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How to Give a Woman a Head that will Make her Scream Your Name in Bed

How to Give a Woman a Head that will Make her Scream 

How to Give a Woman a Head that will Make her Scream Your Name in Bed

Giving heads is a common thing among lovers in relationships. While some people see this habit as disgusting, other men find it pleasurable. Giving your woman a head is a great way to make her reach orgasm and satisfy her in bed.

Giving head means performing mouth action, that is, using your mouth to lick her kp€kus with your tongue. Disgusting right? Oh my God, God forbid, I can’t do it. Why not? It’s not for boys; perhaps nobody forces you to do it. If you don’t like it, don’t try it. However, if your woman is demanding it and you would like to give it a try, it’s not a bad idea to try.

How To Give a Woman A Head:

Do You Really Like It?

Not every man can do this mouth action; this is something you have to do without forcing yourself; it should come from your mind; perhaps if your girlfriend demands it and her pleasure means a lot to you, giving her head is good, and it shows you are not a selfish man.

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Clean Up Before Performing the Mouth Action.

I hope she’s a clean girl? Don’t give a dirty woman a head; otherwise, you will spend over 200K treating mouth herpes. That place has to smell nice with a normal pH before going down there. 

Don’t try this with a cheating girlfriend or with a woman who you don’t trust. If not, you may have yourself to blame later. Besides, you can’t afford to put your mouth there, licking another man’s sp€rm. So, cleanliness is very important when performing mouth action or giving your woman a head.

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You should tell your woman to freshen up first before doing it. Also, make sure she has already shaved her public hair. Those hairs can cause bad odors, and to avoid perceiving those sweats and odors in your mouth, you should tell your girlfriend to shave. A clean V@gina will be good for mouthAction.

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Engage in Foreplay.

Engage in a few minutes of for€play, like kissing, caressing her laps, and suck*ng her nippl€s for arousal and sensation.

Mouth Action.

Gently go down there and use your tongue to thrust in the clitöris in an upward and downward direction, flicking away like a cat with a fresh bowl of milk. Doing this will make her moan and breathe heavily, which is a sign of being satisfied.

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The clit0ris is full of nerve endings, so pay attention to her sensations. Try not to rush to lick the clit0ris, and when you do, do it gently to see what your woman wants and what gives her the most pleasure.

The most important thing in giving head is knowing how to dive in and out with your tongue. You can try spelling out the alphabet over different areas with your tongue; this keeps the tongue moving in different directions. And don’t forget to change the pace; get faster and more intense if she likes it.

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While performing the mouth action, let your hands do the other job by fondling her br€ast, caressing her stomach, licking her neck, and her b*ttocks. More so, lick her laps, stomach, neck, chest, and br€ast. If you can gently caress her thighs, stomach, chest, and arms with your finger tips while giving her MouthAction, you’ll be able to tap into multiple erogenous zones all at the same time and send sparks flying in her body.

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Buy ice cream, pour it on the surface of the kp€kus, and use your tongue to lick it. You see, that girl will go crazy, and she will put her two hands behind your skull. In this very moment, you can be so sure that she’s really enjoying the performance of your action.

After some minutes of doing this, she will cum, and the cum will look whitish in the form of water. It tastes salty and sometimes tastes like vanilla cream, but don’t swallow it.

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Remember to brush your mouth and clean up immediately after the mouth action. Use alkanol to rinse your mouth.  

If that place smells, that’s a normal thing; every vagina has some scent, but if her own smell is worse than rotten fish, don’t go down there if you don’t want to treat a lifetime infection.

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Is giving women a head a sin?

No! Giving a head or mouth action is not a sin. In fact, this is a great way to make your wife have an orgasm. The fact that some people find this habit disgusting doesn’t make it a sin. Satisfying your partner in bed is not a sin.

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Does Giving a Woman Head Have Any Adverse Effects?

Yes, giving a woman a head or mouth action may cause adverse effects such as mouth herpes, infection, throat cancer, and other factors that may put your health at risk. You don’t have to give her head before you can satisfy her in bed. If you know how to use your things very well, she will tap out and thank you for making her happy. There are many ways to satisfy a woman without risking your health. Pound her well, touch her in the right spots, and talk crazy while at it.

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In summary, giving a woman a head can be a great way to reach orgasm and satisfy her in bed. However, if you are going to do this to please a woman, such a woman should be your wife. At least you know she’s fully yours, and you are one. This is better than risking your health for pleasure.

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