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How to Date Your Female Lecturer: 13 Tips for Dating a Professor Without Getting into Trouble

How to Date Your Female Lecturer: 13 Tips for Dating a Professor Without Getting into Trouble

How to Date Your Female Lecturer: 13 Tips for Dating a Professor Without Getting into Trouble

There is no boundary when it comes to love and relationships, as that woman of your dreams could be your lecturer, and whether she’s a professor or a PhD holder doesn’t matter; if you play your cards right, you may win her heart, and the relationship will go well. 

Although some schools place strict rules against teacher-student relationships, if you are lucky enough, you will get your lecturer interested in you, and she may fall in love with you if she loves your vibes. 


Below Are the Steps to Try If You Want to Date Your Female Lecturer:

1. Age Factor and Marital Status.

To get a female lecturer interested in you, you need to be at least 60% sure that this lady is single, divorced, and young. Reason: No female lecturer would bring herself down to date her students. If she’s young and agile, getting her interested in you will be less difficult.

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2. Sit at the Front Row.

Go to your class regularly, dress well, and use a nice fragrance to get noticed. This is to create an impression in front of the lecturer.

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3. Volunteer to Be a Course Rep.

If you could get the opportunity to be the course rep, this would be so nice for getting her attention. Use that opportunity to get close to her, assist her in carrying her bag, selling her textbooks and handouts, and passing information on to the students.

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4. Make Eye Contact.

Eye contact is a powerful way to signal a connection and woo a woman. Whenever she’s in class, look straight into her eyes; don’t be shy. However, be careful not to look at the lecturer’s face more than you are taking notes.

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5. Dress Neatly for Class.

Dress in a decent and formal way. Your clothes should be clean, and you should wear nice shoes. You will impress your lecturer by looking professional, and she may see you as one of the responsible students in her class.

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6. Ask Questions and Interact with Her During Lectures.

Try to always engage your lecturer in the class. When she throws questions into the classroom, raise your hands, share your ideas, and ask questions too. This will steal the professor’s attention.

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7. Do Well in the Class.

Your lecturer may likely notice the student who performed excellently in the class. You don’t need to score 100/100; just try your best and follow his teaching direction.

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8. Volunteer to Help.

You can decide to volunteer to help run errands, carry her bag to the class, or welcome her to the lecture hall. Anytime she steps into class, tell her “Welcome Mir” and volunteer to clean the board and do other tasks. By now, she may start to notice that you are up to something.

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9. Get Her Number and Compliment Her.

As the course representative or class governor, she may give you her contact information; compliment her by telling her that she’s doing a great job and you enjoyed all her lectures. If she acts warmly toward you, that is good.

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10. Ask About Her Experiences.

If you have established a friendship zone with your female lecturer, ask her to share her experience about school. Ask her questions related to school or academics. You may ask if it is worth it to obtain more degrees. Ask about interesting places your lecturer has visited or people she has met. She will enjoy the attention and probably have some good stories as well.

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11. Know Your School Rules on Sexual Harassment.

To be on the safe side, make sure your school rules and regulations are not against the lecturer-student relationship; otherwise, you and your lecturer may land in trouble. If the institution is not against dating your lecturer, then you are good to go because most schools have policies against students dating lecturers.

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12. Wait Until The Session Is Over.

Do not act on your feelings alone, and to avoid stories that touch, wait till the session is over or after you have graduated before making any further steps. However, maintain a close friendship with the lecturer and visit her office to greet her and engage with her social media posts. Be the first to comment on her timeline and message for season greetings.

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13. Ask Her Out Directly.

If you want a relationship with your female lecturer, you need to be plain about it and ask her out directly after you have graduated and collected your results from the school. If you and your lecturer chat online, use that opportunity to tell her how you have been crushing on her for a long time and have waited till this time to confess how much she means to you. Convince her that you really love her and want her to be yours.

If she feels the same vibe as you, she may agree to date you or decline. Either way, you have nothing to lose, and she can’t do you any harm because you are no longer her student.

If you have already established a close connection with your female lecturer and she has been single, there is hope that she may consider a “yes” to your proposal.

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Is It Okay To Date A Female Lecturer?

There is nothing bad with dating your female lecturer as long as she doesn’t force you to go into a relationship with her and your love for her is pure and of good intentions.

In summary, dating your female lecturer is a difficult thing to do. You must be careful enough to play your cards right to avoid getting into trouble. Before you confess your feelings, make sure the session is over and you have graduated from the school.

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