fix time to communicate with your partner, for instance, you work in a bank, you can always spare 20 minute to speak with your partner maybe in the evening or at night, you can also chat him/her up or schedule a visitation on weekends to hangout with him/her.

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Relationship is about “Us” and “We” and not “I” and “Me” therefore when taking decisions try to put your partner into Consideration as well Showing your partner that you truly care for him/her is what buildup a healthy relationship. Selfishness and lack of care can kill your relationship, you should not always think about yourself only but also include your partner. A relationship that lacks care and caring will fail. Let it be in your action that you truly care about your partner and not always by word. Remember action speak louder than words.



A Relationship without intimacy will die, everything is not about sex but at least adding some intimacy in the relationship will spice up the vibes and also keep the love burning. Call him/her sweet names, spend quality time with each other.  Catching cruises, Jokes, playing games together, Heartfelt hug and passionate kiss contributes to building intimacy in relationship.

How do you feel when your partner is faraway from you? Nothing? Maybe intimacy is lost in the relationship. When intimacy is lost in a relationship, the relationship might die thus loss of intimacy kills relationship.


In conclusion, Building Love and Relationship at some point  requires sacrifice and some of the sacrifice is to ensure that you don’t allow any of these aforementioned things to kill your relationship especially when you are in a serious relationship with a brighter future, you should take responsibility by protecting your love and the relationship. You Might have been betrayed by someone whom you love in the past, You might have done all you could and tried all your best in the previous relationship and still fail but remember your past is past and gone, you can’t change your past but you can still change the future therefore don’t allow your past to hold you from trying your best to make your current relationship work out.  If you had taste a soar Orange, that doesn’t mean all Orange are and will be soar, you just have to try another thus never give-up on love and hope of building a healthy relationship with a brighter future.

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