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6 Reasons Why Broke Guys Dump Their Girlfriends After Making It in Life

6 Reasons Why Broke Guys Dump Their Girlfriends After Making It in Life

6 Reasons Why Broke Guys Dump Their Girlfriends After Making It in Life

I’ve noticed that most women complain about their boyfriend dumping them for another woman when they finally make it in life. “After staying with him during his trying times, he still dumped me,” a lady said to me in a private chat.

Some ladies also speak ill of how men maltreated them after making it in life, forgetting how they started the love journey together when the man had nothing.

Is it true that the loyalty of a broke man can’t be trusted? Why do broke guys dump their girlfriends after making it? Below are some of the reasons behind these actions:

1. The Woman Wasn’t Supportive.

One of the real reasons why broke guys dump their girlfriends after making it in life may be because of a lack of support from their girlfriends during their trying times. Some ladies think that sticking to a man during his humble beginnings is like doing him a favor. Some never supported the man in any way other than by nagging and mistreating him. So when he finally makes it, he will look for a better woman, having seen the terrible side of his woman.

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2. You Complain a Lot and Compare Him to Other Men. 

During his humble beginnings, the woman complained a lot and compared him with other successful men out there. Some of the statements from the woman could be, “Can’t you see what your friends are doing for their girlfriends?” “Doing Yahoo is better than this job you are doing.” “You never spend a dime on me,” etc. 

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Some girls will even break up with their boyfriends because he’s broke and eventually when the man makes it in life, he understands that marrying such a woman would be a mistake when he faces financial challenges in the future. Besides, no man wants to be compared to other men; it makes them feel weak and not in charge of their relationship.

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3. He Found Someone Better Than You.

When a man has reached the epitome of his career, this will attract good and bad women to him, including the ones who genuinely love him and the ones who love him for his money. 

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At this junction, he will sit down and meditate on whether it is worth it to marry the woman who stood by him or go for that total successful stranger who looks better than his girlfriend. If he thinks the stranger is better than his girlfriend, he will dump her.

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4. The Woman Cheated on Him.

Men hardly forgive cheating in relationships. So, if you cheated on him with rich guys while you were dating, he might forgive you and marry you, but don’t be surprised to see him having many side chicks in the marriage. 

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When a man dumped a woman who stayed with him in his humble beginnings after making it in life, if you investigate well, it could be that the lady at one point cheated on him or never respected him. Would you still marry a woman who cheated on you because you were broke?

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5. Lack of Self-Discipline and Moral Values.

Moral values are degrading every day as the world continues to evolve. Money changes people from good to bad and vice versa, and only morals and self-discipline can help one overcome the temptations that come with money. When the man has money, many ladies will want to have an affair with him; thus, without self-discipline, the man will fall to temptation, which could make him dump his girlfriend for a strange woman.

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6. The Woman Offers Nothing Else than Her Body.

No man wants to settle down with a liability woman who brings nothing more to the table than her vagina and breasts. Women should understand that sex is now the easiest thing to get, so if the only thing you offered him was your body, do not be surprised when you see him dump you for another woman who is productive, has plans, and has a future. Aside from sex, were you there for him during his trying times? Did you offer any emotional support, financial support, or words of encouragement to him?

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Broke guys are not fools; they see all the red flags but may play silent until they make it before showing their true colors. If you treat a man like a pinch of salt because he’s broke, don’t expect him to carry you like a bag of rice when he finally makes it in life. What is good for the goose is also good for the ganger.

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Will My Broke Boyfriend Leave Me When He Makes It?

Only an unwise man would abandon the woman who stood by him and helped him become somebody in life. If your boyfriend is broke and you both love each other, focus on his strengths and never broke-shame him, pressure him, or compare him with others. Both of you must be ready to work together and believe in a “future together.” There are brighter days ahead of you.  Ignore what people say that he will dump you after he makes it; that’s not true. You shouldn’t judge your relationship by what other people say.

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Moreso, don’t make it look like you are doing him a favor by loving him and staying loyal to him while he’s broke. Every man deserves a loyal woman, whether rich or poor. If you can’t stay loyal and support him, feel free to discontinue the relationship; at least that is better than pretending to love him truly whereas you don’t.

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In summary, reasons why broke guys dump their girlfriends after they make it in life vary from one man to another. Some guys leave their girlfriends due to lack of support, disrespect, cheating, and other unforeseen circumstances. The fact that a man is broke today doesn’t mean his future is poor. Learn to be patient and show support for your man. In the end, success will end your story.

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