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9 Sure Ways to Turn Down Sexual Advances From a Lecturer

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9 Sure Ways to Turn Down Sexual Advances From a Lecturer

9 Sure Ways to Turn Down Sexual Advances from a Lecturer

Some lecturers are evil, as they can go to any length to compel their victims to succumb to their sexual advances, and nothing will happen. This is a common habit in Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

A lot of female students have been victims of sexual harassment from these evil lecturers because they don’t know what to do or how to turn down their sexual advances without getting into issues with them. Well, if you are in this situation and a lecturer is asking you out or pressuring you for sex in exchange for grades, here are 9 Sure ways to turn down a lecturer’s sexual advances. 


There is no need to beat around the bush with him, so let your “no” be “no.” Even if the lecturer threatens you with bad grades, never succumb to his will; in fact, don’t even smile or make any friendly approach to him.


One of the methods that evil lecturers use to get their victims is through the student’s weak performances, because they know that the student may have no other choice than to sleep with them in exchange for good grades. So if you are not ready to trade your body for grades, make sure you prepare very well for the course, as this will make it difficult for the lecturer to fail you. 

If possible, ensure you don’t skip any of his classes, lectures, or tests. Carry out all your tests and the practical work, and read and prepare very well for the examination. Also, make sure you buy his handout or textbook. No lecturer will fail you if you pass their course, and even if they make the attempt, their job is at risk because they know that you can request for your answer script to be remarked. Students who accept sexual advances from a lecturer are majorly those who have nothing upstairs or who have no confidence in themselves. 

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If a lecturer is pressuring you for sex, try to get evidence against him. This may be done through a voice recorder, screenshot, or video recorder. If he asks for your number, don’t give it to him; tell him you don’t have a phone. Some of them are smart, as they may get your contact information through the course rep or class governor. Nevertheless, make sure you gather enough evidence against him, as this is one of the most effective ways to turn down a lecturer’s sexual advances.

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If any lecturer invites you to his house, never go there, and if he invites you to his office, make sure you go along with your friends, but some of them are smart; he might instruct your friends to leave his office, so the best thing to do here is to keep on postponing his appointment. If he asks you to see him tomorrow in his office, tell him you have a program to attend in fellowship or give excuses that you will be at work. Just keep on doing this till the end of the semester. This was what my friend did when a lecturer pressured her for sex; she kept postponing his appointment till the examination, and she passed the course.

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To turn down sexual advances from a lecturer, you have to summon courage and show that you are brave. Don’t show any sign of fear to him; doing that will make him see you as easy prey. If he cracks any jokes, don’t laugh at them. Don’t buy any of his familiarization. Also, one of the methods they use to catch their victims is that they make you their course representative. So if any lecturer declares you as his course rep, let him know immediately that you will not be able to do that. If he asks why, let him know that you will be at work by then or give a valid reason. This is why I said earlier that you have to be brave and summon courage.

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Some of the students who are victims of sexual harassment from their lecturers have evidence, but they don’t know how to report the issue, and this may be because such students don’t know how to express themselves clearly in English, so they would rather remain silent. You shouldn’t keep your mouth shut if a lecturer threatens to fail you; instead, report to the Dean of Students’ Affairs (DSA) or your course adviser if you believe that your lecturer is making sexual advances towards you. Trust me, the lecturer won’t dare threaten you again. Make sure you have enough evidence; even if you are not good at speaking English, that doesn’t mean you should die in silence.

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If he fails you and you are very sure that you passed the course, you can talk to your HOD/Dean for your scripts to be remarked, and if you don’t get a quick response, petition the school senate or academic board and address them officially for your script to be remarked. The board will set up a panel to look into the issue. Every higher education institution in Nigeria has the option for students to request their answer scripts, although some schools do request a certain fee for this service. Your script will be remarked, and you will be able to see your final score and escape the evil lecturer.


8. PRAY.

Don’t joke with prayer if you are passing through any challenges, so this is time for you to be prayerful and ask God to clear the lecturer’s eyes off your body. There is nothing that God cannot do. You can also inform your parents about this so they can assist you with prayers too. Some of these evil lecturers are chief lecturers with veto power, so you need prayer to suppress them so you can have your way.



Gone are those days when students died in silence after facing sexual harassment from their lecturers. Thank God for social media like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp and for the internet, where you can expose these evil lecturers for the world to see. If you have tried all you can and yet these lecturers keep failing you, go to Twitter and drag him online, and within 24 hours you will get a positive response. Remember Miss Monica Osagie, the OAU student who dragged her lecturer on social media after he asked her out for five rounds of sex in exchange for grades? The lecturer was later sacked and jailed. 

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In conclusion, you have no reason to sleep with a lecturer in exchange for grades; you were sent to school to learn not to become a porn star. Besides, students who open their legs for lecturers are mostly those who have nothing upstairs. The best way to turn down a lecturer’s sexual advances is to read your books and get serious with your studies, so there won’t be a chance for him to fail you. Best of luck

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