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11 Types of People You Should Never Ever Have Sex with

10 Types You should Never Ever Have Sex with

1. You must never agree to have séx with a married man no matter what he promises or professes. Never!

2. Never agree to have séx with your boss. If the harassment becomes too much, resign and trust God for a better job.

3. If God put people under your care to mentor, it is better you die than to have séx with them. Never take advantage of God’s people no matter what.

4. Don’t have séx with a married woman. If you are getting too much attached via chatting, official or academic rapport, break up the closeness or whatever name you have for it.

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5. Never have séx with your lecturers. Séx for grades or marks is for nonentity. You are not. Never must you be.

6. If you are a marketer, never agree to sleep with a prospective client just to meet your official target. Never!

7. Don’t have séx with your in-laws. If he or she stays with you and you are finding it difficult to resist the pull, let him or her leave. I mean latest tomorrow.

8. Don’t have séx with your neighbour or colleague. A neighbour is a neighbour. A colleague is a colleague. Don’t get your life more complicated.

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9. Don’t have séx with your platonic friend. If the relationship is no longer platonic, break up the thing.

10. God created séx to be between male and female. Stay away from having séx with your same gender. God is against homosexuality / Lesbianism and Beastialism.

11. Don’t have séx with your close siblings or relatives that God forbid marriage with. Incest is vile.


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