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10 Ways to Stop Womanizing and Settle Down

10 Ways to Stop Womanizing and Settle Down

10 Ways to Stop Womanizing and Settle Down

What is womanizing?

Womanizing is the act of seducing and flirting with women. A man is said to be a womanizer if he has multiple girlfriends and several side chicks. A womanizer is never comfortable with a woman; they love cheating and sleeping with women, and most times they jump from one relationship to another. Womanizers don’t care much about building a serious relationship; they thrive on flirting with different women.

Womanizing is an addiction that’s difficult to quit. If continued, it could ruin the man’s life and destroy his life plans. Yes, great men had fallen as a result of womanizing. That men are polygamous in nature does not justify womanizing because a polygamous man marries the woman he loves, but a womanizer doesn’t; rather, he seduces them, sleeps with them, and moves on to another woman. A womanizer should never be compared with a polygamous man. Womanizing is like a chronic disease that, if not treated on time, may lead to serious consequences such as shame and regret.

Signs you are a womanizer/How to identify a womanizer:

In case you have doubts about whether you are a womanizer or not, these are the signs that may indeed confirm that you are a womanizer.

1. You Love Flirting with Women. 

Do you see yourself flirting with different women even when you already have a girlfriend? You have besties and friends with benefits, and yet you still can’t resist letting go of any girls in your sight. If you confirm this character in your behavior, you seriously need help.

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2. You Don’t Have a Serious Relationship.

Womanizers don’t have a serious relationship; they just date for the love of beauty, wanting to sleep with the woman, and nothing more. You know you are a womanizer if most of your relationships never last for months before moving to another. 

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3.They Love to Double Date.

Womanizers don’t like to have a single girlfriend; they cherish multiple partners, and when they do have a serious girlfriend, they could have many other side chicks. 


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4. A Man with Many Babymamas.

If a man is less than 30 and has two or more babymamas, this is a good way to identify a womanizer. Most of them don’t like to settle down; they prefer babymamas.

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5. You See Yourself as A Playboy.

Those girls see you as their love and future husband, but within yourself, you know you are just a playboy or a fuckboy. You are not ready to stay committed to any relationship; rather, you are more concerned about sleeping with them and moving to another woman.

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6. You Act Single When Your Partner Isn’t Around.

A womanizer is a man who acts single when his partner isn’t around. He can lie and say that he’s single just to deceive other girls and flirt with them. You know you have a girlfriend already, but this womanizing behavior wouldn’t allow you to tell the truth. This is bad because you may be wasting those girls’ time.

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7. He Tries to Sleep with Your Friend.

Does your boyfriend make any attempt to get more attached to your friend than you? Does he chat with your friends secretly and try to date them? This is a chronic womanizer, and if care isn’t taken, he might sleep with your relatives someday because womanizers don’t have shame.

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How to Stop Womanizing and Settle down:

Now that you have confirmed the signs of womanizing, are you ready to quit now? Womanizing is a business with no profit; the only thing you gain is pleasure, but you will lose your self-esteem, respect, money, and spiritual growth, and this alone can take your life backwards if action is not taken on time. Below are the necessary steps to take if you want to stop womanizing and settle down.

1. Have the Determination to Stop and Be Honest with Yourself.

First, you have to be honest with yourself and admit that you can’t continue living your life this way; admit the fact that you are hurting those innocent girls who you deceived with love; admit your fault that your actions could hurt your partner’s feelings. By being honest with yourself regarding the consequences of womanizing and having the determination to stop, you will surely overcome it.

Set a determination that today “I’m stopping womanizing,” remind yourself that this isn’t the kind of life you want, and see this as a mistake that won’t repeat itself anymore.

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2. End Things with Your Playmate. 

If you are serious about stopping womanizing, you need to let go of your playmates. By the way, they’re of no use other than sexual benefits and pleasure. Call it a quit with them. I understand this is a difficult step to take, but if you are serious about settling down now, block all your playmates, friends with benefits partners, and other women you flirt with. If possible, give them space.

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3. Change Your Environment.

Remember, you are starting a new life now, and you want to settle down. You don’t want people to remind you of your past constantly, so changing your environment can be a great way to stop womanizing. Perhaps if you are living or working in an environment that makes cheating and womanizing inevitable for you, changing your environment becomes necessary.

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4. Ask God For Forgiveness And Draw Closer To Him. 

