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7 Reasons Why Single Ladies Date Married Men

7 Reasons Why Single Ladies Date Married Men: Why Married Men Cheat

7 Reasons Why Single Ladies Date Married Men: Why Married Men Cheat


A lot of marriages have collapsed as a result of infidelity by men who can’t zip their trousers. Most people, especially housewives, have always wondered why ladies preferred married men over single guys. At least 1 in 2 women has dated a married man at some point in their life. Although the reasons why ladies date married men vary, from my findings, I have been able to gather seven (7) major reasons why single ladies prefer dating married men even when they know full well that it is wrong and against morality. So why do single ladies date married men? They may be connected to the below reasons:


One of the reasons single ladies date married men is for their financial gain. Some of them do not want to work and instead rely on a married man to lift them and their families out of poverty, believing that dating a married man is the best option. Because married men are considered settled in life, they have the money to spend on their chicks. In fact, some of these ladies go after married men whom they call “sugar daddy.” All for the money.


During my investigation into why ladies date married men, I approached one of the single ladies and asked her why she did so. She told me she needed money to sort out some of her bills, which included school fees and food, which her boyfriend, who was also a student, could not provide. I then asked her how much money she needed to stop going after married men. She was unable to respond to the question, which to me, I think she is still enjoying bankrolling from her beneficiaries.


Money has been a major reason why ladies date married men, even though some of them didn’t want to do that intentionally but ended up in the cycle because of their financial problems and economic demands.

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Some single ladies date married men for the pleasure of it. It is believed that married men are extremely good in bed due to their experience as husbands and heads of families compared to a guy who has just started to nurture his life. During the course of my investigation, I asked one of the ladies why she opted for a married man when she knew that he already had a wife at home. She said, “I’m addicted to sex and I enjoyed sex more with him(a married man) than with my boyfriend.” “A married man knows how to knack well,” she added. According to her, married men know how to use their joystick and sex with them is more pleasurable than with single guys. I also proceeded to ask a few other ladies in the act, and they confirmed it to me at the same point.

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Another reason why single ladies rush to a married man is that men who are married are viewed as caring since it is their responsibility to provide and take good care of the family. Some of their(single ladies’) targets are men who look happy in their marriage and take good care of their wives. So they(single ladies) may envy the marriage and get jealous, and thus would try every means to get the man’s attention . Unfortunately, not all men have the ability to resist temptation as they fall into the trap of these single ladies whose mission is to milk them. This usually happens in face-to-face apartments.


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I could remember it vividly in the single-room apartment I once lived in. There was a married man in the house and another single lady. This man was kind based on how he treats his wife, which makes everyone envy them. To cut the story short, this single lady entered the man’s home first by asking for TV series discs. Later, she would graduate to watching films in the man’s apartment. To cut the story short, she got pregnant by the man, and this led to commotion in the neighborhood as the landlord had to give them quit notice. This was how a side chick snatched the innocent woman’s husband.


Situations like this have been happening over and over as some single ladies do not want to wait for their time, preferring to date married men, and, in the end, end up destroying the happy marriage of their Sugar daddy. Married men are viewed as being caring; perhaps who doesn’t want a caring man? So they prefer to date married men because they believe they will be able to pay their bills.

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From my research, most ladies don’t intentionally date married men, but after going through several heartbreaks from single guys, this leaves them no other choice than to go for their forefathers(married men). Besides, dating a married man is like a relationship with no strings attached. They can do whatever they like in the relationship, like hanging out with the opposite sex without anyone questioning them. This is unlike when they have a boyfriend who may threaten to break up with them. They go after married men. Do you know why? Because they’re hopeful that one day they might luckily become a second wife or a babymama, and with this, there won’t be any emotional trauma like being used and dumped by single guys who mostly date for sex.

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But why should you date a married man because single guys are mostly after sex? There are still a few responsible guys out there, but only if you can be patient and wait for the right match to come along. Being a baby mama is not a good thing to be proud of. Likewise, being a second wife is not an achievement forget about what religion says. You should think about the future and not just today. The fact that married men are rushing you is not a reason to give it a trial. Once you fall into their trap, they might use you and dump you. Some of the so-called married men are just pretenders. Some of them don’t provide for their families at home, so all that care you are getting from them might just be a bait to catch you, but by now you should be wise.

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The competition to get material things and meet economic demands has pushed so many ladies to date married men. Some of these ladies do compare their lives with others, and this usually results in competition. Some of them are unlucky enough to have sugar daddies who fund them. From there, they graduated to doing hookups and runs girl just to get a flat-screen TV, wear designer clothes, and live in a duplex. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Where is BlackBerry now? Where is the Hummer Jeep today? I’m very sure in the next few years to come  People will be talking about other new products, too, so why will you ruin your career for just a material thing? This your body shape that is giving you confidence will rot one day. You had better think twice.


