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Why You Should Never Share Your Nudes in Relationship

Why You Should Never Share Your Nudes in Relationship

Why You Should Never Share Your Nudes in Relationship

The early stage of a relationship could be crazy; even some people whose relationship has been long are guilty of this. You see, in relationships, there is no guarantee of “together forever”; anything can happen tomorrow, so you should be wise about anything you do, and one of them is nude sharing.

If any man requests for your nude picture, whether the relationship is new or old, you should consider this a red flag that you must never tolerate.

Moreso, when you are having fun with your partner, turn off the camera; don’t be so dumb to take video of you having intimacy with your significant other. This may later bounce back on you.

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We’ve seen many leaked sex tapes, nude photos, and other things online that have pushed some ladies and guys into depression; some have committed suicide, while some have had their careers ruined.

These things originate from relationships. What the fuck is “sex chat?” You are just punishing yourself, by the way.

You think that lady will delete those private parts you sent her? Oh, you think he will delete those pictures of your boobs, or you think because your face didn’t show, no problem? Hey, my dear, if you must do anything out of love, it should never be your nude sharing, whether in full or in part.

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This may seem like fun but if you have a future to protect. Never do this, and if you have been doing it, please stop. 

Love is not blind. If you choose to ignore these tips and still continue with this act, I pray you don’t regret your actions in the future.



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