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Being a Man is not easy at all as it comes with a lot of responsibilities and while you as a Man is striving hard to survive in life, there are some things that can ruin you and make life difficult for you, perhaps if you have a dream that you are chasing and you want to accomplish them without any interference, there are three (3) important things that you must try as much as possible to avoid as they can  ruin your life and before you know it, things may have gotten beyond control.

In this article, POLYTV will explain to you three (3) things that can ruin your life and why you must avoid them. So what are the three (3) things that can ruin your life as a man?


As a man you must be able to overlook some things for you to be focused and one of these things is womanizing. You will always come across beautiful women on your journey in life both the good and bad, the pretty and the ones with curvy shapes.  That road in between a woman’s leg is very sweet to pass but as sweet as it is, it is one of the fastest things that can destroy and ruin your life and cut short your journey.

Your ability to overlook and resists a woman temptation is what makes you a man. If you really want to go far in life and achieve your aims, try as much as possible to do away with womanizing.

Some guys nowadays have forgotten their dreams to the extent all they care and chase now is women and this has resulted to few of them engaging in illegal business and using human parts for money ritual having forgotten that nothing lasts forever.  Although Women are inevitable but you just have to choose one and focus on how you can become somebody in life, the moment you start chasing women, you loose your financial strength, loose focus and might also loose your aim in life thus quitting Womanizing saves you from destruction.

A guy once told me that he had slept with over 50 women and had multiple women as girlfriends and he bragged about it, to him he thought he has made in life with womanizing not knowing that he was actually a looser, how?  Now think about this, calculate the amount of airtime and energy used to toast a woman, calculate the amount of money you spent on her and also the time wasted on womanizing, you are actually the looser here and not the women because you just wasted your time, energy and money in exchange for a few minute enjoyment which you might even regret later in future.

That roads in between a woman’s leg is sweet to pass and at the same time can ruin your life as a man. A responsible man is a man who knows when to zip his trouser and not one who sees every hole as an opportunity. 

Remember that a lot of people dreams has been killed through womanizing. If you are the type of man and all you think in your entire life is how to sleep with women, just know that destruction is not far from you and these may ruin your life completely, you had better wake-up now and make adjustments before it gets too late.






A man who focus all his life on gambling is not serious with  life yet. Gambling is very bad and can ruin your life completely. You know what gambling means right? Bet9ja, Baba Ijebu, Sportybet, Pay 10k get 40k within 48 hours without doing any work. I know you may want to argue that gambling has made some people rich and how people cash out from it but the bitter truth about gambling is that,  it can also ruin your life because it is addictive, you may begin to sell your properties and end up spending your school fees on betting of which at the end you will be the looser.

Think about this, those gambling company established their business to make profits isn’t it? So how do they make profits? They make profits through your loss.

The earlier you realize that gambling is not a shortcut to riches the better for you. Being a man comes with a lot of responsibilities and part of  these responsibilities is to do the right thing at the right time, instead of investing your money on gambling why not invest your money on business or skills that will multiply it for you.

Now that you still have the energy and time to work, use it wisely and invest your time and resources on something that will benefit your future, remember you are a man and in few years to this time you too will want to groom your own family. If you really want to have a better future it is best you do away with anything that can ruin Your life thereby killing your dreams and future.


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Pornography according to my English dictionary is the explicit literary or visual depiction of sexual subject matter; any display of material of an erotic. Pornography is interesting to watch and very addictive, those who are addicted to porn may find it difficult to quit because it is addictive. As interesting as pornography maybe, it can also ruin your life completely as a man. There is nothing much to gain from pornography as the side effects are more than the pleasure you get from it.

Pornography can push you to do things that you never intend to do, that is, Rape, hookup, premarital and extramarital sex, pornography can also result to Sexual issues like masturbation, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  As sweet as these porn may be to you, the results can ruin your life completely. You may not realize this now because you are still young but when you grow older and start to experience these effects on your body, you will be like “If I had known, I would have quit”  now that you still have the chance to make adjustments, it is better you quit Porn before Porn quits you.


If you fall to any of the above categories and you need help on how to quit Womanizing, pornography and gambling, below are some tips that can help you to quit and start living a healthy lifestyle.


You cannot achieve anything without Determination. If you want to stop all these things you must make up your mind to quit. I was once a porn addict, gambler and a womanizer but that very day that I determine to quit, I gained my freedom from Pornography addiction.  If you really want to quit porn, gambling and womanizing, first of all determine and prepare your mind to quit.


After determining to quit, Try as much as Possible to avoid contact with any other things that can make you go back to your old life. If friends are the one that push you to gambling, womanizing, you may have to delete such friends from your life. Delete any pornography videos, site, link or TV’s on Your phone and laptops so you won’t come across them in future. Exit any betting groups that may convince you to go back to your old life. Remember Porn is addictive and you still seeing those contents might draw you back to your vomit.


If you want do away with all these three(3) things that can ruin your life as a man, Try to lay your hands on something productive that will keep you busy as doing this will replace your time of womanizing, watching porn and gambling.  You can try new things like doing exercise, writing and reading books. You can as well learn new skill as these will help you to kill that beast that wants to ruin your life. If you lay your hands on something productive, you will hardly have time for chasing women, gambling and watching porn instead women will be the one chasing you.

Ever since the day I stopped Pornography, womanizing and gambling, I realized my life has changed for good as I was able to focus on my life and achieve new things that I couldn’t when I had multiple women and gambled, and I’m glad that I was able to realize these things on time before it ruins me, what about you? Do you still keep multiple women as girlfriends? Do you still engage in extramarital sex (Sugar daddy and mummy), Do you still spend almost all your money on gambling?  Do you still can’t do without watching Porn and pornography??? If yes, then it’s time for you to make adjustments because all these things can ruin your life as a Man.

In conclusion, I believe Everyone have his/her own life to live and how you live your life is nobody’s business but trust me there is nothing as good as living a healthy lifestyle that people can choose to follow your footsteps, a lifestyle that your own generation would be proud of and if you really want to achieve all these, that is, you want to get to your promise land on time, try as much as possible to avoid these three(3) things that can ruin your life as a man. I wish you best of luck.

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