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How to Be Free from a Spiritual Husband and Spiritual Wife

How to Be Free from a Spiritual Husband and Spiritual Wife

How to Be Free from a Spiritual Husband and Spiritual Wife

What Is a Spiritual Wife and a Spiritual Husband?

Spiritual husband and spiritual wife, as the name implies, is a situation whereby a man or woman is married unknowingly to a spiritual partner. The partner is not visible to human eyes, and only those who are spiritually wise can see them.

A spiritual wife means the man is married to a woman in another world, not in this life, while a spiritual husband means that the woman is married to a man in another world beyond human knowledge. So if someone has a spiritual husband or wife, only they can see it, and even when the spiritual partner is around, you can never see them with your physical eyes unless you are in spirit. This is the reason why some people don’t believe in it, but it is very real.

Having a spiritual husband or spiritual wife can be a setback for any man or woman, especially when it comes to choosing a life partner and settling down with marriage. The spiritual husband can decide to punish you for dating his wife, and the spiritual wife can also make life unbearable for the man if he tries to marry a woman in life.

In some cases, the expectation of the spiritual wife and husband is for the victim to die so they can reunite in the afterlife.

Let me explain better so you can understand. For example, if I have a spiritual husband, he will never allow me to have a boyfriend talkless of marriage, and when I do, the spiritual husband will make sure the relationship or marriage never worked for me to return to him. If I luckily get married, I might face childbearing issues because the children that I ought to have born in life must have been delivered in another life with the spiritual husband. This problem can be a serious challenge for anyone.

Signs You Have a Spiritual Husband and Wife. 

Some people have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife, but they don’t know while others may be aware they have it but don’t know the possible solution. Keep reading, as I will explain in detail the signs of a spiritual husband or wife and how to be free from them.

1. You Find Yourself Talking Alone. 

Have you noticed that people have been complaining about you talking alone without anybody around you? It could be a sign of a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife, especially when you see yourself talking to the wall romantically.

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2. Sex Dream.

A sex dream is one of the most important signs of a spiritual husband or wife that you should never ignore. If you had a dream where you saw yourself having sex with a man or woman and their faces were the same, that person in your dream could be your spiritual husband or spiritual wife. They are having sexual intercourse with you, and you might feel it when you wake up.

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3. Nightmares. 

Strange nightmares of you getting pregnant and doing weddings in a dream constantly could be a sign that indicates a spiritual partner. Probably your spiritual husband has gotten you pregnant in another world; you can’t feel it with your physical body; you can only see this when you are alone, in your dreams, or in isolated places. The worst part is that you won’t remember anything when you wake up from your dream or when people ask you what’s wrong; you may already forget what happened and the nightmares you had.

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4. Revelation of a Spiritual Husband and a Spiritual Wife.

Your pastor, chaplain, imam, or Alfa gave you a revelation or prophecy that suggests you may have a spiritual partner. If you receive such a prophecy, don’t assume it’s baseless; it could be a sign that you might have a spiritual partner.

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5. You Find No Man or Woman Attractive to Your Liking.

People who have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife may find no other men or women attractive than their spiritual partner. This at times could be the reason why you see a beautiful woman of over 40 years still single and doesn’t bother about getting married because she feels satisfied with her spiritual husband unless they are separated.

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6. You Sensed That You Have a Spiritual Partner in Your Living Room.

Does your instinct tell you that you have someone else in that room living with you that you talk to, play with, and dine with while everybody is asleep or not around? If yes, that could be your spiritual partner.

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7. Stagnant Life.

If you have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife, you may notice that anybody you date does not usually progress in their life, or the moment you begin to date and plan good things, something bad will just happen to disrupt the plans. This could be your spiritual partner trying to punish your life partner. Spiritual partners are jealous as much as we are.

Consequences Of Having a Spiritual Husband or Wife:

1. Failed Relationships.

Having a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife can make you experience a series of heartbreaks and broken marriages. You may find yourself moving from one man to another or from one woman to another without knowing the problem is within you. 

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2. Finding True Love.

Finding true love may be a problem because the victims find the opposite sex less attractive, they only confide in their spiritual partner.

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3. Death.

Sometimes the consequences of having a spiritual husband or wife are death. They may decide to take your life at any time if they perceive that you are trying to get married. They kill your physical body to have you back after life. The worst part is that you might even see your own death coming and embrace it, hoping to meet your spiritual husband in another life after death. 

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4. Childbirth. 

As for the woman, the spiritual husband may wait for you to get pregnant with your life partner before dealing with you. If you don’t free yourself from that spiritual husband, they might take your life during childbirth.

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Is Spiritual Husband and Wife Real?

Yes, they are very real. There is more to life than what we see physically. Not everything can be proven scientifically, but if you are careful with your spiritual life, you will see many things that ordinary eyes couldn’t see. I know this for sure because I have sisters who faced the same problem before they later got freed by force through spiritual cleansing. 

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Another fact about a spiritual husband or wife is that you might feel reluctant to leave the marriage, just like people are against divorce in real life. The spiritual husband or wife will want to have you for better or for worse, and you may even be in love with them.

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How to Be Free from Spiritual Husband and Spiritual Wife:

1. Identify Your Problem. 

You need to be sure that you really have this problem. I believe the signs above can be helpful in confirming if you have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife.

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2. Draw Closer to God.

If you have a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife, you also need to have a spiritual father who will save you from any spiritual problems, and the spiritual father I meant here is the “Almighty God/Allah.” Go on your knees and start praying fast and inclusively for better results.

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3. Go for Spiritual Cleansing.

Prayer may not be enough to defeat that spiritual husband and spiritual wife, so what you need may be a spiritual cleansing to be totally free from this problem. If you are a Christian, you should see your pastor or prophet, and if you are a Muslim, you should see your imams or Alfa; they can help with spiritual cleansing to gain your freedom from a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife. 

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4. See A Traditionalist.

Breaking away from a spiritual partner may require the help of a trusted, powerful traditionalist who knows how to deal with them. In the case of my sister, she got a spiritual cleansing from a traditionalist, and since then she has never complained or heard from the spiritual husband again. So if you have consulted many prayer homes with no results, you should see a traditionalist for spiritual cleansing. 

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5. Avoid Sleeping Alone.

Sleeping alone can trigger the risk of a spiritual partner; thus, it is advisable to get a roommate or live with your family and friends if you don’t have the money to go for spiritual cleansing.

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In conclusion, if you have the problem of a spiritual partner, you should talk to someone you can trust, maybe your parents, family, friends, or spiritual leaders, as their advice and suggestions can be of help in getting freedom from a spiritual husband or wife.

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