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7 Types of Girl Every Man Should Knack or Bang Very Well Without Pity 

7 Types of Girl Every Man Should Knack or Bang Very Well Without Pity 

7 Types of Girl Every Man Should Knack or Bang Very Well Without Pity 

There are some girls you must stop playing good boy to and fvck the hell out of them. Normally, if you don’t kn@ck these girls, they will take you for being a fool, will call you a weak man, and even make caricatures of you among their friends. When I say “kn@ck them without pity,” I mean you should bang her well.These are the seven(7) types of girls you should knack without pity:

1. The Urgent 2K Girls.

These categories of girls are the first on the list of women you should bang without pity. Knack them as if you are digging a hole. They only remember your existence when they’re in need of money, and you also need to make sure you bang that 2K out of her; after all, you are not a simp. Nothing bad if a girl asks for help, but if that girl wouldn’t allow you to breathe with billings, you should kn@ck those billings out of her without pity.

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2. Someone’s Girlfriend.

Who doesn’t like free food? And when someone’s girlfriend offers you the opportunity to bang them, you should bang her without pity; this will create respect for you, and besides, it’s none of your business pitying her boyfriend; you were offered free food, so enjoy it. In fact, lick the plate. Knack her very well, bro. This opportunity only comes once in a blue moon.

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 3. A Cheating Girlfriend.

Hoes that aren’t loyal don’t deserve pity when being fvck€d. Hoes ain’t loyal, so never trust a woman who has cheated on you repeatedly. Such women are majorly good for the bedroom; cook yourself and kn@ck her very well, and when you are tired, dump her. 

You shouldn’t pity a cheating girlfriend when kna@cking them; besides, she offered herself to other men freely while claiming that she’s still in love with you. Does that make any sense to you? If not, then bang her like it’s your last day on earth.

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4.  Stingy Girls.

You see, if you are going to pity any girl in this life, it should never be a stingy woman; they hate giving but always want you to give and paint the sky red for them. Imagine you beg to get her contact, beg to date you, beg to visit you, and beg her to sleep with you. Don’t be a simp when you get hold of these girls; kn@ck them as if you are looking for crude oil. In fact, tear her kitt£n with your cucumber.

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5. Bestie.

Having a bestie is like rearing a chicken; no matter how much you love them, you will eat them someday, and in case your bestie offers you such an opportunity, make sure you bang her very well. If not, she will make fun of you behind your back. Besties are the type of girls you should kn@ck without pity.

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6. Your Ex-Girlfriend.

This is no longer your food, so there is no reason to keep the food or manage it while eating. You can eat it the way you like because “no be your food,” so while banging your ex-girlfriend, you should bang her without pity. After all, she isn’t yours anymore, so why not?

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7. The Ones Forming Hard To Get.

Some girls know that men can do anything for love when they see a beautiful woman, thus they take advantage of that to test their smartness on the man, whom they refer to as “maga.” After collecting your money and doing everything for her, she will now start forming “Hard to get.” Anyway, once your hands touch this kind of girl, you should kn@ck them without pity and bang her very well. 

If you have these types of girls, kn@ck them very well, because if you don’t, they might take you for being a fool and call you a “mumu man.” Remember that hoes are meant to be fvcked; therefore, bang the hell out of them.

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