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How to Test a Guy to See if He Really Loves You: 9 Ways to Prank a man to test if he Loves You 

How to Test a Guy to See if He Really Loves You: 9 Ways to Prank a man to test if he Loves You 

How to Test a Guy to See if He Really Loves You: 9 Ways to Prank a man to test if he Loves You

Sometimes in a relationship, you can’t ascertain whether a man truly loves you, and now you want to test him and confirm maybe he really does love you as claimed. While there are many signs to tell if a man truly loves you, there are a few methods you can also use to test him and see if he will pass or fail. Find out how to prank your boyfriend to see if he really loves you.

How to Test a Man to See If He Really Loves You:

1. Tell Him You Are Pregnant.

Pregnancy is not the best way to test a man’s love, but it can be helpful to know if that guy has a future for you or is just reserving you for sexual purposes. Prank him with pregnancy and see his reaction. If he begins to act strangely towards you, shifting blame on you, and even ignoring your calls and chats, you should know this guy doesn’t love you.

This test is recommended for people who don’t practice “safe sex” in their relationships. You will know a man is not real the moment you tell him you are pregnant; he starts to give you strange attitudes and pressure you into an abortion. 

The real one will talk to you and show empathy; he won’t scold you because he knows for sure that it’s his responsibility, while the fake ones will always deny their responsibility.

Before you use this method to test a man’s love, make sure you have established trust in the relationship.

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2. Tell Them No Sex.

In order for you to know whether this guy really loves you or if all he wants is just sex, tell him that you don’t want to engage in sexual activity for 2-3 months and that you want to pray about something. If he loves you, he will cooperate with you, and if not, you will see him hooking up with other girls immediately. That is to tell you that he’s only dating you for fun.

Of course, men value sex in relationships, but you need to ask yourself, “If I remove sex from my relationship, what else remains?” Sex is another means to test a man’s love and loyalty.

The ones with fake love will stop talking to you immediately you mention “no sex.”

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3. Tell Him to Flaunt You Online For 2 Months.

Tell your boyfriend, “I want us to do a one-month flaunt challenge,” and ask him to use your picture as his profile picture on all his social media accounts. Tell him to post your picture every day for one week or one month with romantic captions. If he truly loves you, using your picture as his display picture and flaunting you on social media will not be a problem for him, unless there is someone else.

Note: If your boyfriend refuses to accept this challenge, that doesn’t mean that his love for you is fake. Remember, some people value privacy, and people love differently. 

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4. Public Display of Affection.

Another way to test if a man truly loves you is by showing affection in public. Try to hold his hands, hug him, and kiss him in public to see his reaction. Although some people don’t like public displays of affection, if that guy loves you, he will just smile and enjoy the vibes, but if the love isn’t pure, he will push you away because he doesn’t want people to know you. Don’t be fooled; when a guy loves you genuinely, he will flaunt you without begging for it.

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5. Ask Him to Introduce You to His Family and Friends.

If you have been dating for years now and you are yet to know any of his family and friends, this may be the right time to test this guy to see if he really loves you.

Ask him to introduce you to his parents, family, and friends. Perhaps if the relationship has been going on for over two years and you both have the same thing in common, you should do this to test his love. If this guy loves you, as he claims, he will introduce you to his parents and family. 

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In fact, his family would be aware of you by now. You can use this method to test a man’s love during festive periods like Eid, Christmas, Easter, and public holidays. Tell him you want to go home with him during Christmas and other celebrations if he allows you; that is a green flag to confirm a man’s genuine love.

However, if this guy refuses to let you meet his parents, do not allow that to stop you from loving him. Just give him more time and try this test again someday.

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6. Prank Him Online. 

You can also test your boyfriend to see if he really loves you by pranking him online. Get a new SIM card that he’s not aware of, register it on WhatsApp, use a fake name and picture to chat with him, tell him you got his contact somewhere, just chat normally and gradually, and after sometime, maybe two weeks or a few weeks later, tell him you love him but don’t know if he already has a girlfriend. 

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Something like, “Actually, I like your vibes, and I’ve got a crush on you, but I don’t know if you have a girlfriend.” You can also use a fake Facebook or social media account to prank your boyfriend just to test his love for you. Even though doing these is not necessary, his reaction and response can be helpful in knowing to what extent your boyfriend cherishes you. 

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7. My Parents Want to See You.

Telling your boyfriend that your parents are serious about knowing who you are dating can help you know if he really loves you. You could say things like, “My mom told me to bring home my boyfriend because she wants to know you.” If a man loves you, hearing this statement from you will be exciting for him. Just pay attention and see how he reacts to it. If he keeps on acting “not interested,” he probably does not see himself with you in the future. 

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8. Can You Trust Him?

If your boyfriend is someone you can trust and he hasn’t disappointed you since you guys have been dating, then you don’t need anybody to tell you this guy really loves you. A man who is loyal and honest with you is a sign of true love.

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9. Does He Make You Feel Loved and Cared For?

Have you found out that this guy makes you happy and feels like you are the most important thing in the world to him? He buys gifts for you, celebrates your special moments, and sacrifices his time to spend quality time with you. He makes sure that you have everything you need within his capacity. He’s always ready to care for you and ask for forgiveness when wronged. If these signs are present in your relationship, then you can tell for sure that he really loves you.

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Want to test him to know if he cares about you? Okay, tell your friend to tell him that you are not feeling fine or sick, pretend like you are not feeling alright, and see how he will react. A man who cares will call back countless times to check up on you and wouldn’t hesitate to visit just to make sure that you are fine. Meanwhile, the fake one will not even bother to check up on you. You know his love for you is real when he shows empathy.

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Can I Ask My Friend to Call My Boyfriend and Prank Him?

No! It’s not advisable to tell your friends to call your boyfriend and test him to see if he loves you. That is the wrong thing to do because it can lead to insecurity in the relationship. If your boyfriend loves you and it’s obvious in his actions and words, you don’t need to call a radio station or tell a friend to help you prank him.

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In summary, the best way to test if a man really loves you is by paying attention to his actions, character, behavior, and how he treats you. Remember, your boyfriend is also a human, and failing these aforementioned tests is not strong enough to prove that he does not really love you. However, I believe this can still be useful in determining whether his love for you is fake or genuine.

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