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8 Reasons Why Students Join Cultism and the Consequences

8 Reasons Why Nigerian Students join Cultism on Campus and the Consequences

Cultism can be defined as a group of people With a believe and cultural identity, built on secrecy bond. Those who practice this belief are referred to as ‘CULTISTS’ while there are different types of cultists with different culture for identification. Cultism has cut short life of many undergraduate students and Nigerian youths. Millions of life have lost due to the atrocities of these deadly cultists.

I learnt the reason Cultism was created in the first place was to fight for the people interest but the group has lost its relevance long time ago as these sect of people are now responsible for killing, robbery, kidnapping and other criminal activities on and off campus. The reason why students join Cultism varies but from POLYTV research.


The reason why some students join Cultism on campus is to protect themselves against oppression, intimidation on campus. I must confess, those who join cultist for either protection or to suppress oppression later have themselves blamed because what ended their story was “Had I known.”  Cultists will promise you protection and take your life away. My fellow students If you need protection please call on to God, anytime you wake up from your bed just say positive things to yourself God is the only one whose protection is guaranteed.



Some students also join Cultism because of oppression on campus. A student said to me that he joined Cultism because the cult members always come to his hostel to harass him and extort him of his money and when it’s getting too much, he had to join them for it to stop. Some students also believe that joining cult will save them from oppression as no one will dare step on their toes on campus because other students always fear them. Why do people need to Fear you? Are you God?


3. FAME.

I learnt that cultists students are popular Set of people on campus. A student was stabbed in the head in Ogun state years back in which news reported that he was a popular cultist, he was so popular that the school management feared him. Some of the students that engage in Cultism are likely to be popular on campus because of the nuisance they constitute. If you want to be famous on campus, you don’t use Cultism to get what you want, instead you can use your talent and the whole world will listen to you.


Some students join Cultism because the group may likely promise them short cut to success, yes it possible they pass without reading for exams because the cult group have members everywhere both in government and in management. Perhaps they can threaten a lecturer to pass them. To the best of my knowledge, You start falling academically because no much time to read again, from this place to this place treating fuck up, tabling phuck up, going for driving men that never pay dues.


Many people willingly join Cultism through social media as they were brainwashed through false teachings on social media. I watched a video few weeks ago about a particular confraternity, if you see that video trusts me you may be convinced to join the cult group but let me tell you this today, never believe everything you see on social media. Cultism songs and videos you see online may be sweet to your hearings but the end is regret and agony thus Stay away from it else risk your life.


They tell bad friends corrupt good manners, and that is the truth no matter how good you are, if you walk with bad friends they will always corrupt you. Few years ago I decided to visit my long-term friend in his school we gist and talk, and he brought fetish things out, he told me he has charm that blade and bottles can’t penetrate his body he stabbed himself in my presence and I witnessed it, he said I too needed to be a Man that this job I’m doing as a Campus reporter needed protection. He introduced me to his friend who was the leader of a particular cult group in the school, the guy showed me the marks on his body, they call the mark “Gbere” in Yoruba language.

That mark means no bullet can penetrate his body. I gave them space while they discussed how their school fought another school and how they drop someone. My body was shaking that “How can a man like me have the ability to kill his fellow man” after the introduction, my friend said I should not worry that nothing can happen to me that I too should upgrade, he even told me to sleep with a girl for free which i turn down, I didn’t even wait to pick my bag When I jet back to my school as i lied to him that we have an emergency seminar in my school and since then I have distance myself from him and  any form of friendship that may corrupt the good manners that my parents had taught me.  So many people fall into these traps due to bad friends. Don’t just make friends anyhow on campus. Select your friends like Beans.




The person you choose as role model can influence your life either positive or negative. Please mind the kind of people whom You choose as your role model, don’t just follow people’s footstep because of money.



Bad Parenting has made some people join Cultism because of negligence of some parents. Imagine a father who doesn’t provide for his wards, a mother who doesn’t even know her daughter feed is that one a good parent? Parents have a lot of work to do on their wards whether they are matured enough or not. My mother made sure she followed me to school when I was offered admission and she always check on me and the fear alone has helped me distance myself from anything that can ruin my academic life on campus.

