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40 Signs that Indicates You are Suffering in a Relationship

40 Signs that Indicates You are Suffering in a Relationship

Suffering in a relationship can be described as a situation whereby you are unhappy, experiencing pain or not feeling the same synergy you invested in the relationship.

Signs Of Suffering In A Relationship.

While these signs might not be totally accurate, it is a call for awake that you might be suffering in that your relationship. 

1. Long-distance relationship is suffering (Yes, Not seeing one another for years is suffering)

2. Staying in a relationship with someone who constantly cheats on you is suffering 

3. Spending your school fees on your babe is suffering (It will end in tears)

4. Online relationship of several years without physical appearance is suffering 

5. Asking for a nude pic is suffering (it makes you masturbate)  

6. Waiting for your ex who made your life miserable to come back is suffering 

7. Dating your ex-friend is suffering 

8. Marrying someone out of pity is suffering 

9. Staying in an abusive and toxic relationship is suffering 

10. Building a relationship with a repentant hookup girl or prostitute is suffering 

11. Marrying an over religious man or woman is suffering 

12. Dating a broke woman is suffering 

13. Sending money to her when you haven’t met is suffering.

14. Keeping a virgin woman for marriage while engaging in a casual relationship is suffering.

15. Dating a woman who denies you sex claiming it’s a sin but takes your money is suffering 

16. Believing what third parties say about your spouse is suffering (You may get hurt)

17. Monitoring your partner up and down to find out if they’re cheating on you is suffering (you need to apply for a job to FBI instead)

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18. Dating a married man or woman is suffering (You will be the loser in the game)

19. Doing yahoo to impress a woman is suffering – (You should upgrade yourself not impress them because they are gone already)

20. Viewing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend status is suffering – don’t try it if you aren’t strong 

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21. Expecting a woman to love you for who you are when you have no money is suffering 

22. No sex until marriage is suffering – No offense please you can wait If heaven is your goal.  

23. Dating more than one man or woman is suffering, Your Vijay will get hot and account be reduced to nothing 

24. Having unprotected sex with random girls is suffering (You won’t believe until you have infection)

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25. Spending money on a girl without kn@cking her is suffering – sorry I forgot God loves a cheerful giver 

26. Investing all your money on a broke guy is suffering – he will dump you later (Invest in yourself instead)

27. Forcing someone to love you the way you love them is suffering – You can’t force love 

28. In addition, falling in love with them when you haven’t met them in real in life is suffering 

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29. Waiting for a woman who turns down your proposal over and over to change her mind is suffering, try other women.

30. Traveling to meet a woman you haven’t met before is suffering –  bro don’t try it if she can’t come to your house.

31. S€x chatting a man or woman is suffering 

32. Sending nude photos to a boyfriend is suffering 

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33. Staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about you is suffering 

34. Staying in a relationship with man or woman who can stay for months without calling or texting you is suffering 

35. Dating a man who loves to run away from his responsibilities is suffering 

36. Dating a stingy man and woman is suffering.

37. Dating a woman who doesn’t like to call you except you call them is suffering 

38. Marrying a man who beats you, embarrassed you and disgraced you in public is suffering 

40. Cheating on your partner because they cheated on you is suffering (it is just like drinking a poison and hoping the poison kills them)

In conclusion, nobody prays to suffer in a relationship but if you find yourself in such a situation, you should seek professional support or exit the relationship for your mental health and overall well-being.



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