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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Police Extortion, Harassment, and Police Brutality in Nigeria 

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Police Extortion, Harassment, and Police Brutality in Nigeria 

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Police Extortion, Harassment, and Police Brutality in Nigeria 

The harassment and extortion of youths by men of the Nigerian police force and other security agencies has always been on the trend, despite the fact that these trigger-happy officers know the consequences of their behavior, which may be dismissal or demotion. They never repented of harassing Nigerians and extorting their hard-earned money.

In this post, we are going to explore some ways in which you can avoid being a victim of police brutality, extortion, and intimidation. By knowing the dos and don’ts of the police, you can always avoid having issues with them.

How to Avoid Police Brutality and Police Extortion in Nigeria:

1. Dress Decently.

Even though there is no law that forbids us from dressing the way we like, Nigerian police are good at profiling people based on their appearance. If you are going out for a party or occasion, dress well. Avoid making dreads, tinted hair, crazy jeans, earrings for men, and sagging trousers. Most of these things trigger them, as they might mistake you for being a yahoo boy, and no matter how you try to clear yourself, they will never listen until they extort you.

The number one rule for avoiding police extortion and harassment is to always dress decently, because the way you dress is how you will be addressed.

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2. Get A Second Phone.

The world has advanced beyond our imagination, and some of the police officers are still living in the past, as they will never agree that there are legit-paying online jobs. So if you make money legitimately, it would be a great idea if you could get a second phone and store all your details such as bank apps, crypto, and credit alerts on it. You should only go out with the money you need and the other phone, which has no information on it other than to receive calls, chat, and nothing more.

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They will not be able to extort you once they found nothing on your phone. I always keep my main phone at home and go out with the backup phone to avoid getting into trouble with them because their expectation is for everyone to be poor. If you don’t want to be a victim, get a second phone or a small phone. Always keep the main phone at home while you use the other for outdoor use.

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3. Don’t Look Afraid.

One of the tactics through which Nigerian police officers profile their victims is through fear. Once you see them, don’t be afraid, because they feed on your fear. Also, don’t drag issues up with them; just be yourself. Once they see that you are polite and not afraid, they will not bother you. If they request your phone, give it to them as long as you have nothing incriminating there; there is nothing they can do to you other than let you go. 

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4. Delete Your Credit Alerts.

If you are traveling, you should make sure that you delete anything that may trigger them to harass you and extort you. The things that trigger the police to extort you may be your bank app, credit alert messages, or emails. You may have to uninstall your bank app, remove your emails, delete any pornography, and do other things you think might get you involved in issues with them.

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5. Take Along Your Receipts.

You don’t want to be a victim of police brutality, right? Well, it may be best if you could take along a photocopy or original receipts of your gadgets when traveling or moving from one location to another.

If you are going to spend the weekend in your sibling’s apartment and you are taking your laptop and other gadgets along, make sure you carry along the receipt. If they inquire about the receipt, you can easily prove to them that it belongs to you. They won’t be able to extort you because you carry along evidence which means you know your rights as a citizen.

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6. Take Along All Your Documents and Particulars. 

Most people who are victims of police extortion, harassment, or police brutality are motorists, youths, and students. So to avoid police drama, take along all the necessary documents, which include your permits, car receipts, driving license, identity cards, proof of ownership, and other necessary paperwork. If all your documents are up-to-date and complete, you can always avoid being a victim of police extortion and harassment.

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7. Buy A Security Camera.

Some of the police officers are adamant, as they may request a bribe despite having your documents completed with no criminal offense. This way, the only thing that can save you from being a victim of police brutality is to get a security camera attached to your shirt and eyeglasses.

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This camera will record your conversation with them, and thus, if they harass you, there is 100% assurance that you will get justice because you have the evidence. This is far better than recording with your phone, which might land you in trouble if you get caught in the process.

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8. Stay Away from Crime.

The easiest way to avoid police brutality and extortion is to be a law-abiding citizen. Do not break the law, or better yet, stay away from crimes and troubles. I believe you know what is right and what is offensive, so you should always mind your business and stay in your lane. Do away with anything that may implicate you, be it family, friends, or work. Once your hands are clean and there are no cockroaches in your cupboard, the police will be your friend.

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9. Don’t Participate in Violent Protests.

A peaceful demonstration is our right as citizens, and it’s constitutional. However, violent protests most often result in bloodbaths. Therefore, to avoid being framed for the crime you never committed, never involve yourself in too many gatherings, especially if such cases involve violent protests.

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10. Avoid Night Travel.

Night travel is very dangerous in Nigeria. Aside from security reasons, the police could rope you in. In fact, it would be difficult to escape this extortion because it’s dark and you can barely recognize their face. If things don’t go as expected, you might not get the help you need, so you should always travel at daybreak.

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11. Use social media Moderately.

Freedom of speech and expression is allowed, but freedom after speech is not guaranteed. If you don’t want to be a victim of police harassment, intimidation, and oppression, please use your social media moderately. Refrain from using hate speech and defamatory words on social media that may lead to your arrest and unlawful detention.

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12. Call Your Lawyers.

Whenever they ask to search you, make sure they don’t have anything incriminating on them either. You may request to search them first to make sure it goes well. And if they threaten to shoot you and kill you or demand money from you, never give in. Ask them to take you to the station so you can call your lawyer.

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These police criminals mostly target Yahoo boys and people with crypto wallets, bank apps, email credit alerts, accounts, BTC, BNB, USDT, client funds, etc. They also work with thugs and POS agents, who usually receive the funds on their behalf, to avoid getting caught. Make sure you know the station or zone they come from, their name tag, date, and time of the incident, so that will help in tracking them if you still end up being extorted.

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If possible, send a text to loved ones, friends, a lawyer, etc. immediately before they take your phone. You can also alert the public by sending a tweet or post on Facebook to get help in case you get into trouble with them. These people are wicked; they can torture you and drive you miles away to extort you. If you want to record them on video, just do so safely. I believe these tips will save you from being a victim of police extortion, harassment, and police brutality in Nigeria.

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