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20 Simple Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

20 Simple Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

20 Simple Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

The most important thing in every healthy relationship is “happiness.” Even though happiness is free, there are still many things to do to make your man feel happy and make him love you more. If you are looking for ways to make your man happy in a relationship, you are in the right place. Below are the 20 simple ways to achieve just that.

1. Give Him Peace of Mind. 

Peace is paramount to making your boyfriend happy. Stop nagging and complaining about unnecessary things. If there are things you expect from him, communicate politely. Too many complaints can cause problems in your relationship.

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2. Don’t Check His Phone.

This may sound weird, but it’s the truth. Make sure you get his permission before checking his phone. Respect your boyfriend’s boundaries, and he will cherish you for life. There is nothing wrong with checking his phone, but most guys don’t like it. If your boyfriend loves you and cherishes you, he will give you access to his phone without needing to force him to do so. Also, do not answer his calls without his permission. Give him the needed space, and he will be happy.


3. Be Loyal To Him.

Every man wants a loyal woman who will stand by them in every circumstance. Show your boyfriend that your love for him is genuine by being loyal and honest with him. Men do not forgive cheating easily, so if your aim is for him to be happy, be loyal to him.

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4. Offer Assistance. 

The joy of every man in a relationship is having a girlfriend who they can rely on in both good and difficult times. When he’s sad, be his comforter; when he’s broke, assist him financially, when he is going through hard times in life, pray for him. These little things will make him happy, and he will be glad to have you as his woman.

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5. Make Sacrifices.

There is no relationship without sacrifices. Whatever you wish to do for your boyfriend, do it out of love without grumbling. An example of sacrifice in a relationship is squeezing your time to give him your attention, assisting him with cooking, and doing the chores. Making sacrifices for your boyfriend will surely make him happy.

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6. Celebrate Him and Compliment Him. 

How do you feel when your boyfriend compliments you and tells you how beautiful you are with those sweet words? Happy right? Then you should do the same for him to make him happy as well. Tell him he is handsome, shower praise on him, and celebrate every occasion with him. Let him know that you are blessed to have him in your life. This feeling alone is more than happiness for every man.

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7. Respect Him.

Respect is important for men. Men don’t like their egos to be bruised. While you may both have equal rights and say in the relationship, you should be submissive to your man and respect him. Respect his religion and beliefs, and never force your opinion on him.

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8. Make Him Feel in Charge of the Relationship.

By making him feel in charge of the relationship, your boyfriend will be happy. Making him feel in charge doesn’t mean you are allowing him to control your life; rather, it means you value him as your man. Before taking a decision, seek his opinion first about it, and it doesn’t matter whether you are going to make use of his advice. If you are going to see a friend, tell him.

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9. Call Him Regularly And Chat With Him Too.

While calling may be one of his core responsibilities as a boyfriend, if you want to make him happy, you should return with the same vibes. Call him regularly and chat with him. Don’t expect him to always call you and communicate first. A happy relationship is one where both partners are free to communicate with each other about anything at any time without one partner forcing the other. Trust me, if you want your boyfriend to be happy and love you more, call him regularly and chat online and via video call.

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10. Be His Best Friend. 

Be your boyfriend’s best friend, schedule time for each other, have fun, and play with him. Most importantly, you should be free to talk to him about things that bother you. Let him know he’s your love and your best friend, and you do not have any other best friend like him.

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11. Flaunt Him.

Letting the whole world know the man behind your smile is not a bad idea; perhaps this will also make him happy because he knows you make him your major priority. Introduce him to your family and friends and flaunt him online. Who doesn’t like that?

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12. Surprise Him.

Buy gifts for your boyfriend and surprise him on his special moments, such as his birthday and the anniversary of the relationship. It doesn’t matter the worth of the gift; what matters is the intention behind the gift, which is love. Doing a surprise for your boyfriend or buying a gift to celebrate him will make him happy.

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13. Express Your Love for Him.

It’s not that difficult to tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you. Telling him “I love you,” sending romantic texts, and leaving him sweet notes will show how much you adore him.

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14. Give Him Your Attention. 

Men want attention as much as women do; never take him for granted. Instead, you should give him your full attention and listen to him when he talks. 

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15. Trust Him. 

Show him you love him by trusting him, sharing how you feel for him, and having faith in him. Regardless of what third parties say about your boyfriend, you should trust him and believe what he tells you. Remember, no one is going to be happy in a relationship if they don’t feel trusted.

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16. Hug Him, Kiss Him and Be a Romantic Girlfriend.

Men love it when their spouse makes sweet romantic gestures towards them. So be affectionate by welcoming him with hugs and kisses or give him a peck.

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17. Appreciate Him.

In anything you do, make sure you make him feel appreciated. This is a great way to make him happy. Thank him for his efforts in making the relationship work out. When he sends you money, remember to thank him. When he buys a gift for you, thank him over and over again. This is to show that you are grateful for his contributions to your life and the relationship.

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18. Accept His Flaws. 

Everyone has their good sides and flaws, so you should love him for his flaws if you want him to be happy. For instance, if your boyfriend likes to keep his hair in an “old school style,” just love him like that instead of complaining and comparing. Accepting his flaws means you love him for who he is, as nobody is perfect, including you.

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19. Be A Fun Girl. 

Be cheerful and smile around your boyfriend. Look for ways to make him laugh or other things that will make you laugh together. Don’t take everything seriously; sometimes you need to act like kids and play together. Be that funny girlfriend to your man, and you will both be happy.

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Other ways to make your boyfriend happy over the phone or over texts include:

  • Sending him good morning and good night messages.
  • Message him first online to check up on him.
  • Use his picture as your profile picture and wallpaper. 
  • Avoid distraction or interruption when talking to him on the phone or when chatting.
  • Talk about your day with him and share your experience together.
  • Remember to listen carefully to him when he’s talking to you. Don’t pass a judgment without hearing him first.
  • Let him know that he’s free to talk to you about anything.
  • The most important thing is to be yourself.

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