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10 Early Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship Won’t Last

10 Early Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship Won't Last

10 Early Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship Won’t Last

Long-distance relationships are sweet and beautiful, but they can also be difficult because they aren’t always built to last. So, how do you know if a long-distance relationship won’t last?

There are some signs to watch out for in a long-distance relationship that may indicate the relationship won’t last, and the earlier you recognize these signs and address them, the better for you and your partner.

Here are 10 signs that your long-distance relationship won’t last:

1. Constant Argument.

Every conversation always ends in arguments and fights. You can’t have a peaceful conversation with them without resulting in arguments. If your long-distance relationship is more about fights and arguments than open conversation, such a relationship won’t last.

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2. Lack of Communication.

Communication is the bedrock of a long-distance relationship, and if this is absent in your relationship, you don’t need anyone to tell you that this relationship is not going to last. Your partner doesn’t call unless you call; they don’t text unless you call; they hardly give you their attention, and surely one of them will get tired and give up on trying.

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3. Never Set Eyes on Them or Spend Time Together.

Spending quality time together creates a stronger bond among lovers. There have to be plans to meet in person and spend time together to understand your love language and how to manage your differences. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you or your partner don’t make plans to see each other and talk about moving your relationship forward, this may be a sign that such a relationship won’t last. When someone loves you genuinely, the distance won’t stop them from spending time with you. Without physical intimacy, long-distance relationships may not survive.

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4. Only One Person Is Making an Effort.

If one person is the only one making efforts for the relationship to work, they will get frustrated and give up on the relationship someday. For a relationship to work, both partners must be ready to join hands together to sail the ship. If your partner surprises you, try to do the same. When they call you, make sure you return their calls, and when they text you, reply back. Do not make the relationship a one-sided love; otherwise, it won’t last.

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5. Go Days Without Talking.

Long-distance relationships thrive on effective communication. If one of the lovers could go on for days without talking to their spouse or ignoring their calls just to punish them after a misunderstanding, the relationship will not last because by doing this, you are actually teaching them how to move on with their life without you.

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6. You Have Trust Issues.

Your long-distance relationship won’t last if you have trust issues. When trust is lost among lovers, cheating becomes inevitable, and such habits will destroy the relationship no matter how much they love each other. Stop jumping to the worst conclusions or accusing them wrongly of having a secret affair. The moment you or your partner begin to have trust issues, they won’t believe anything you tell them, so the relationship won’t last.

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7. They Don’t Give You Attention.

Paying attention to your partner needs and listening to them attentively is a great way to build understanding that will make your long-distance relationship stronger. If it appears like you are forcing yourself on them to talk to you, listen to you, or give you their full attention, this could be a sign that your long-distance relationship isn’t real.

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8. You Don’t Know Where They Live or Any of Their Family Members. 

Being in a relationship typically means knowing everything about your spouse, including where they live and their family background. When you have never met any of their family, friends, or know where they live, the relationship is not real yet. 

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Even if your partner lives in a single room with three roommates, knowing their home address should not be an issue if the relationship is real. Have you asked them to introduce you to their family and friends, and they feel reluctant to do so? If yes, I doubt if this relationship will last.

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9. Changes in Behavior.

Since you know your partner and the level of affection and care they give you over the phone and in person, a change in that could be a red flag. For instance, your boyfriend used to tell you about his lifestyle and update you on his whereabouts, but now things have changed, he no longer includes you in his plans. In this case, it would be a great idea if you could have a conversation with your partner about the changes you notice in your relationship.

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10. They Warn You Against Visiting Unannounced.

If your partner has begun warning you against visiting them unannounced or uninvited to their house, this is a red flag that may indicate the long-distance relationship won’t last. It’s important for each partner to have boundaries and spend time together, but if it looks like your partner is restricting your access to their home, this could mean that you are not important to them or that there is someone else. 

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When Should You Call It Quits in A Long-Distance Relationship?

You should call it a quit and break up when your partner no longer gives you their attention, they don’t pick up your calls anymore or communicate with you, when it looks like you are the one dating yourself and trying to make things work. They’re never available when you need them. 

Before, you used to chat 24 hours a day, but now they hardly respond to your chats even when they’re online. They view your status but won’t respond to your texts. 

If all these signs are present in your relationship, having an honest conversation with your partner is the way out, but if nothing changes after trying your best to carry them along, you should call it a quit and move on with your life; otherwise, you may be wasting your time building a relationship that won’t last.

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Is It Normal to Doubt Your Long-Distance Relationship?

Yes, it’s normal to doubt your long-distance relationship, especially when your partner exhibits some annoying habits. Nevertheless, if you love them and value your relationship, you shouldn’t doubt it. Instead, you should trust them and try your best to make the relationship work. 

I understand you may have doubts that your partner has someone else. You also need to understand that wrong accusations and assertions will do your relationship more harm than good. Trust your partner, never doubt them, and your long-distance relationship will last.

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How Long Can a Man Go Without Talking to The Woman He Loves?

It depends on the level of chemistry or bond between them and how often they communicate and resolve issues in their relationship. A man can go up to 2 weeks to 3 months without communicating with the woman he loves after a misunderstanding. 

Most times, men expect their woman to be the first to call back after a misunderstanding. Make sure you address every fight and misunderstanding between you and your partner as soon as possible. If you decide not to talk to them, you are indirectly teaching them how to move on without you.

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In conclusion, if you notice any of these signs in your relationship, this may indicate that your long-distance relationship won’t last, and for you to save your relationship from collapse, you should address your concerns directly with your partner by having a conversation with them.

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