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Is it Good to date or Marry a Yahoo Boy? The Advantages and Consequences 

Is it Good to date or Marry a Yahoo Boy? The Advantages and Consequences 

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

A yahoo boy is someone who lies for a living. He obtained money under false pretenses from his victims. Some of the guys involved in Yahoo business usually seek metaphysical powers from herbalists or native doctors, which will enable them to hypnotize or control their victims while they are on their radar. Their tools include laptops and smartphones with a 24/7 internet connection and an uninterrupted power supply. They also have a premium version of software that they use exclusively for hacking purposes. Some of them live in isolated areas far away from the prying eyes of the public.

Dating a guy means he’s someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone who will share the same matrimonial bed with you, someone whose future and yours align together, and someone who will be the father of your unborn children. And what if that person is a Yahoo boy? Can I still marry him? I won’t give you a direct answer here; at the end of this article, you will get it correctly.

Whether you just found out that your boyfriend is a yahoo boy, or he told you himself that he is one of them, you are concerned if there will be any benefits or consequences at all. Keep reading.

The Advantages of Dating a Yahoo Boy


One of the main reasons why most girls date Yahoo boys is money, and sure, this is one of the benefits you will gain from him. Yahoo boys are known for spending lavishly on their woman, and if you are his girlfriend, He will support you financially, and that is very certain. If you tell him you need money, he could send you 100k just for lunch. An ordinary man can’t afford this type of life, so dating a Yahoo boy is like an ant that found itself in sugar.

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Yahoo boys take good care of their women; they mostly understand the women’s needs and desires, and thus they make the provision without you demanding for it. He could take you out for dinner, order anything, and enjoy life to the fullest. When it comes to caring, Yahoo boys are affectionate and have a caring heart for their girlfriends.

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Another benefit you may gain from dating a Yahoo boy is the frequent surprise package. On your birthday, he could buy you the latest iPhone series and the best designers in town, which an ordinary man or a civil servant couldn’t afford. Yahoo boys always spoil their girlfriends with surprise packages, and no wonder girls rush them.

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A Yahoo boy can support his girlfriend in anything she does because he believes that with money, anything is possible. If you want to start a business, he will provide the capital to start it. If you are struggling to drop out of school, he may help you clear your school fees and other debts. This is why you see many girls running after Yahoo boys and depending fully on them for support. A yahoo boy can go to any length to provide for his girlfriend; perhaps that is also one of the reasons they’re into fraud; they want to impress women.

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When you choose to date a Yahoo boy, you will enjoy his lavish lifestyle and upgrades. He will tush you up. He might even get you an apartment well furnished with constant light and water. An ordinary man who earns averagely can’t offer you these benefits.

Disadvantages and consequences of dating a Yahoo boy.

If you are already dating a Yahoo Boy or are thinking of dating one, it is crucial for you to think about the consequences before going into a relationship with them or marrying them. Below are some of the consequences and disadvantages of dating a Yahoo boy.

1.  He could use you for ritual

I know you love him or think he truly loves you, but the truth is, someone who lies and impersonates for a living cannot be trusted. If you are already dating him, he might use your destiny for rituals without your consent. There are many publications and stories online from ladies who have dated Yahoo boys, lamenting how terrible their lives have been. That is the price you may have to pay for his lavish spending on you.

A few years ago, I read a story online about a lady whose private parts were cut off by her boyfriend for rituals. Yahoo boys undergo a series of spiritual exercises to hypnotize their victims, and this is one of the consequences, but many ladies wouldn’t listen.

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2. Unfaithfulness

Yahoo boys hardly stay faithful in relationships because the money makes them misbehave. So, there is a possibility of him cheating on you repeatedly, and there is nothing you can do about it. You will have to compete with other girls to be with him because keeping one woman may look boring to him. Even if you get pregnant for him, that doesn’t mean he will marry you or keep you as his woman.

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3. Social stigma

Some people who are important in your life may distance themselves from you and say negative things about your relationship. They are monitoring your relationship and trying to prevent you from implicating them. When you hang out with your friends, you will hear people say, “That is the Yahoo boy girlfriend going.” A lot of negative things from people, especially your family and friends.

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4. You will likely become a drug addict and porn star

Yahoo boys are found to be in the habit of taking hard drugs and having marathon sex; they also live in groups. Once one of them cash out, they celebrate by smoking heavily, likewise their girlfriends. If you chose to date him, you could be initiated into drugs too, and before you know it, you will become a drug and sex addict. It will be very difficult for you to resist the temptation.

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5. Plenty Abortions

Dating a Yahoo boy comes with risk, as most don’t want to be fathers yet and prefer skin to skin, thereby putting your health at risk. Imagine having multiple abortions for him or using birth control pills after several unprotected sex sessions. All these drugs have side effects on your health. If you decide to keep the baby, he still won’t marry you because most Yahoo boys are not ready for marriage, and that means you will be his babymama. Multiple abortions and being a baby mama to an irresponsible father—is that what you want?

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6. Your future together is uncertain

You see, in this life, nothing is permanent, so anything can happen to him, and when things begin to soar for him, all these things you are enjoying will be cut off. This might be because Yahoo boys spend lavishly and hardly invest, believing more clients will come. So if things don’t go well for him, you will be affected as you may no longer be able to pay the bills. Besides, which responsible parent would allow their daughter to marry a Yahoo boy?

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7. You risk being implicated

If he’s caught by law enforcement officers, you could be arrested too as an accomplice, and your boyfriend may implicate you since you both enjoy the money and lavish lifestyle.

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8. Poor communication

Yahoo boys are always busy online looking for new clients to scam, and this might affect the communication in your relationship. He might not give you his full attention due to his busy schedule, and communication is important for every relationship.


Can I date or marry a Yahoo boy?

Everybody has their own life to live, and how they live it is their choice, so I’m not in any position to tell you who to marry or date, but considering the advantages and disadvantages stated above, you should understand that marrying a yahoo boy might be your biggest mistake ever. It is not advisable to marry a yahoo boy, no matter how you see it; that is just the bitter truth. If you can’t proudly tell your family and friends about your source of income, then what legacy are you going to leave for your own kids and future generations? Will you be used as a good or bad example? I think you already know the answer.

In summary, before you date a Yahoo boy, make sure you check if you can cope with the consequences and disadvantages that come with it to avoid stories that touch in future.

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