Stop comparing your life with others’ and you should know that life is not always about competition. Therefore, be contented with what you have because nothing lasts forever. The fact that your mother was a second wife and had children with different men is not a reason for you to do the same.

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Single ladies consider married men to be mature both physically and mentally, which is one of the reasons why they pursue them at all costs; they want a mature man as opposed to a single man who is just starting to nurture his life and may not be mature enough for marriage. I’ve engaged a few ladies in conversation about the qualities they want in a man, and one of the responses I get from them is “Maturity.” Perhaps only a matured man is considered to be ripe for marriage, so they prefer to date a married man based on the fact that he is mature. He will understand her emotions, demands, and expectations.




According to legend, women age faster than men in appearance and stature, which is why single women pursue married men as they age in the hopes of marrying as a second wife. According to my research, roughly four out of every ten single ladies who pursue married men end up as babymamas or second wives. Because of their stature and age, some ladies are desperate for marriage, and because time is not on their side, they will go to any length to date an already made man with the intention of getting married to him as second wife.


Unfortunately, these types of marriages don’t last due to their structure, and the lady may end up being a single mother. Thus, dating a married man for the sole purpose of marriage is not encouraging as you may regret doing so in the future.

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Why Do Married Men Cheat?

Sometimes we can’t blame single ladies for their actions. Some men, too, are careless and will do everything to get into any hole they want. A case study is a lecturer who sleeps with his students for fun. What about a manager who sleeps with his treasurer for promotion? Meanwhile, they have a wife at home yet still choose to fornicate.



The reasons for married men’s cheating vary; Some do so for the following reasons:

(I) TEMPTATION: As previously stated, not every man can resist temptation from the ladies, so a few fall into the trap while blaming the devil after the act. There is no way you won’t see another woman who is more beautiful and attractive than your wife, but you just have to be contented with what you have, otherwise you may fall into the trap and temptation of single ladies whose mission is to milk you dry.


(II) FRUSTRATION: If you don’t give your husband peace at home, he’ll look for a side chick who will give him peace in exchange for money, which will have an effect on your happy home. So make sure you satisfy your husband and always resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Constant frustration can make a man to cheat on his wife with single ladies women who are desperate for marriage.


(III) SEX DENIAL: The body is not wood as nature may call for sex at any time and it is your responsibility as a wife to meet your husband’s sexual demands as this is one of the ways to prevent single ladies from pouncing on him. Make sure that you don’t lose your sexual life after childbirth. Practice different styles that will make him happy and prevent him from cheating on you. Why do married men cheat? They cheat majorly because of sex, so make sure you don’t deny him his right to this.

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(IV) OTHERS: Some men cheat for fun  and other reasons best known to them, but cheating in marriage is wrong and has serious consequences, including breeding children who may not be your own and grooming a polygamous family in embryo.

Is it advisable to date a married man?

No, it is wrong. In fact, it is against our morals to date a married man. Perhaps put yourself in the woman’s shoes. Will you be happy if another woman shares your husband with you? I guess no, so what is wrong is wrong. Therefore, stay away from married men. You should only date a married man if you confirm that he has divorced his wife or if his wife has died. Otherwise, flee from having a relationship with a married man, as this can ruin your chance of meeting your special half.

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The Consequences of Dating a Married Man:

(A) POLYGAMOUS FAMILY: If you don’t want to breed your children in a polygamous family, then you should never date a married man because a single mistake could result in a pregnancy. Are you sure this is the way you want your children to be brought up? A polygamous family is full of hate, envy, and jealousy.

(B) SEXUAL TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS: Dating a married person exposes you to sexual transmitted infections (STIs) and even STDs, some of which may be difficult to treat. Health is wealth, and to be on the safe side, it is best for you not to date a married man.

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(C) HARASSMENT: Dating a married man is like calling for an attack and harassment as you can get embarrassed at any time if the man’s wife gets to know about the secret relationship. Imagine receiving a beating and public embarrassment over a man. I’m very sure you wouldn’t want that, right? If yes, then you should never date a married man.


In summary, dating a married man for financial gain or for reasons best known to you is not a good idea and should be one of the last things you do as a lady. The beginning may be sweet, but the end is sour. You must resist the temptation and focus on making your life better. Trust me, a man who knows your worth will surely come for you one day, but dating a married man might stop this from happening, so I urge you to please stay away from building relationships with married men. If this article inspires you, please share it with your friends and scroll down to comment. Thanks.

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