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20 Excellent Qualities of a Good Man to Marry: Signs He’s a Husband Material 

20 Excellent Qualities of a Good Man to Marry: Signs He's a Husband Material 

20 Excellent Qualities of a Good Man to Marry: Signs He’s a Husband Material

When you ask some ladies about the qualities they want in a man, the answer you will get is cute, handsome, tall, and God-fearing, but the truth is, physical appearance alone isn’t enough to determine a husband’s material.

While it is good to pray for a good and responsible husband, there are excellent qualities to watch for in a man. So how do you know if your partner is a husband material and has excellent qualities that make him worth marrying? Below are the 20 qualities to watch out for.

20 Good Signs He’s Husband Material:

1. He Has a Job and A Good Source of Income.

A man should be able to provide for his family. He doesn’t have to be a rich man or own many businesses; as long as he has a stable means of giving to his wife and kids and living comfortably, this is a sign of good husband material.

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2. He Takes Good Care of You and His Family. 

A man is a husband material if he’s capable of taking care of you and extending generosity to his family. When you are sick, he makes sure you get help, he assists you with the little he has, and he doesn’t joke with his family. If a man could shower a caring heart on you and his family, such a man is a good husband material and worth marrying.

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3. He’s A Responsible Man. 

Marriage is more of a responsibility, and when you have a man who behaves responsibly, hold him tight. You know a man is responsible if he doesn’t engage in gambling, smoking, taking hard drugs, excessive alcohol, womanizing, or engaging in fraud. This is an important quality to look out for in a man.

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4. He Can Cook.

Although he doesn’t have to be a chef, if this man could make your favorite meal or breakfast in bed, this is a sign of good husband material because only a few men can do this. Imagine being tired and your man offering to cook for you and your kids. Of course, this will be a relief for you.

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5. He Has Savings. 

He doesn’t spend above his limit, and he has savings. Yes, your future husband must have savings, and saving for the rainy day is a sign of a material husband, which means that he understands how to overcome financial struggles in his life.

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6. He Is Physically and Mentally Fit. 

We’re not talking about physical appearance or a six-pack here; you need a man who is physically, mentally, and medically fit. If you marry a sick man, they will be a burden to you in the future. Even though long life is never guaranteed for anyone, marrying a sick man can make you a widow at a younger age.

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7. He Can Control His Emotions.

A man who knows how to control his emotions and resist temptation is a sign of good husband material. He doesn’t get moved by other women’s boobs or boots; you are everything to him. Perhaps when it comes to infidelity, he’s a man you can trust; he doesn’t flirt with girls because he respects your feelings.

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8. He Loves Your Family and Friends.

You know a man has a good quality when he treats your family with love and respect. He loves talking to your family and meeting with your friends. He never gets tired of inquiring about the well-being of your family and checking up on them. When a man possesses this sign, he will surely be a good in-law for your family.

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9. He Makes Wise Decisions.

A good husband will think critically when providing welfare for his family. Even when provoked or angry, he doesn’t make decisions based on emotions. He takes decisions on his own and takes full responsibility.

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10. Commitment to Growth. 

A husband material is committed to personal and relationship growth. He understands that individuals evolve and actively works towards strengthening the relationship through continuous self-improvement and adaptability.

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11. He Resolves Conflict Without Involving Family and Friends. 

A good husband material will call you after an argument and say, “Let’s fix this.” He will apologize to you when he is wrong and admit his faults. No matter what is going on between you and him, he will never involve his family and friends to settle the fight; rather, he will sit you down, talk to you, apologize, and fix the problem. He understands that inviting third parties may destroy his home.

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12. He’s Honest with You. 

A good husband material is a man who is honest with his woman and his family. His “yes” is yes, and his “no” is no. He doesn’t tell lies, and you know all his secrets.

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13. He Knows How to Invest.

Marry a man who knows how to invest his savings and make double money. This is to make sure that your family lives comfortably and happily. A man who makes wise investments is a good husband to marry.

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14. He Can Interact with Different People. 

He interacts with different people and treats them equally, irrespective of their age, religion, and culture. He is respected by everyone because of the way he treats others with respect despite his social status. If you marry a man like this, hopefully your kids will learn a lot from him and emulate his good behavior.

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15. He Listens to You.

A man who listens to you attentively and asks for your opinion before making a decision is called a husband. He gives you his attention when you need him the most.

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16. He Puts God in His Life.

A good husband is a man who can lead the family spiritually. Someone who can join hands with you to pray for a happy home and stability. He knows God, and he doesn’t joke with his spiritual life. He doesn’t have to be a prayer warrior, but he should have a strong faith and a relationship with God himself. Perhaps marrying a man who loves praying for himself and everyone around him is a green flag of a husband material.

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17. He’s Fun to Be With.

He doesn’t have to be a comedian, but he likes to crack jokes that will put a smile on your face. You know he’s husband material if his presence spikes happiness in your world, he plays with you like a kid. This is a good quality of a husband material. You need a man who will make you smile even when you just had a bad day.

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18. He Communicates with You Properly.

Does he call you every day to ask about your day and how you are doing? He makes sure he texts you to check up on you. He doesn’t wait for you to call before he calls or texts. If yes, then this could indicate a good husband material.

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19. He’s Not Disrespectful.

If a man treats you with respect and also respects his parents, that is a green flag. Warning: If a man does disrespect you often and often in private and public to the extent they abuse you and lay curses on you and your family, he’s a bad risk. A good husband will respect you and your family.

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20. He is Considerate and Supports You and Others.

When you tell him that you will be busy and can’t make it, he understands and won’t blame you for not showing up because he’s considerate. He supports you financially, physically, and emotionally when needed. He could drop what he’s doing to help little old ladies, children, or anyone in need cross the street.

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In conclusion, there is no perfect or complete husband; therefore, I will advise you to choose a man who possesses most of these qualities. Don’t rush to marry a man out of pressure from society. Remember, your expectation is to marry someone who will make life easier for you, and that is why you should be patient and choose a good husband material from the start. Good luck.

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