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Is it Good to Date Your Age Mate? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating the Same Age as You 

Is it Good to Date Your Age Mate? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating the Same Age as You 

Is it Good to Date Your Age Mate? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating the Same Age as You

When it comes to relationships and marriage, age should not be used as a factor to determine whether to date or marry them; however, in some cases, people used to encourage others to date their age mate. Perhaps is it okay to date your age mate? In this post, we shall highlight the advantages and disadvantages of dating your age mate and give tips for dating the same age as you.

Advantages of Dating Your Agemate:

1. Mutual Understanding.

Dating someone your age will cultivate mutual understanding in the relationship, and this will also help you understand your partner better because you will have the courage to confront them, talk to them, and address them the way you like, but the reverse is the case when dating someone older. So, dating your age mate is actually a good thing, as it strengthens mutual understanding in the relationship.

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2. Shared Interest.

You can easily engage in similar activities and hobbies, such as traveling together, playing together, holding hands in public without the fear of being judged, dancing, working out, and having fun together. All these can never be a major challenge in your relationship because you and your partner may share the same interests since you are age-mates.

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3. Proper Communication.

Communication is important for any healthy relationship. Dating your age mate is crucial to understanding your partner’s love language and how to communicate with them effectively. For example, a lady who is dating a man twice her age and the one dating her age mate, which of them do you think will be free to communicate with her man and feel heard the most? Of course, the one dating her age mate.

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4. Mutual Respect.

Another advantage of dating your age mate is that it creates mutual respect in the relationship or marriage. When you date someone of the same age, you see each other as equal, and no one is leading one another by age. This may also prevent your rights from being violated or your partner from cheating on you. After all, you guys are age mates, so the respect will be mutual, and it may be difficult for one to take advantage of the other.

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5. Together Forever.

Everyone prays for a long-lasting relationship that will lead to marriage and last forever until death. Even though “together forever” is never guaranteed in marriage, when you date someone your age, this comes with another level of assurance that you are going to enjoy each other till old age. Besides, by the time you are already losing your beauty as a woman, he will be losing his eyesight as well.

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6. Less Social Stigma

Stigma is more common in relationships with huge age gaps; however, when it comes to dating your age mate, people won’t question it or judge you based on whom you choose to marry.

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Disadvantages of Dating Your Age Mate:

1. Pressure to Get Married.

Dating someone of the same age can be frustrating when they begin to pressure you for marriage and you are not financially ready for that yet. It may be difficult to work things out when they begin to act impatiently. Besides, time may no longer be on their side thus they might give up on the relationship someday.

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2. Lack of Maturity.

Dating someone of the same age doesn’t mean you will both have the same level of maturity and intelligence, because people mature in different ways and levels.

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3. Competition.

Most especially for people who are just building their lives, one person may need to prove that they’re better than the other, and this could lead to high competition that may harm the relationship.

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4. Arguments.

Same-age relationships may often result in arguments as both partners might see each other as equal, and thus the woman may not be submissive enough to the man while claiming equal rights. This behavior can impact relationships negatively, and tends to experience frequent arguments.

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5. The Woman Will Age Faster.

Women often age faster than men. As she grows older, her beauty begins to fade away, and this can sometimes make the man look for younger chicks outside the marriage.

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Is It Good to Date Your Age Mate?

Why not? Considering the points listed above, dating the same age as you is advisable and recommended for lovers in a relationship because it builds proper communication, shared interest, strengthens the bond, and the ability to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Comparable age often means similar energy levels and lifestyle preferences, making it easier to engage in activities together. Dating your age mate is a good idea if you’re with the right person. This can also reduce the risk of domestic violence in future.

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Tips For Dating Your Age Mate:

So now that you have found someone you want to date and that person happens to be your age mate, sure, that relationship can work, and here are some tips for dating your age mate.

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1. Respect Your Partner. 

Whether you are of the same age and share similar interests doesn’t matter; you must accord them the respect they deserve. As a woman, you should be submissive to your man, and he will treat you as a queen too. That way, the relationship will succeed.

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2. Communicate Openly.

Feel free to communicate with your partner about your needs, goals, and interests in the relationship and encourage them to do the same. When you are open to each other, the relationship will surely succeed and lead to marriage. 

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3. Embrace the Little Differences.

Understand that being the same age doesn’t mean you share the same experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Priorities may differ sometimes; therefore, embrace the differences and have respect for one another.

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4. Have Fun.

Make more of your time enjoyable by spending quality time together doing that thing you love in common; it could be a hobby, dancing together, or any other shared interests. This will keep the spark alive in your relationship. Never stop flirting, playing, and creating time for having fun.

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Advice For Men Dating Their Agemates. 

Age should not be a factor in determining who to date; however, life can be unfair to men sometimes. Therefore, if you are still struggling with finances to stand on your feet as a man, I will advise you to date a woman who is younger than you with at least a 1–7 year age gap to buy more time. This is to avoid marriage pressure in future and possible heartbreak because it’s not every woman that can wait for you to put your life on track first before getting married.

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My Boyfriend is the Same Age as Me.

If your boyfriend is the same age as you, that shouldn’t bother you much; it’s a good thing to be at the same level of age. Perhaps this will reduce the chances of domestic violence in the future and also create room for respect in the relationship. If I were you, I would focus on loving my man, building respect, understanding, and caring for one another in the relationship while paying little or no attention to the “same age” concern.

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In conclusion, dating the same age as you is not a bad idea for lovers in a relationship. If your interests and goals align, why not continue with the relationship or give them a chance? Dating someone of the same age is still one of the best relationships ever. 

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