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4 Sexual Positions to Help You Last Longer in Bed With illustration on How to Practice it

4 Sexual Positions to Help You Last Longer in Bed With illustration on How to Practice it

Premature ejaculation is a common concern for many individuals seeking to prolong their sexual experiences and enhance intimacy with their partners. While there are various methods and techniques to address this issue, exploring different sexual positions can be an exciting and effective way to improve endurance and create a fulfilling sexual experience for both partners.

The average amount of time it takes a man to release (orgasm) is five minutes while it takes about 20-30 minutes for women meaning it will take a longer time to satisfy a woman in bed and this is why most men have always seek ways to enhance their sexual performance in bed. So if you release within 5 minutes, you shouldn’t be worried because that is men nature.

In this article, we will discuss some sexual positions that can help you last longer in bed, accompanied by illustrations and instructions on how to practice them.


The Cowgirl position, with the woman on top, allows the man to relax and control the depth and pace of penetration. This position reduces stimulation to the man’s most sensitive areas, helping him delay ejaculation.

Practice: Begin by having the woman straddle the man while he lies on his back. Encourage the man to focus on deep breathing and relaxation techniques while the woman controls the movement. Experiment with different angles and movements to find a rhythm that maximizes pleasure while minimizing stimulation.

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The Spooning position allows for intimate contact while reducing the intensity of penetration. This position encourages slower, more controlled movements, which can help delay ejaculation.

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Practice: Start by lying on your side facing your partner’s back. Enter your partner from behind, ensuring a comfortable position for both. Focus on deep, rhythmic movements rather than intense thrusting. Engage in sensual touching, kissing, or whispering to enhance the intimacy.

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The Modified Doggy Style position offers deeper penetration while providing more control to the penetrating partner. This position allows for a slower and gentler pace, leading to increased stamina.

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Practice: Begin in the traditional doggy style position with the receiving partner on their hands and knees. The penetrating partner enters from behind but positions their torso upright, instead of leaning forward. This modification reduces the intensity of thrusting and allows for longer-lasting intercourse. Communicate with your partner to find a comfortable angle and depth of penetration.

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The 69 position offers a mutually pleasurable experience for both partners while helping the man focus on pleasuring his partner rather than solely on his own sensations.

Practice: Lie down with your partner in a side-by-side position, facing opposite directions. Both partners engage in simultaneous oral stimulation. This position can distract the man from the pressure to perform, thereby helping him last longer. Experiment with different techniques and levels of stimulation to find what works best for both partners.

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In summary, while these positions may assist in lasting longer in bed, it’s important to approach any sexual concern with patience, understanding, and a focus on the overall connection and satisfaction of both partners. Enjoy the journey of exploration and experimentation, and always prioritize open and honest communication to create a fulfilling and pleasurable sexual experience.

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