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5 Things That Causes Someone to Be a Womanizer: 7 Disadvantages of Womanizing

5 Things That Cause Someone to Be a Womanizer: 7 Disadvantages of Womanizing

5 Things That Cause Someone to Be a Womanizer: 7 Disadvantages of Womanizing

Womanizing is a behavior in which a man often has temporary sexual relationships with women or tries to get women to have sex with him. No matter how much a womanizer claims to love you, their love doesn’t go beyond sex, and after the sex, they move on with another woman again. Although some men derive joy from womanizing, it’s not something to be proud of. Below are some of the reasons why men womanize and the disadvantages of womanizing.

1. Money.

A man believes that he can womanize the moment he has made money and achieved his life goals. In fact, when you meet a womanizer and advise them to stop, they will tell you you will do the same if you have the money. 

Money changes people from good to bad and vice versa, and this has been the major reason why men womanize. You wonder why people say, “the loyalty of a broke man can’t be trusted.” The moment a man has money, he begins to womanize because he believes his money can get him any woman he wants.

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2. Fame.

Being famous can cause a man to be a womanizer. Perhaps if the man is a celebrity, it’s going to be difficult for such a man to settle down with one woman, so they prefer the womanizing lifestyle because women offer themselves free for the man.

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3. Revenge. 

Men who womanize mostly do that in revenge for how they were treated by their ex-lovers. Maybe the guy was once a lover boy and got betrayed by women, so it may be difficult for him to trust again. He will begin to generalize the issue that women cannot be trusted, so they keep flirting with different women. Especially when the guy was once a broke man and he couldn’t find any woman to stick by him in his tough time, and now that he has made it in life, he begins to jump from one woman to another.

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4. Enjoying life.

Womanizers don’t have the intention of settling down with one woman. They see womanizing as a means of enjoying life due to the pleasure gotten from the sexual experience.

They prefer having babymamas to marriage. To them, marriage will be a bondage that stops them from enjoying life. Most of them see womanizing as “enjoying youth.” They forget that there is a difference between enjoying your youth age and destroying your future.

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5. Working Environment.

There are some jobs that make cheating and womanizing inevitable for men, and some of these professions may include doctor, lawyer, lecturer, nurse, barman, etc. The nature of these jobs creates an opportunity for men to womanize, and only the strong ones among them who are disciplined can resist the temptation.

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Disadvantages of womanizing:

Womanizers think they are master game planners but in reality, they’re losing. Whatever the reasons why you chose to be a womanizer, it is important to understand the disadvantages and consequences of being a womanizer. Here are seven(7) notable consequences of womanizing:

1. Financial struggles.

Womanizers need money to keep their game going, so they spend most of their income on girls rather than themselves, and this is why some of them have a stagnant life due to the many responsibilities they carry. If you can remove womanizing from your life, you will see how your life will flourish and boom fast.

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2. Confusion. 

Nobody is as confused as a womanizer, especially when they finally want to settle down. He finds it difficult to trust based on how he has treated women in the past and slept with lots of them. Now he doesn’t know if this woman truly loves him or not. He could be confused about whom to choose among all the chicks he had. Unfortunately, for some, they always make the wrong choice due to their lack of contentment and commitment.

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3. Risk of Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Demons.

There is more to life than what we see physically. Some men are battling with spiritual attacks as a result of the women they slept with, unaware that those women too have evil spirits that can be transferred through sexual intercourse.

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This is why you see some men lamenting how their lives were ruined after sexual intercourse. Apart from spiritual attack, a womanizer has higher chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that may cut short their life.

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4. Lack Of Respect From People.

As a womanizer, you will have to get used to being disrespected often and often. People already know you to be a playboy, so those girls within your street or district will disrespect you when you talk to them. This alone can also lead to low self-esteem because you refused to control your emotions, and now your emotions are about to cause you shame in public. People will give you different names and shake their heads for you in shame.

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5. A Man Of Lies.

You have to tell a lot of lies to keep those women, and when the truth is about to reveal itself, you will have to tell more lies to cover the lies. For how long will you continue to live your life this way? A life full of lies and deceit is not a healthy way to live.

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6. Premature Death. 

Womanizing has led many men to their early graves. Some of them went as far as sleeping with married women and other guys’ girlfriends, and they died from thunderbolt strikes. Before you start your womanizing business, always remember that it may leave you wrecked for life. More than 1,000 men die yearly from thunderbolts and other violence associated with womanizing.

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7. It’S A Distraction.

Womanizing is a big distraction for men, and it’s the devil’s plan to destroy your future. The devil knows you love women, so he sends lots of them into your life to distract you from staying focused. By the way, how can you be focused and build your life when all you think about is women? If your future is important to you, then you should quit womanizing today. 

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Can Womanizer Fall in Love?

Yes, a womanizer can fall in love; in fact, they do fall in love, but the challenge in a relationship or marriage is that they can’t stay 100% committed to the relationship. A womanizer can fall in love with you, but still, that won’t stop him from having many other side chicks because he could love you the same way he loves others.

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This is why you see some men, despite having a wife, also have a secret child somewhere else outside their marriage. The truth is, womanizers don’t date for love; they date for sex and beauty. They’re not afraid to enter any hole, as long as it’s between a woman’s legs.

Yes, they can fall in love; perhaps “love” is what they use to deceive their victims. A relationship or marriage without commitment can’t survive. As much as love is important, so do loyalty and commitment. What is the essence of love without loyalty? Isn’t that a waste of time?

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Do Womanizers Ever Settle Down?

Womanizers don’t like to settle down on time until family and friends start pressuring them to do so. They prefer babymamas to marriage, so they sleep with as many as possible women as they like. Even when they finally decide to settle down with you, that won’t stop them from cheating on you over and over again because it’s in their blood. 

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In conclusion, the reason why men womanize differ from one man to another, and whatever could be the reason for their behavior, this is not a healthy way to live, perhaps for someone who wants a serious relationship.

If your boyfriend is a womanizer, there is little or nothing you can do to change him. Womanizers hardly repent, and if you have tried your best to make him change his womanizing behavior and nothing changes, why not exit the relationship and find a man who knows what he wants and where he’s going? Remember that whatever you tolerate while dating will double when you get married.

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