I was offered admission into a particular school that year, they didn’t allow me to go because of cultists news on the headlines daily but the fact is cultists are everywhere it only takes Grace of God and discipline to be exceptional. Parents have a lot of duties to perform, some students have been expelled from school yet they didn’t go home but they keep causing nuisance in school, they are the type that always burn school Properties and loot them because they have nothing to loose again. Parents should visit their sons and daughters in school as this can also prevent such student from engaging in Cultism or any illegal activities on campus.

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There are many ways through which students join cultism on campus and how cultists convince or force students to join them. Below are  some of the methods used by cultists to win students heart to join them.


Cultists sometimes use birthdays to recruit their victims. If you hate Cultism with passion please any birthday party or celebrations, clubs that is beyond 6 pm should be turn down besides a responsible person from a well trained home will always avoid “Night walk” cultists take advantage of dark nights to lure their victims. I read a story of how an SUG president was paraded on the allegation of  taking part in cult activities in 2020, according to the SUG President, he said he didn’t know anything about it, that’s how they (Cult) recruit innocent people therefore, avoid night walks, always turn down celebration invitations that goes beyond 6 pm on campus.


As a newly admitted student, you will notice different groups and people on campus both fellowships, social clubs and other clubs will try to lure you to join their group and if care isn’t taken you may be recruited into Cultism without your intention. So make findings before joining association on campus. “Them no dey write cultist for head,” we’ve read the stories of gentle people being murdered on campus, one was even a fellowship cord.

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The type of environment you live really matter has a lot of impact on your life. There are some lodge that are known for crimes, in this lodge you will see arm robber, cultists, prostitutes, etc. and once you secure accommodation there, you may likely join them with their crimes. Before you rent a hostel or lodge make findings to avoid being initiated into these secret cults group. There are thousands of students like you who don’t want to join CULT but the environment they find themselves gave them no choice. Whether joining willingly or unwillingly, Cultism never should be an association you will join because of the consequences involved. What are the consequences of Cultism??




The beginning of cult activities maybe fun to you but the end is always regret. I watched a documentary on BBC facebook how an ex-cultist lost his parents to the battle, they killed his mother. The worst part of it according to his confession was that all his teammates in the cult group were burnt to ashes during a Robbery when they were caught but maybe because God still needed him for a purpose, he escaped. Most of you reading this article might have seen the video on facebook. Cultism has no benefits, it ruins your life stay way from it.


Having a peace of mind will be the last thing because of the conscience of those whom you have killed, the crimes you have committed, the commotion you have caused and your rival cult group chasing you. If you want to have peace of mind quit Cultism or better still stay away from it.

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Majority of the cult group kill themselves besides “He who kills by a sword shall die by the sword” Your death may not be today it may not be tomorrow but one day sooner or later you may have yourself blame and when the time comes  by, it might be too late for you because you might already be in your grave crying bitterly for second chance but sad there is no second chance after death. Now that you still have the chance, better to repent, quit Cultism and live a good meaningful life.

d). KARMA.

What goes around will surely come around. Whatever you will today do bounce back on you one day. I’m telling you that karma is very real. You think that charm will protect you forever?? You think that a politician will be in power forever? My dear, nothing Last forever, that your charm that you relied on will fail you one day. A popular cultist in Benue state died last year and the sad part of the story is that he died alongside his wife and children in an accident. When karma bounce on you, you may not be the only one to suffer it therefore, it is better to start making adjustments now and change.

Cultism has ruin the lives of many students and Nigerian youths. Students couldn’t graduate with their colleagues. Many have died, some are disabled as a result of Cultism. My dear readers, stay away from Cultism and dissociate yourself from anything that can lure you into it.


How can One leave Cultism?

THE BEST WAY TO LEAVE CULTISM IS NEVER TO JOIN THEM And if you have already Join them, Go for spiritual cleansing and change your environment and anything that links you to cultism and can make you go back to your vomit.

In conclusion, Do you want to live long? Do you want people to be proud of you when you are gone? Do you want to achieve your aims in this life? If yes then quit Cultism ask God for forgiveness and start a new life that will be of great impact to you and your next generation or better still stay away from Cultism.

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