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7 Causes and How to Overcome Depression 

7 Causes and How to Overcome Depression 



Depression According to the English dictionary, psychiatry is a state of mind that produces a serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or an inability to visualize a happy future. A lot of people are battling with depression in their lives. Some succeed in turning it off, while some who have no other option either commit suicide or remain sad every blessed day of their lives. In this article, I will shed light on the 7 causes of depression and how to overcome depression.


Depression can sometimes lead to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, hypertension, madness, unhappiness, etc if not turned off on time. This article is a wake-up call for people suffering from depression, to let you know that everything will be fine and you just have to turn that mood off first. There are many factors that cause depression, but below are some of the reasons.



About 1 in 10 students suffered from depression as a result of academic frustrations or due to their academic performance in school. I don’t know, maybe you fall into this category. Maybe you have carryover overflow, an extra year or a lecturer is threatening you to the extent that this has been making you unhappy and depressed. I want you to know that failure is not the end of life, an extra year is not the end of your career, that you were expelled or withdrawn from school doesn’t mean you won’t get to your promised land. You can cry as much as possible, but after the cry, wipe your tears, learn from your mistakes, and pick yourself up again. 

Turn that depression mood off. I also have a course mate who was withdrawn from the polytechnic a few years back. Some of our colleagues then mocked him and laughed at him because he couldn’t meet up with the 2.00 GPA. This same guy resat for Jamb and was offered admission into a university in Ogun state and now he has graduated. If you don’t turn off your depressed mood, you will start reasoning the wrong way, as if there is nothing left for you in this world. I am here to tell you that there are greater things ahead of you only if you turn off that depression you are battling with.

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Many people are suffering from business depression. This can come in any form. Sometimes when our business isn’t moving well, when we don’t make sales, or when there is too much shortage, we feel like God is not on our side. Some people commit suicide due to too much debt in their business. They think there is nothing left for them again. Have you been depressed because of the situation of your business right now? Keep pushing, keep trying, things will be back to normal. 

In the office where I worked, armed robbers attacked my boss and took away all his money, about 2 million Naira. He cried and cried. I have never seen a grown man cry like that in my life. Later, after the incident, he took a loan from the bank and right now he is doing well in the business, even though it wasn’t like before, but he has achieved many things after the robbery. All his staff are now in multiple as he already has another mini office. Imagine if he didn’t turn off his depression mood then In that year, imagine if he kept blaming God and always feeling bad because of the incident. How would he be able to get to where he is today? Had it been that he had committed suicide, would he be able to buy that car he owns now? “No Depression is not easy to turn off. It always starts with sadness and unhappiness. Gradually, it may graduate to a psychiatric state whereby you start to see everything wrong. I don’t know if your business or work is causing you depression. I just want you to chill as everything will soon be fine.


Whenever my business isn’t going well, I do feel sad, and at the same time, I sit down and think and ask myself, “Why are things not going well?” What could be the reason? How can I solve this? After meditating, I will also pray to God to help me, and trust me, it works as I will smile again. So if this is the reason for your depression, depression won’t solve the problem. Instead, keep pushing, meditate on how to improve your business, and ask God to crown your efforts. Being sad at work every day will not solve the problem, so turn off your mood and tell yourself, “Everything will be fine.”


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This is the most common type of depression. Financial depression, if not handled early enough, can cause emotional trauma and sometimes victims of this depression end up doing what they would later regret. I don’t know, maybe things are not going well in your life presently. Your girlfriend has left you because you don’t have money. Your family has forsaken you because you are broke. You have dropped out of school because you couldn’t afford to pay your school fees. Most of your friends are now rich while you are damn broke. The truth is, just because others are there while you are here doesn’t mean you won’t get there. The difference between HERE and THERE is just a “T”, which stands for TIME. Very soon your own time will come and people will celebrate you, but first turn off your depression. 

If money is the reason why you have been depressed, keep trying, put more effort into your work, sooner or later God will answer your prayer. Besides, the sun that shines at noon doesn’t make the moon that shines at night, so why are you depressed because of your present condition? Remember, no condition is permanent, please turn off that depression. You don’t have any reason to be sad. Very soon, everything will be fine.



Heartbreak can cause depression, especially when you’ve sacrificed so much for the relationship and it didn’t work. What most people don’t know is that a failed relationship is better than a failed marriage. Relationships are just a trial, and if it doesn’t work today, don’t be depressed. Instead, work on yourself, pursue your career, and find someone better. Do not allow someone to tamper with your happiness. Remember, your happiness doesn’t lie on anyone’s shoulder. If you are served breakfast, eat it with happiness and work towards being served a better dinner. If life shows you pepper, use it to make pepper soup. 


