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7 Important Medical Tests for Every Couple Before Getting Married

7 Important Medical Tests for Every Couple Before Getting Married

7 Important Medical Tests for Every Couple Before Getting Married

One of the things people consider before getting married is prayers and divine confirmation from spiritual authorities to finalize whether the marriage will work or not. Meanwhile, several couples have split up and divorced despite receiving confirmation from their prophets or spiritual leaders. Despite spiritual warnings, some couples are happily married and enjoying their marriage.

Nevertheless, one important thing that people must ensure and be certain of before getting married is their partner’s health. It is crucial to understand your partner’s health condition before proposing marriage to them. Before getting married, here are the 7 important pre-wedding medical tests for every couple.

1. HIV Test.

HIV is the major cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AID), which affects the body’s immune system. Even though people with these health challenges can still live longer with proper health care, before you get married, you should both go for an HIV test. This is to make sure neither you nor your partner are HIV-positive. Most couples are scared of this test, but it is better to know your status than assume you are fine.

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In fact, I personally recommend this medical test for partners in a relationship who are sexually active. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is probably someone’s ex, and to avoid putting your health at risk, you should go for an HIV test to be sure neither you nor your partner are HIV-positive. 

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2. Fertility Test.

Before getting married, both partners should go for a fertility test. This will assist the man in knowing how healthy the sperm is and also examine the status of the woman’s womb and ovary to determine if she’s capable of conceiving.

Do not wait until wedding night before you find out your spouse’s fertility status. Some people are secretive; they know they have a low sperm count or watery sperm and will keep it a secret even until marriage, and you will think you are the problem. 


The same thing is applicable to the female gender; some might have had a series of abortions in the past, and for you to be sure that childbearing wouldn’t be a problem in the marriage, a fertility test is very important for every couple before getting married.

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3. STD.

Sex is one of the easiest and cheapest things to get nowadays, and the rate at which people cheat on their partner is nothing to write home about. STD tests are important for couples before getting married. In fact, it is important in relationships where both partners are sexually active. Remember, some sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections are difficult to treat.

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When it comes to knowing your sexual health status before getting married, it’s better to be safe than sorry. According to statistics, over 40% of people have a sexually transmitted infection without knowing about it. Some may be aware but act like they are fine, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you go for STD screening before getting married.

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4. Blood group and Rhesus.

If a couple’s blood group is not compatible, it may cause problems during pregnancy. No one prays to be in a condition where they urgently need blood donation, but life can be unfair to us at times, and what if it’s your spouse who needs the blood at that moment, perhaps at the point of delivery? Make sure that you and your partner have compatible blood groups within a reasonable range.

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5. Genotype Test.

Genotype is your complete heritable genetic identity; genotype can also refer just to a particular gene or set of genes carried by an individual. The genotypes among humans are AA, AS, AC, SS, SC, and CC. Before you say yes to his proposal, before you propose marriage to that woman, go for a genotype test first.

  • AA + AA = AA, AA, AA, AA = Excellent
  • AA + AS = AA; AS = AA; AS = good.
  • AA + SS = AS, AS, AS, AS = Fair
  • AA + AC = AA, AA, AA, AC = Good
  • AS + AS = AA; AS + AS + SS = bad.
  • AS + SS = AS, SS, SS, SS = Very Bad
  • AS + AC = AA; AC, AS, and SS = bad.
  • SS + SS = SS; SS, SS, SS = Extremely Bad
  • AC + SS = AS, AS, SS, SS =Very Bad
  • AC + AC = AA; AC, AC, SS = Bad.

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Compatible genotypes for marriage are:

  1. AA can marry AA and that’s the best compatibility. If AA marries an AS, you’ll end up with kids with AA and AS, which is good. But sometimes, if you’re not lucky, all the kids will be AS.
  2. AS and AS should not marry. You already know what it can lead to (SS/AA/SS) 
  3. AS and SS shouldn’t think of marrying.
  4. And definitely, SS and SS must not marry since there’s absolutely no chance of escaping having a child with sickle-cell disease.
  5. AA + AA = ✅
  6. AA + AS = ✅
  7. AA + SS = ✅
  8. AA + AC = ✅
  9. AS + AS = ❌
  10. AS + SS = ❌
  11. AS + AC = ❌
  12. AC + SS = ❌
  13. SS + SS = ❌
  14. SC + AS = ❌
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6. Medical Issues Test

Are there any of your parents and family members who are diabetic, hypertensive, or have underlying medical challenges? Some health conditions are hereditary thus medical issues tests are important for couples before getting married. 

Early detection of an illness like diabetes, kidney failure, ulcers, heart attacks, or high blood pressure can make couples seek medical help on time which will help them know how to manage these health issues in future. It is important to know about your health status and discuss it with your partner because it puts you on the path to choosing a healthy lifestyle.

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7. Mental Health Examination.

A mental health assessment is a conversation between you and mental health professionals or mental health therapists to help decide what kind of support you need before, during, and after the marriage. This can help you achieve a happy marriage as well.

Mental health assessment is not an exam or test; you only have to talk about what you want to talk about, and the more you open up, the easier it is for you to get the kind of help you need.

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In conclusion, do not be blinded by love; make sure you carry out all these medical tests before getting married. If you and your partner are not compatible medically, it’s better you dump them. If not, your unborn children will suffer from your ignorance. Make sure you go for that HIV test, genotype test, STD test, blood group test, and medical issues test before walking down the aisle. Remember, health is wealth.

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