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What to Do If Your Boyfriend Asks for Your Nudes: 10 Ways to Handle a Boyfriend Asking for Nude Pictures/Videos 

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Asks for Your Nudes: 10 Ways to Handle a Boyfriend Asking for Nudes Pictures/Videos 

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Asks for Your Nudes: 10 Ways to Handle a Boyfriend Asking for Nudes Pictures/Videos 

Nudity is one of the most common things among lovers in a relationship, especially a long-distance relationship. Even though some are still be blinded by love, they may not see the dangers associated with sharing nudes with a boyfriend on the internet. 

Some guys may see it as a normal thing for their girlfriend to share their unclad photos and videos, and if you find yourself in a situation whereby a boyfriend is mounting pressure on you to send your nude photos and videos, here are simple ways to handle such a partner. 

How To Handle a Boyfriend Who Asks for Your Nude Pictures and Videos

1. Let Your “No” Be Firmly Stated.

Do not start what you can’t finish; thus, let your no be no. The moment a boyfriend asks you to share your nudes, tell him immediately that you don’t feel comfortable sharing your nudes on the internet with anyone.

“Sorry, babe, I understand how you may feel, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my nudes with myself, not to talk of my partner. I’m very sorry I can’t do that, and if you love me, please never ask me such a thing again.”

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2. Be Polite in Your Response.

At times, this kind of situation might provoke you and make you feel irritated, but you still need to address it in a polite and mature way to ensure that there is peace in the relationship. Besides, some people may see nothing wrong with sharing nudes, and your boyfriend could be one of them, so you should be polite in your approach and responses while handling the situation.

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3. It’s Disrespectful to Me.

If a man asks for your nudes, don’t try to pet him or beg him; instead, you should tell him that such behavior is disrespectful to you and that you feel embarrassed for someone like him to demand your unclad photos and videos.

“Honestly speaking, babe, I feel disrespected and embarrassed for asking for my nudes; if you loved me and respected my body, you wouldn’t have asked for this. Anyway, this may be fun for you, but it’s disrespectful to me. What do you take me for?” I think this response will make him feel remorse, and he may apologize to you afterwards.

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4. I Ended My Last Relationship Because My Ex Asked for My Nudes. 

Another way to handle a boyfriend who demands your nudes is to tell him you ended your last relationship with your ex because he demanded your nude pictures and videos, which you find disrespectful and wouldn’t like to happen again. 

“Oh, babe, I forgot to tell you the full details of what ended my last relationship. The thing was that he demanded my nude pictures and videos, which I find disturbing, and that was the major reason why I called it a quit because my desire is to be with a man who I can feel safe with physically, emotionally, and also mentally, which I trust you to be. I love you so much, and I don’t want what ended my last relationship to repeat itself, so please do me this favor and never ask for my nudes again.”

Of course, your boyfriend may get angry, but it’s better for him to get angry than to entertain him with your nudes.

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 5. Threaten to Break Up with Him If He Ever Asks for Your Nudes Again.

Do not be afraid to lose a boyfriend who constantly asks for your nudes, because a man who wants to build a future with you will not pressure you to send your nude pictures. What does he need that for if not to use it to control you in future? The perfect response for a boyfriend who asks for your unclad photos is to threaten to break up with him. When he sees that you are not a weak woman or that you don’t care, he will never bother you again.

“I respect you so much as my boyfriend, and I expect the same thing from you. Please, this should be the first and last time you demand my nudes. This thing is disgusting to me, and I hate it.”

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 6. Talk About Your Likes and Dislikes in the Relationship.

Being open about your likes, dislikes, and moral values can help you overcome situations like this in any relationship. At the early stage of a relationship, partners should talk about what they want and expect from their spouse. You should tell your boyfriend that you hate sexting and sex chatting with passion, especially the nude aspect. When you communicate your feelings to your boyfriend, this may likely prevent him from asking for your nudes in future.

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7. Sending My Nude Pictures Is the Last Thing I Will Ever Do. 

The perfect way to respond to a boyfriend who asks for your nudes is to tell them that sharing your nudes is the last thing you will ever do in your life.

“You want me to send my unclad photos? That’s the last thing I will ever do in my life.” If possible, they ask you why; tell them you have no reason to justify your decision.

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8. This Is Against My Culture, Tradition, And Religious Beliefs.

If your boyfriend is trying to convince you to send your nudes while promising you that he will delete them later, it’s time you let him know that such behavior is against your religion, culture, and traditional beliefs. You should let him understand that you are not a prostitute, and he should respect your beliefs and traditions.

“Sharing nudes is against my beliefs and moral values. I also have younger brothers and sisters who look up to me as their role model, and you know what happens if my nudes mistakenly leak online? I trust you with all my heart, but I can’t trust anyone with my nudes, not even myself.”

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9. Dress Appropriately.

The way you dress is how you will be addressed. If you dress decently and behave maturely, no man will dare look at your face and request nudes. If you don’t want to be treated like a prostitute or hookup girl, then you should stop dressing or behaving like you are one.

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10. Block Him.

If you don’t feel comfortable sending your nude pictures and videos to your boyfriend, talk to him, and if he doesn’t listen to you or begins to act strangely towards you, you should block him without hesitation. A failed relationship is far better than a failed marriage. In a relationship, love is not only what you need; you should be with a man who values you and respects your body.

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What Happens If I Refuse to Share My Unclad Pictures with My Boyfriend?

If you refuse to share your nudes with him, you will observe a change in his attitude and behavior. He might stop communicating with you. If you notice these signs, it is a sign of a useless boyfriend. Most of them only need those nude photos so they can control you as they like. If they suddenly change after you turn down their requests, you should ignore them and block them from your life because men with this immoral behavior are irresponsible.

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What If He Threatens to Break Up with Me?

If a man threatens to break up with you because you turn down his demands to sex chat and share your unclad pictures, you should be happy to see their true colors on time because it’s obvious they never loved you; rather, they just want someone to use, so losing such a relationship is a win for you, not a loss. 

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Why You Should Never Share Your Nudes in a Relationship

1. The Relationship Can Crash.

Relationships can crash at any time, as there is no guarantee that this guy asking for your nudes will marry you. What happens if you are no longer together? They still have copies of your nudes on their phones and on the internet. Your boyfriend can decide to punish you with those nudes. Only a foolish woman will share her nudes with a boyfriend under the guise of love.

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2. Your Tape Could Be Leaked.

We’ve seen a series of sex tapes and nude pictures that were leaked online by ex-lovers in the past. Who knows maybe yours will be the next? Remember, the internet does not forget. If you care about your future and mental health, then sharing nudes or sex chats will be the last thing you will ever do to please a man.

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3. It Makes You Look Cheap and Irresponsible.

Sending your unclad pictures to a boyfriend is a sign of a useless girlfriend, and the guy will always see you as cheap no matter how you see it. In fact, most men who ask for your nudes don’t want anything serious to do with you other than your body. They only need your body to satisfy their selfish interests, so it is up to you to sell yourself cheap to them or deal with them.

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In conclusion, if your boyfriend is trying to force you to send your nudes, do not succumb to these demands; instead, talk to him and let him know that you are not comfortable with it. Don’t allow your boyfriend to push you into doing anything you are uncomfortable with. If you don’t want to provide him with your nude pictures, then you are absolutely allowed to say “no.”

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