If there are girls you have deceived with love and broken their hearts with your womanizing behavior, you should apologize to them and ask them to forgive you. This is to set your conscience free and live an abundant life when you finally settle down. Most importantly, draw closer to God and ask him to forgive you. This way, you will be free from this womanizing bondage.

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5. Stick to a Single Partner. 

Stopping womanizing and settling down with life is not that easy, but with dedication and devotedness, you will surely achieve this challenge. Find a woman who you love and who will love you in return; stick to her and stay loyal. Teach her your love language and love her in a million ways. Meet with her parents and take the relationship to the next level. Remember that no matter how beautiful your partner is, there are many more out there that may be prettier than her, but commitment will help you.

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6. Avoid Triggers. 

What are those habits that trigger you to womanize? Identify them and avoid them. For instance, if you have friends that you learn womanizing from, this may be the time to give them total space. If you are not sexually satisfied, discuss your sexual concerns with your partner; at least they will know how to satisfy you to avoid falling into temptation again. If pornography and certain videos trigger you to womanize, you can just block them right away. By doing this, you can stop womanizing. 

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7. Discipline Yourself. 

The day you stop thinking about sex is the day you start thinking about success. Do not see every hole as an opportunity; some could be a trap to ruin your life and take your life backwards. Discipline yourself to control your emotions and overlook things. Learn not to look where your erection looks; if you don’t control your erections, it will lead you to destruction. It’s like a moving car without a driver controlling the wheel. Learn to say “no” to your emotions.

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8. Let People Know You Are Taken.

Are you planning to settle down now and want to wave goodbye to womanizing? Let people know you are taken. Flaunt your partner online and offline; this will scare other ladies away because women don’t like to be shared with other girls. Let people know that you have a serious relationship or that you are married now.

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9. Leave the Past for the Past.

Remind yourself every day that womanizing is a thing of the past and that you don’t want to repeat that mistake again. Tell yourself, “I’m now a changed person, and I mean it,” and make sure you stick to your determination.

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10. Avoid Contact with Your Ex-Lovers.

In addition to No. 2 above, make sure you avoid making contact with your ex-lovers who you flirted with. If possible, block every means of communication with them, both online and in person. Any physical or online contact can trigger you to go back to your vomit, and this may affect your home when you finally decide to settle down.

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What Should I Do If My Boyfriend or Husband Is a Womanizer?

These are simple ways to handle a boyfriend or husband who is a womanizer:


1. Communicate with Him

If you confirm your boyfriend or husband to be a womanizer, talk to him in a polite manner and let him know how his actions are hurting your feelings. Ask him if there’s anything you can do to help him stop womanizing and settle down.

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You could say things like, “Why is it that you don’t care about my feelings? You keep on cheating on me with different women, not one or two. I don’t deserve this treatment from you. I’m getting tired and emotionally exhausted. Please  stop.” Let him know how his behavior is hurting your feelings. If your husband truly loves you and you are important to him, he will adjust his ways toward you.

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2. Give Him Time.

Womanizing is just like every other addiction that is difficult to quit. If your man has promised to stop womanizing, give him time to see if he’s truly ready to change and watch his behavior. Ask him to block those girls or side chicks in your presence. If he agrees to do this, that’s a good step, and if not, just give him time and see if he changes.

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3. Leave Him Alone.

As a married woman, if you notice your husband is a womanizer, communicate with him as explained in No. 1 above. If nothing changes in his lifestyle, just leave him alone, don’t pressure him, give him peace at home, and let him do as he likes while you focus on your kids. As long as your husband is performing his role for you as a husband and a father, it will be best if you can overlook this bad side of him.

You may consider reporting him to his parents and family members, as they can help you talk sense to your husband, and hopefully he will take their advice and change. 

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4. End the Relationship and Move On.

A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage, so if you are dating a womanizer and he’s not ready to stop and settle down, you should discontinue the relationship and move on with your life. If you care about your mental health and overall well-being, you should know this type of relationship is not the best for you.


In a nutshell, to stop womanizing and settle down with life, admit that this is not the right way to live your life, have the determination to quit, block all your playmates, repent, and ask God for forgiveness. If possible, change the environment. Find a woman you love and build a healthy relationship with her. In order for you not to go back to your vomit, make sure you avoid things that trigger you to womanize. By applying all these tips, you can stop womanizing and settle down.

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