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7 Types of Haters and Village People, and How to Avoid Them

7 Types of Haters and Village People, and How to Avoid Them

Haters can be described as having a great dislike for someone or a particular thing. This life is both good and bad. There is no way we can escape both the good and the bad. As long as there is love, there has to be the opposite, which is hate. 

The association of haters is best described as “village people.” Village people are those who hate you with passion and always want your downfall. They could go to any length to make sure you don’t succeed in life. Some premature deaths and lack of progression could be linked to haters and village people, so avoiding these haters can be helpful in many ways.

Different types of haters and how to avoid them:


These are the types of friends you think love you because of their closeness to you, but deep down they hate you with passion. This category of haters can be your best friend, your coursemate, your roommate, or a family friend. The truth is, it is very difficult to identify an enemy, but you can still avoid them. 

Enemy friends usually start from jealousy, from jealousy to envy, and from envy to hatred. You need to pay attention to those whom you call your friends and how they react to you when you are a step ahead of them, as this will enable you to go a long way in life.

Only God can save us from our enemies, but to me, it seems best to take caution because God’s judgment sometimes does come late. I have seen people get killed by friends; I have seen friends poison friends. To avoid keeping haters as friends, learn how to keep vital secrets about yourself to yourself. It is not everything good that is happening in your life you need to update your friends. Many relationships have been ruined by friends who aren’t happy with your success. 

My advice to you reading this today is that you should try to be a good friend. Remember, if you point a finger at someone, the rest of the fingers go to you. Don’t allow jealousy to turn you into a hater; it is natural to get jealous, but the moment it starts making you hate your friend, you need to turn it off. When you see your friend doing well in life, be happy for them because one day your time will come. Once you notice a friend is bitter and full of hate, distance yourself from them. Doing otherwise may cause you harm in the future.



This type of haters is best known as a “village people,” which is common in a polygamous family where it is hard to see genuine love. The family members might hate you if they discover that you are better than them; for example, if you are lucky to be rich and God blesses your work and things are going well in your life, they might develop hatred towards you and also blame you for their poverty. This category of haters, if not handled with care, can lead to the loss of one’s life. Yes, family hatred has made some people evil, and you know what an evil person can do and undo. 

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How can one avoid family haters? The best way to avoid family haters is to be prayerful and also help your family and friends. As I’ve said earlier, family haters germinate mostly when you abandon your family, who need your help the most; they will be like, “He is rich yet he can’t help us,” and they can even spoil your name. If God really blesses you, try to do a little for those who deserve it in your family, and if you think they don’t deserve your help, my brother run for your life. 

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I mean, stay away from them and avoid communication with them because the moment you start communicating, they might start reasoning about your matter. Above all, we just have to be prayerful, as there is nothing prayer cannot do, but at the same time, we need to take caution. 

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These are the types of people who suddenly hate you when you start succeeding and achieving your goals in life. This type of person, to me, is normal, and the best way to avoid them is not to give them your attention. There was a guy whose father was rich, and in my class, some of the other students hated him because he never lacked anything, even though he was the best student in the department. 

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They would say, “His father is rich,” as if he were the reason why their own father wasn’t rich. This type of haters is natural and the best thing to avoid them is to ignore and be focused. f you are the best student in your department, someone you know or don’t know will hate you. If you are famous or rich, someone out there might hate you for that. There is nothing you can do about it; just be focused on achieving more and more. The more you succeed in life, the more haters you get.



A man is his own worst enemy. There are some people who don’t like themselves; they hate who they are, where they are from, and where they are going. This type of hatred is personal; this person doesn’t like himself at all; sometimes he wishes he could kill himself. Self-hatred can be caused by many reasons; maybe the person has done something terrible in the past that can’t be forgiven. 


I don’t know if you fall into this category—that you don’t love yourself because you just hate who you are and where you are from—but I just want to let you know that there is nothing as good as self-love. Appreciate yourself and the man or woman you are becoming. Hating yourself won’t change who you are, but the moment you start loving yourself, people will love you. How will others love you when you don’t even love yourself? Embrace who you are.

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This is the biggest platform for all haters and village people. People mistake “likes” and “comments” for “love,” which is not so. What you post online can attract so many haters and village people now use social media to get updates from their victims. What is my point here? I mean, not everything that happens in your life should be updated on social media. 

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You eat, you post; you do this and post it, and you even posted that you want to buy a car tomorrow. No wonder the car didn’t arrive later. We must learn to keep some things personal; social media is full of fake people. The only people who are genuinely happy for your success are your parents. I’m not saying you should not post your success online. Besides posting, it can motivate others not to give up. I’m just cautioning you to stop the habit of posting all your life updates on social media.

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If you always advertise your relationship on social media, it might later crash and people will start mocking you. Before you start advertising your relationship on social media, make sure it has gotten to a stage that no storm can break. It is good to appreciate your loved ones online, but I think it should be on special occasions and not often, and often doing so can attract hate. Learn how to stay happy in your relationship aside from social media.

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These are the types of people who hate you for who you are: they hate you because you are Igbo, they hate you because you are Yoruba or Hausa, they hate you because of how you dress, they hate you because of how you talk, and they hate you because of how you live your life. They hate you because you love preaching the gospel; they hate you for the teachings of Islam; they hate you for speaking the truth; they hate you because of your character and behavior. 

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To avoid this type of hater, you need to ask yourself, “Is my dressing bad?” Is my character bad? Is my religion bad? Is my lifestyle truly bad? If yes, then make adjustments, and if not, just continue to be yourself. You can’t please humans, no matter how hard you try or what you do. Someone will still hate you because of your personality. Just continue being yourself. God will fight for you as long as you don’t wish hate toward anyone.

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This is the general name for people with hatred in their blood. Someone who hates you will never see anything good in you. Even if you give them money or feed them every day, that doesn’t change their bitterness. They can do anything to hurt you, even if it is to see you die. Village people are those who never wish to see you succeed in life; they can go to any length to kill your dreams. Distancing yourself from these people or staying away from home is the best way to avoid village people. 

Sometimes we are the cause of our own hatred. Do you always complain about how people hate you so much? It might be because of your actions; try to make adjustments where necessary. Whenever your friends are doing well in life, instead of feeling jealous and envious, support them and be happy for them. Trust me, your time will come, and friends will gather to celebrate you too.

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There are certain things that have happened in our lives that make us hate other people around us. Some of us hate our parents; some of us hate our ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend because they broke our hearts; some of us hate our friends because they didn’t help us when we needed them, but think of this: Did you die all this while that they didn’t help you? Did you die because he broke up with you? No!   My dear, forgive them, move on, and allow God to do the judgment. As long as you don’t wish to die young, never wish anyone bad things because you don’t know what tomorrow might bring.

In a nutshell, it is important that you identify the types of haters you are battling with, as this will pave the way for you to avoid them, and the best way to avoid haters is to distance yourself from them or better still ignore them.

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