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19 Terrible Signs He is Pretending to Love You

19 Terrible Signs He is Pretending to Love You

19 Terrible Signs He is Pretending to Love You

When a man is madly in love with you, you will know, and if he’s pretending to love you, you will know as well, because men actually show love through their actions and behaviors. The best way to figure out if a man is pretending to love you is to watch out for these 19 signs.

1. You Caught Him Lying to You Countless Times.

We’re all guilty of telling white lies, but if you catch a man telling you lies uncountable times, this could be a sign that he doesn’t care about your feelings. What they told you before you started dating is different from what you are seeing right now. If a man truly loves you, he will be honest with you because he knows you deserve to know the truth about him.

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2. He’s Never Loyal to You.

When a man loves you genuinely from the heart, he will stay committed to the relationship. In the case of yours, the reverse is true, as this guy repeatedly cheats on you and rubs it on your face, and the worst part is that he never repents for once. He’s only using “I love you” to deceive you. If he truly loved you, as he claimed, he wouldn’t toy with your feelings and rub them on your face like “nobody cares.”

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3. You Are Confused. 

If a man truly loves you, trust me, you will know, and when he doesn’t, you will be confused. Are you always confused about his love? Do you have doubts that this guy doesn’t care about loving you? Listen to your instincts; they could be right in telling you he’s pretending to love you.

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4. He Doesn’t Call You.

The primary role of a boyfriend in a relationship is to call you and check up on your well-being. When this role is absent in your relationship, it could indicate that this guy is just pretending to love you. When a man loves you genuinely, he will never go days without talking to the woman he loves. Do not be fooled; nobody is too busy for who they love. If he doesn’t enjoy calling you or chatting with you, maybe you are not as important to him as you thought.

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5. He Hides You from His Family and Friends.

If a man is hiding you from his family and friends, that means he doesn’t want everyone who knows him to be aware of you because he’s only pretending to love you. The relationship has been going on for over 2 years now, yet you don’t know any of his family or friends. You might be wasting your time in that relationship.

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6. He Restricted You from His Home.

When a man restricts you from coming to his house without prior notice, this is a red flag that may indicate his love for you is fake. If I can’t visit my man anytime I wish, then who else should I visit unannounced? If a man values you as his partner, they will never warn you to notify before coming. They mostly do this for women they don’t love.

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7. He Calls You Only When He’s Horny.

This guy is only romantic to you when he’s horny, and he remembers your existence when he needs sex. After getting what he wants, he goes back to his shell again, and you begin to wonder if this man is after your body. Well, the truth is, he doesn’t love you. If a man truly loves you, he will be consistent with you, not only when he is horny. He’s probably dating you to satisfy his sexual desires.

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8. He Gets Angry When You Ask Him If He Will Marry You.

How does he react when you ask him about marriage and talk about the future? If his response or reaction sounds harsh, like “I don’t know,” the truth is he doesn’t know because he doesn’t see himself with you, so you may be wasting your time.

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9. He Does Not Share His Details.

He knows every detail about your life, but you barely know anything about him. He refrains from talking too much about himself because he knows doing so will expose his fake love for you. Even when you try to bring these things to his attention, he will change the topic to avoid talking about them.

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10. He Invites You to His Place at Night.

He only invites you to his place at night, and when you try to check up on him during the day, he will give you some silly excuses that he is not around. Luckily, when he invites you to his place during the day, he won’t see you off the street. He’s doing this so people in the environment won’t recognize you as his partner.

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11. He Publicly Denies You.

If this guy is avoiding showing affection to you in public, this is a sign of fake love. Tell me, why would a man deny you publicly that you are not his girlfriend if not for fake love? If you hold his hands in public and try to give him a hug, he will resist. You can identify them by what they post online; they act single online but form serious relationships while with you. When you notice this sign, you should know he’s just pretending to love you.

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12. It Looks Like You Are Forcing Yourself on Him.

You can’t force a man who doesn’t love you to love you. The moment it appears like you are forcing yourself on him to love you, you need to know that you are now on your own; it is the duty of the man to love you while you love him back. A one-sided love is unfair, and this will hurt you more. You need a man who will appreciate your love and your presence in his life. 

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13. He Asks for Something in Return for a Favor.

Does your boyfriend ask for something in return for a favor? He could demand sex in exchange for the gift he bought for you. He doesn’t like doing anything for you without demanding something in return, and whenever there is a misunderstanding between you guys, he will ask you to return those things he bought for you.

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14 He Forgets to Celebrate Special Dates and Anniversaries.

Yes, not everybody wants to celebrate special dates and anniversaries with their loved ones. However, if your boyfriend is totally against your celebrations or relationship anniversary, saying it’s a waste of money and isn’t worth it, this should make you question if he really values you and the relationship.

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15. He’S Sweeter To Other Girls. 

Your boyfriend does act like “Mr. Nice Guy” to other girls, and you begin to wonder if he’s the same man you are dating. He could offer help to other girls and compliment them, but you can’t remember the last time he was sweet to you. Perhaps if you catch him many times being lively and flirting with other girls, this is a red flag that he pretends to love you. 

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16 He’S Never Available.

He doesn’t show up on your birthday; even when you were sick, he didn’t show up. He’s the last person you will ever call in an emergency. If your boyfriend is always busy whenever you need his help, you should ask if he truly loves you and cares about you. Your boyfriend is supposed to be your best friend and playmate; he doesn’t have to be perfect, but at least giving you his undivided attention is paramount.

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17. He Hides His Phone from You.

While it is important to respect your partner’s privacy and boundaries, if a man is loyal and honest with you, he won’t be mad at you for checking his phone. However, if he turns into an angry lion for going through his phone, please know that his love for you is not real. When someone loves you unconditionally, they will value honesty and transparency more than their privacy.

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18. He Says Negative Things About You To Others.

A man who loves you will keep your weakness private. However, if your boyfriend has been badmouthing you to others and making jokes about you among his friends to the extent that he is now criticizing you in front of other girls, he’s only pretending to love you. Real men protect the woman they love in public.

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19. Other Signs That A Man Is Pretending To Love You Are:

He constantly abuses you physically and verbally; he shuns your invitation to meet your family and friends. He’s not supportive to you in any way, and he takes your love for granted.

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In conclusion, if you recognize most of these signs in your relationship, do not rush to the conclusion that he doesn’t love you; rather, open and honest communication is the key. Talk to your partner about their behavior and listen to them; hopefully they will change their bad habits, and if nothing changes, you should discontinue the relationship to avoid wasting your time. You deserve someone better.

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