Those people who commit suicide after battling with relationship depression might be because they have no one to talk to or encourage them, but thank God you are reading this today. That he/she broke up with you doesn’t mean you won’t see someone better. You just have to be strong.

If you are suffering from relationship depression, talk to a friend who you can confide in, someone who can cheer you up. Those times when I battled depression, I used to call my friends and crack jokes and also talk about life, and they made me happy. Sometimes I take myself to an eatery, buy food, buy what I like and what I can afford. The funniest part is that I listened to music and danced in my room, making myself happy. If you are suffering from relationship depression, speak out to your loved ones so that they can cheer you up. And don’t forget to always do what makes you happy, as this is the best way to turn off depression. Pursue your career; focus on how to make your life better. 

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This is a depression caused by parents or family members. When your parents treat you badly while there are a few others whose parents treat you well, you probably lack parental care to the extent that when you think about your family you feel sad and always unhappy. If your family has been the reason for your depression, I want you to know that your family is your family and there is nothing you can do to change that fact. You can’t erase who you are, but you can still reshape the future and make a happy family in the future. But how will you build a happy family in the future when you are still living in the past? Turn that depression off and start working on yourself. Be content with what you have and aim higher. I recommend you give them space and live the life of your dreams if that’s what’s going to make you happy. Sometimes, giving your family space will help you heal quickly from this type of depression.



Inability to achieve to get to our dream land on time can cause depression in a situation whereby you are still doing your National Diploma (ND) at the age of 26, while someone just bagged his first degree at 19, or in a situation whereby you can’t point out to any of your achievements in recent times, you think God is not faithful to you despite serving him with all your might, but do you still remember the story of “Slow and steady win the race” where we learnt the lesson about the tortoise and the dog? It is not about how far but how well, so make each day of your life count. Keep pursuing that dream. One day you will finally say “I made it.” Depression will make you give up, but you must never give up. This is why I’m asking you to turn that depression off, smile, and be happy.

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Failure can cause depression. It is human nature to get sad and be unhappy about failure, but don’t allow that to cause you depression. Instead, work on your flaws. People fail and people rise, so learn from your failure and keep trying. I learnt that the man that built the bulb tried about 99 times. You haven’t even tried up-to 99 times right?  so why are you depressed because you failed? Please, dear, cheer up and keep trying.

The successful people that we read about in books have  failed in the past, but they kept trying, and that was how they made it successfully. I don’t know which area you have failed. Maybe you have failed your parents, or you think you have failed yourself. In any case, just keep trying and working on how to become a better person. 

Some people are depressed because of how they look. Do you feel depressed because you think you are ugly or maybe you are too fat or too thin? There is nothing as good as being content with what you have. Either you are black or white, someone who will love you will love you. Therefore, always appreciate yourself and be happy. Don’t wait for people to tell you you are beautiful before you can be happy. 

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How to overcome Depression?



Are you going through depression recently? Find someone whom you can confide in to talk to. Doing this will relieve you of this trauma. Open up to your family, friends, pastor or imam about what you are going through. I’m very sure they will be there for you till you overcome it.



Engaging in exercise can help in fighting depression as doing this will keep you busy and, at the same time, healthy. So whenever you are moody and sad, do some exercise.

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Download inspiring and motivational songs from Google and other trusted websites, listen to them, and also watch motivational videos and comedies on YouTube. Doing this will strengthen your fight against depression, and you will surely win the battle.



Another way to deal with depression is to keep yourself busy with anything productive. You can also try to do new things, such as learning a skill, traveling on vacation, or signing up for new hobbies. Doing these things will definitely turn off your depressed mood and, with time, you will surely win the battle. 



Try as much as possible to always hang with your family and friends, as they will cheer you up whenever you feel down. You can also hang out with them to have fun as this can also trigger your mood and make you happier.



Put God first in everything you are doing. Call unto his name and say your prayers. Trust me, he is a merciful God and I’m sure he will answer your prayers. So make sure you draw closer to God and pray for you to overcome depression.


If you have tried the 1–5 above and it didn’t work, I will advise you to go for counseling or see a therapist for a better description.


In conclusion, This article is a wakeup call for people suffering from depression. If you are a victim of depression, you will surely get through this hard time. Behind every darkness is a bright day. Just keep trying, believe in yourself, never give up, I repeat, never give up. Remember, “Nah who give up fuck up.” Depression will make you give up. Depression will make you feel you have no option left, but my dear readers, there are many options for you. Work on yourself, fix yourself, and be happy. Remember, a happy life is a healthy life. I pray the almighty God grants you the power to overcome depression and every other challenge in your life. Amen

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