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How to Celebrate Christmas in Low-Key

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How to Celebrate Christmas in Low-Key

How to Celebrate Christmas in Low-Key

Christmas is a season of love, and now is the time to show love and appreciation to your family, friends, and loved ones. The festive period has come again, and the preparation has already begun. If you don’t have much money on you, this article will guide you through how to celebrate Christmas in low-key. Low-key means celebrating within your budget and managing yourself during yuletide. Below are some possible ways to celebrate Christmas in a low-key way.


The first thing to do is to prioritize a list within your budget. The budget should include how much you have on hand and how you are going to spend it. For instance, if you have 15k in your bank account, you can come up with a plan to buy 2k in gifts for family and 2k in gifts for best friends, share 1k recharge cards with neighbors, and also decide to cook 3k worth of food for yourself, and keep the remaining change. 

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2.  PLAN.

During Yuletide, the price of things will rise, so if you want to celebrate in low-key, make a plan that will go within your budget. If you don’t have any money at all, you can come up with a plan to do menial jobs to get money to execute your budget.

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There are mostly things that we don’t need during Christmas, but because everyone is talking about them, the urge to have them is heightened in us. You must resist every temptation to buy what you don’t need, like toys, technologies, decorations, shopping, expensive gifts, and games. Perhaps you are celebrating in a low-key way, so you don’t need to put more burden on yourself. 

Before, I had loved to get an iPhone as a Christmas gift like my friends, but I realized they’d planned it a long time ago, unlike me, who doesn’t have much and planned to celebrate it low-key. You don’t even need to slaughter chicken if what you can afford is fish, and you don’t need to buy new clothes because you can easily wash, iron, and put on the ones you have before. If you don’t resist the temptation to get all those things, you might end up spending more than your budget, which will definitely affect your financial strength in the new year. Overlook those flashy things you don’t need.

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The internet has made life easier for most of us, so just download lots of Christmas songs and enjoy them in your room with your family and friends. This is the best way to celebrate Christmas quietly and stay happy. If you have a partner, you can invite him or her over and dance together to the music.

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Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, so if you have family and friends nearby, you could easily ask for an invite to dinner. Trust me, they’d love to have you, except if they are stingy. Christmas is a season of giving, so you shouldn’t feel like a beggar. I do visit my female friends and loved ones during Christmas, and we had dinner together. This is another way of celebrating Christmas 



Christmas is a season of love, which means giving from the bottom of your heart. Buy gifts that match your needs, and don’t do more than you can handle. You are not trying to impress anyone rather than show love; choose less expensive gifts that fall within your budget. Never borrow money or buy more than you can afford, which might affect you in the new year.

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If there are family and friends that you have not heard from in a long time, this is the time to remember them and show them love by texting messages or giving them calls. Everything is not about money; at least calling them is a sign of love, which Jesus Christ teaches. If possible, visit them and spend some time together. This is a season of love and not the time to keep grudges against anyone. Forgive, forget, and let love lead.

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You might not have much more money to take yourself out because you are broke; however, if you can still have a nice time with the little you have on you, look for cheap places to have a nice time in your location that doesn’t come with a high price tag. There are so many interesting places to visit without breaking the bank.

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9. PRAY.

Christmas is not complete without prayer. Use this opportunity to draw closer to God and give your life to Christ. What is the point of celebrating Christ when you don’t even have him in your life?

Moreso, You want to buy Christmas clothes, you want to buy chicken, you want to surprise bae, you want to send money to your parents at home, you want to paint your room, you want to do this, you want to do that, my brother, take a step at a time. Every day is Christmas. You can still surprise your baby later, you can still send money to your parents later, and you can still paint your room later. Just celebrate in low-key and do your best. 

I may not have money to buy clothes for Christmas and new year, but thanks to God that I’m still alive, this alone proves that sooner or later things will turn better for us, but what about those that have died? Is there any hope for them? No, my dear, if you don’t have much this festive period, just be grateful to God that you are still alive and keep working because hard work pays and never relent. Don’t compare your life with others, and also don’t be intimidated by what you see on social media; social media is full of fake people. 

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In conclusion, if you don’t have much money on you, try to celebrate this Christmas in low-key by applying the aforementioned tips above. Remember that January is less than a month and you have other bills and responsibilities on the way too; therefore, celebrate low-key and thank God for life. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

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