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14 Ways How to be Submissive to Your Man in a Relationship or Marriage

14 Ways How to be Submissive to Your Man in a Relationship or Marriage

14 Ways How to be Submissive to Your Man in a Relationship or Marriage

Submissiveness in a relationship or marriage is a process whereby a woman obeys her man, respects his decisions, and adheres to his instructions.

Being submissive to your man doesn’t mean you are allowing him to control your life as he wishes; rather, you are respecting him as your husband, your boyfriend, and the head of the family.

Whether he is just your boyfriend or you are already married, one of the things that will keep a man and make your marriage last longer is to be submissive to him. The reason is that men always want to be in charge of their homes or relationships.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to be submissive to your man in a relationship or marriage, including the benefits of being submissive in relationships.

How to be submissive in Relationship and Marriage:

1. Seek His Permission.

Getting permission from your boyfriend before attending a social event, traveling, or hanging out at a party is a good example of being submissive to your man. I don’t mean that you have to ask for his permission every time, but sometimes, if you are traveling or checking up on an old friend, seek permission from him first. This will make him feel in charge of the relationship.

Perhaps it is necessary for every woman to get permission from their husbands before attending an event or program. For instance, if a friend invites you to their church for a vigil, you should inform your man about it before going out there. Doing this not only makes you a submissive woman but also proves that you value your man and the relationship.

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2. Seek His Advice and Opinion.

Consulting your boyfriend for advice and his opinion over your life matters is a sign of being submissive in the relationship. Even though you might not follow his advice or opinion, approaching him about his thoughts on the matter will make him feel in charge of the relationship.

For example, if you are buying a new phone, you should ask your partner how they feel about it. It doesn’t matter whether they agree with you or not; it makes them feel important when you ask them for their opinion.

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3. Apologize Every Time.

I know this may sound stupid but saying “I’m sorry” even when you are not wrong will make them feel important to you. It costs you nothing to apologize for allowing peace to reign in your relationship or marriage. Saying sorry is not only the duty of the woman but of both partners; if you want to know how to be submissive, then you must employ the habit of apologizing to your partner, whether you are at fault or not.

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4. Respect Them.

One of the most important things in a relationship is respect. It doesn’t matter who shows the most respect. This is a way of showing them love, and it signifies that they are important to you. There is no better way to submit to a man than by always respecting him.

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5. Listen to Him.

Being submissive in a relationship means learning how to listen to your partner. When you listen to them and do what they ask you to do, there will be fewer fights and misunderstandings. Remember, your spouse’s opinions might differ from yours, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. When your man is talking, stay quiet first and listen. Perhaps you will have your own time to talk. You don’t have to argue with them in every conversation. This is a great way to submit to your spouse.

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6. Disagree with Him in a Polite Manner.

As much as he is the head and important, you need to let them know when they cross their limits too but do that in a polite manner. Yes, doing whatever your boyfriend or husband tells you is a great way to submit to him, but what if that thing is completely wrong and inconvenient for you?

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You should disagree with him in a polite way. For example, if your man asks you to come for a visit and you know that you can’t do this at the moment, you could say, “Babe, please, I can’t visit you for now due to my busy schedules; I promise to make it up to you when I’m free.” Or if he asks you not to go to your friend’s party, “Babe, please try and trust me, and I want you to know that nobody can snatch me away from you; this party is a must for me to attend, and I won’t stay there for long, please.”

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Instead of resorting to fighting and arguments, make him understand why your decision is important and why he needs to trust you on that. You can also pet him to get him to agree with you. Doing this doesn’t make you a fool; rather, it is a great way to submit to your man and accord him the respect he deserves.

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7. Swallow Your Pride and Be Humble.

If you want to learn how to be submissive in a relationship, you need to swallow your pride and be humble. Understand that you may be wrong sometimes and be ready to take corrections. Even if your man is wrong, be constructive in correcting him and give convincing reasons he should look at.

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Relationships and marriages do not last anymore because women are not ready to submit to their men. Some will be like, “No man can tell me what to do”. Well, if you really want your relationship to lead to marriage and your dream of having a successful marriage to come true, you should submit to your man, and to make this happen, you have to swallow your pride and be humble. No man wants to be competed with or compared with; if you do, you are looking for trouble.

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8. Trust Them.

Trust is a foundation that makes your spouse feel secure and loved. You must submit yourself to trusting your man, and he should also do the same for you. A submissive woman allows herself to trust wholeheartedly.

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9. Allow Your Partner to Provide.

If you are an independent woman and strong financially, that’s great, but a part of being submissive in a relationship is allowing them to provide for you and appreciating whatever they provide for you, even if you are more than they could afford. Allow them to prove that they are capable of making you happy, and this includes appreciating whatever they provide for you in the relationship.

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10. Allow Them to Be in Charge.

It is crucial to allow your partner to be in charge and take the lead in the relationship. If you can do this, your partner will appreciate you, and they will make you proud for allowing them to be in control of the relationship.


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11. Get Intimate with Your Man.

Another exciting way to be submissive in your marriage is through s€xu@l submission, by putting your spouse’s pleasure above yours. If he wants s*x before going to work, give it to him; if he wants it during the day or night, try to give it to him.

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12. Be Patient and Calm with Your Man.

To be a submissive wife, you have to be patient with your man. Be his peacemaker. When he is mad at you, be quiet. Do not trade words with him or fight with him. Nobody will tell him to shut his mouth when he sees that you didn’t react negatively to him. 

For the sake of your love for your husband and your marriage, learn to be patient and calm. A submissive wife is a woman who is peaceful and calm. Avoid confrontation when you are both angry.

13. Trust and Support:

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. Foster an environment where trust is the norm, and both partners can rely on each other for support and guidance. Submissive behavior in a relationship involves providing a safe and secure space where your partner feels encouraged to pursue their aspirations and grow as an individual.

14.Appreciate Differences.

Embrace the diversity that each partner brings to the relationship. Recognize that differences in opinions and personalities can enrich the relationship and lead to a deeper understanding of one another. Encourage each other’s individuality and celebrate the unique qualities that make each partner special.

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Benefits of being submissive in a relationship or marriage

1. Your man will love you more.

Women who submit to their husbands do have a lasting marriage and a happy home compared to others who compete with their husbands. When you submit to a man, he will love you the most. It’s like treating him like a king, and he would treat you like a queen.

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2. It strengthens the relationship and builds trust.

When you submit to a man, he will trust you because he already knows you acknowledge his decision, which will boost the level of trust in your relationship.

Moreso, being submissive gives rise to mutual growth and self-improvement. It enables a cooperative mindset. Surrendering control to your man can lead to greater s*xu@l exploration and strengthen the level of intimacy in your relationship.

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No matter your level of success, qualifications, and accomplishments in life, as long as you want a beautiful relationship and marriage that will stand tall, you must employ the habit of being submissive to your man. However, you need to remember that your voice must not be silenced under the guise of being submissive to your man. You have a right to voice out your opinion; do it with tactics in a language that he will understand.

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In summary, submission to your spouse is one of your vital duties as a woman. When you submit to your man, you are calling for peace, understanding, and love. Men always want to be in charge of their relationships or the head of the family, and the best way to give them this is by submitting to them. To be submissive in a relationship or marriage, you should have the desire to please your man and make him happy.

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