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20 Ways How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

20 Ways How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

20 Ways How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Putting a smile on your girlfriend’s face is one of your core responsibilities as a boyfriend. There are many ways you can make your girlfriend happy and keep the relationship alive. In this article, we shall briefly discuss 20 ways to make your girlfriend happy.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy:

1. Be Loyal.

One of the habits that gives a woman joy is when she knows that her man is secured and nothing can snatch him away from her. Being loyal to your girlfriend should be one of your major priorities if you want to make her happy. You want to make her happy, right? Never cheat on her.

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2. Support Her Dreams.

Supporting your woman’s dreams and life goals equals making her happy. You should be her cheerleader and motivate her towards her career. For instance, if your girlfriend is a singer, listen to her songs, help with a repost of her album, and provide links to download her songs. You can also follow her to shows to motivate her and cheer her up. Support your girlfriend’s dream, and she will be happy to have you as her boyfriend.


3. Communication. 

If you want to make your woman happy, never ignore her or make her feel unwanted. Whenever she does that thing that annoys you, communicate with her in a manner that she will understand. A healthy relationship is when you do not allow yesterday’s misunderstanding to affect today’s communication. Effective communication is important for making a girlfriend happy. Fix time to talk and get the gist; talk about anything you can think of. Call her at least once a day.

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4. Give Her Money.

Money has a great influence on making people happy, so giving your girlfriend money when she doesn’t ask for it is a good example of igniting her happy hormones. When you cultivate the habit of giving without expecting anything in return, your girlfriend will be happy, and she will do anything to make you happy too. You could give her money to fix her hair or recharge her internet data.

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5. Show Empathy.

Empathy is vital for relationship growth, and it works well to make a woman happy. When your girlfriend is going through some sh*t, do not abandon her; instead, show her that you really care. 

For example, if your girlfriend complained to you about her menstrual cramps, you could say, “Sorry, baby, I feel your pain. What can I do to help now?” “Sorry, sweetheart, have you taken any painkillers yet, or should I get one for you from the pharmacy?” 

Showing empathy doesn’t only make you a caring boyfriend but also a responsible man who knows how to make his woman happy even in her worst moments.

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6. Introduce Her to Your Family and Friends.

I bet you don’t know the happiness that will fill her eyes and heart the moment you introduce her to your parents, family, and friends. She will feel secured and welcomed, and this alone is worth more than happiness for every woman. If you really like that girl and want to make her happy, introduce her to your family, flaunt her to the world, and she will be super excited to have you in the relationship.


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7. Assist Her.

Offering assistance to your girlfriend when she needs it the most is another exciting way to make her feel happy. If she’s sad, motivate her, be there for her, give her a shoulder to cry on, and pamper her. You may assist her financially, spiritually, and emotionally. It could also be assisting her with chores or cooking in the kitchen. If you can do this for that girl of yours, trust me, she would be happy to have you as her man in the relationship.

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8. Compliment Her.

She deserves to hear those complimentary words like “Babe, you are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are awesome, you are wonderful, and I love you so much” from you. Compliment your girlfriend often and make it your daily habit; doing this will definitely make her happy, and she will be glad to have a romantic partner like you. 

Send her those romantic good morning and good night text messages. Do well by commenting on her social media posts and reminding her how beautiful and gorgeous she is. In fact, your girlfriend will be more than happy to hear those compliments from you.

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9. Make Her Happy.

Women love guys who can make them laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to make your woman happy; you know her better than I do, and you know what she likes, right? Crack some silly jokes with her; this will definitely put a smile on her face.

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10. Go on A Date. 

Go on a date or trip together and have fun. You can also consider a visit to the park, a picnic, or other hobbies you both share in common.

11. Tell Her, I Love You.

In addition to no. 7 above, always remind your girlfriend about your love for her and how much she means to you. Tell her, “I love you,” always.

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12. Respect Her.

Respect is reciprocal. Give her respect, and you will be respected in return. Trust her, believe in her, and never invade her privacy or space. Treat her like a queen, and this simple act of yours will make her feel satisfied.

13. Listen to Her. 

Pay attention to her when she’s talking to you. Give her a listening ear and allow her to express herself clearly without interruption. Whenever she talks to you about her concerns regarding your behavior or the relationship, never judge her or shift blame; instead, listen attentively and act accordingly. Girls like a man who will listen to their rants. She will surely love you if you can do this for her.

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14. Spend Time Together.

In every relationship, this is one of the most important things you have to consider in ensuring happiness. Create time for your woman and spend time together. No matter how busy you are, do not forget to create sweet time for each other. Do things that will make your moments memorable together.

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15. Buy A Gift for Her.

Buying a gift for your girl will surely make her happy, and guess what? It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. A simple ice cream, chocolate, bread, human hair, or anything you can afford is enough to make her happy.

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16. Apologize Genuinely. 

Don’t allow pride to ruin your relationship, so do not hesitate to apologize to her sincerely if you have done anything that has pissed her off. Saying sorry doesn’t take anything away from you; rather, it makes your woman happy while nourishing the relationship. Let her know that you care about her feelings.

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17. Hug Her and Pamper Her. 

Ladies love to be pampered; therefore, pamper your girlfriend and treat her like a princess. Hold her hands in public. Hug her before she leaves your place and welcome her with a hug and kiss on her forehead or chick. Oh my God, that girl will be so happy to get such a treatment from you.  Besides, giving her a hug will make her miss you more and more.

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18. Appreciate Her Efforts.

Do not hesitate to thank her for her efforts in the relationship. If she offered to cook for you, thank her; when she bought a gift for you, thank her; when she assisted you with chores, appreciate her; and that moment she still tried her best to make you feel comfortable and satisfied in the bedroom, never forget to show gratitude for whatever she does for you, no matter how little it is.

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19. Be A Man of Your Words.

Never lie to her or deceive her; be a man of your words. Do not promise something you can’t fulfill or pretend to be what you are not. Always be yourself.

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20. Be Nice to Her Family and Friends.

I’m very sure you want her to be nice to your family and friends, right? You should extend the same energy by being nice to her family and friends. She will feel happy knowing that her boyfriend’s friend and family are coexisting harmoniously.

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In summary, to make a woman happy, you have to make yourself happy first, be loyal to her, make her breakfast or cook for her, introduce her to your family and friends, and also be nice to her friends and family. Go on trips together, buy gifts for her, give her money, listen to her when she talks to you, say sorry when you are at fault, and never forget to call her at least once a day. All these are the best ways to make your girlfriend feel ecstatic in the relationship.

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