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11 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and Wants You Back

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11 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and Wants You Back

11 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and Wants You Back

Moving on after a Heartbreak in a relationship can be difficult if you still have feelings for your ex. Love is very strong, and it takes time to heal from a broken heart. Perhaps if you are yet to move on with your life and hope that your ex will come back for you someday.

Sometimes people in relationships realize their mistakes and make amends. Probably your ex has realized their mistake and they want to make amends but don’t know how to tell you that they still love you and want you back.

Below are the 11 signs your ex still loves you and wants you back in his or her life.


If your ex suddenly begins to like all your social media posts and comments and reacts to them, it’s a clear sign that S/he still has feelings for you. Whether they’ve blocked you before and now unblock you and start commenting on your WhatsApp status and Facebook posts This means a lot of things, and one of them is a sign that s/he still loves you and wants you back.

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If your ex still calls you to check up on you, whether to greet you or just to say “HELLO,” it implies that you still mean a lot to them. In a situation whereby you call your ex and he or she picks up your calls and talks to you in a polite manner, it is a sign that they still love you. However, if they ignore your calls, that means your ex is already seeing someone else and moving on with life without you.

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After realizing their mistakes, an ex who still loves you will try every means to see you so they can apologize and ask for a second chance to make the relationship work. I was shocked to receive a call from an ex a year after we broke up, she told me she wanted to see me. She apologized, leaving me heartbroken. Unfortunately, it was too late because I had already moved on with my life. So if your ex asks to see you, it’s a sign that s/he still loves you. If you still love them, you can grant their request.

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Not everyone is capable of admitting their faults and taking responsibility in a relationship, especially in the case of an ex. If your ex admits their mistakes and regrets their actions for leaving you, this is a sign that they still love you and want you back in their life. If you think they’ve changed this time around, you can consider their feelings and your feelings by giving the relationship a second chance.

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If an ex asks you about your welfare from your family and friends, this is a sign that your ex still cares about you. For example, they ask your friends about you and how well you are doing. They just need some information about you, perhaps, to know if you have moved on without them. 

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An ex who still loves you will always be supportive. For example, you are looking for a job, and they help you find one, or they help you repost your business just to make you grow. Maybe you requested emergency help and S/he didn’t hesitate; this is a sign that your ex still loves you and cares about you.

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How can one know if an ex still cares? An ex who loves and cares for you will remember important dates like birthdays, graduations, favorite foods, colors, etc. They will send you a birthday message and gifts. They will try to remind you of the good memories you both shared together. The fact that your ex still tries his or her best to remember all the important dates is a sign that he or she still loves you and wants you back.

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See if your ex is still single. If yes, this might be because S/he doesn’t want to enter a new relationship yet, or perhaps they are hopeful that you will come back soon. If your ex is still single after your breakup, it is possible that he or she has yet to move on because they still have strong feelings for you.

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How does your ex react when they see you with the opposite sex? If S/he acts like they’re jealous, this is a sign that they still have feelings for you. An ex who has already moved on will not even bother to look at you, let alone act jealous.

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If your ex still gives you their full attention or makes himself or herself available for you when the need arises, it means they still very much love you and want you back. For example, you ask if S/he can come for a visit, and they never hesitated.


If your ex always explains to you how much s/he misses you whenever you meet, this is a sign that they still love you and want you back in their life.

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What Should I Do If I Notice These Signs? 

If you notice these signs that your ex still wants you back and you are yet to move on with your life, you can consider giving the relationship a second chance, but only if you confirm that your ex has changed for the better. If you are already seeing someone else, you should block your ex immediately and also every means of communication so they won’t ruin your new relationship. 

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I still can’t stop thinking about my ex. What should I do? 

Yes, it is normal to think about your ex sometimes, especially the good memories you had together and likewise how they hurt you so badly, but that should not be a reason to go back to your ex. This mostly happens when you are still friends with or in contact with your ex. An “ex” means “expired.” At this junction, you need to summon courage and move on with your life. Some people know fully well that the relationship with their ex can never work, but they still keep running back. It takes a while to heal from a heartbreak, so it is normal to think about your ex. With time, you will surely overcome it. 


In conclusion, all the aforementioned tips are signs that your ex still loves you and wants you back. However, not every ex that shows these signs really wants you back in their life; some of them might just want to make your life miserable again, so you should think twice before going back to your ex. Well, it is important to know if your ex still loves you. The answer will give you peace of mind, and you can move on to better things in your life.

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