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10 Motivational Tips to Discipline Yourself to Save Money

10 Motivational Tips to Discipline Yourself to Save Money

10 Motivational Tips to Discipline Yourself to Save Money

While it may be easy for some people to save money without bowing to the temptation of spending, others may find it difficult to do so. To help you get started, we’ve collated some pieces of advice from successful people who disciplined themselves to save money and succeeded.

For individuals who have problems saving money, here are 10 tips to discipline yourself to save money:

1. Determination.

For us to achieve what we want in life, we must be determined, as that is the only way to clinch our aims and desires. Set your financial goals and start working towards achieving them. What do you need? Is it a new phone or office tools, or do you just want to save money and cash out at the end of the year? 

Set up your financial goals and how you are going to achieve them. Things you are going to let go of and let in to make this a reality. For instance, instead of spending all your salary, you can set a goal to save up to 20% monthly to accomplish what you want.

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2. Write It Down.

Making lists of what you want to achieve is an effective way to discipline yourself to save money. Take note of the things you will achieve if you start being financially responsible; this will be a motivational guide for you to save money.

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3. Exercise Patience.

I know you may be eager to get those things, but remember, patience is the key. It doesn’t matter how long it takes; you just have to trust the process and believe in yourself. Don’t rush by going the extra mile  to save money to buy what you need; fortune also favors the patient. Don’t give up on your financial goal, and also wait for the right time.

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4. Save What You Can Afford To Save And Change Your Lifestyle.

Disciplining yourself to save money doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. This can result in health complications; instead, change some of your habits or lifestyles that are financially demanding. For instance, if you can’t do without partying or spending money on fashion and gadgets, this may be the right time to put that aside and focus on your financial goals. 


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Perhaps you can still make use of the old clothes you have at home, and if you were invited to a party, you can turn down the invitation. Getting over the need to spend on fashion and gadgets is a clear sign of financial maturity.

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5. Avoid Gambling And Womanizing.

Gambling and womanizing can take your life backwards and make your goals of saving money futile. Delete the SportyBet app and other betting apps on your phone that may sabotage your efforts. If you have multiple partners, at this point, you should discontinue the relationship with them. This way, you will gain financial freedom and be able to save money.

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6. Be Partially Stingy.

To discipline yourself to save money, you have to learn to say “no” at times. If you keep on lending money to everyone, you will end up broke and may not be able to save. While it is good to be generous, you have to be conscious of your savings. 

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Whenever family and friends request financial assistance and you know for sure that it’s going to affect your financial goals, you should turn down such requests, provided it’s not an emergency. You can’t love others more than you love yourself. Don’t be generous if you are not financially strong.

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7. Avoid Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure is the reason why most people do things they don’t normally do when they are alone. The same also goes for someone who really wants to save money but can’t due to the financial demands of hanging out with friends, impressing people on social media, going to parties, or shopping. Imagine being around friends who understand your current situation and encourage your financial goals. This will help you save money. You should resist peer pressure at all costs.


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8. Open A Fixed Deposit Account.

Opening a fixed deposit account or saving your money in a thrift store is a sign of financial maturity that will discipline you to save money. For individuals who have the temptation to spend money, approach your bank and make your manager aware of your financial goals. 

You can start saving your money in the account, and you won’t have access to it until after the stipulated date. It could be a few months, a year, or more, depending on when you will need the money to do what you want to accomplish.

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9. Believe in Yourself and Stay Focused.

Most people who have never saved money in their lives will accept that they are not the type of person who has the discipline to save money and be financially responsible. They would accept easily that saving up for a brighter future is really a difficult task that is only done by mature people. 

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The truth is, most people who succeeded in their finances were once like you; they believed that properly saving, setting a budget, and spending responsibly could be difficult and impossible until they took the first step. Why not take the first step today? The hardest part of getting started is getting started.

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10. Cut Short and Track All Your Expenses.

In order to save money, you need to track all your expenses and overlook things that are not necessary. Instead of drinking custard, buy local pap. Cook your own food rather than spend money buying food from restaurants and eateries. Avoid spending money on things that are not necessary. Buy only what you need. 


In summary, to discipline yourself to save money, set your financial goals, focus on increasing your income, believe in yourself, don’t be generous to everyone, and think about where you can make money and not just where you can save money because the more you earn, the better your chances of saving money.

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