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How to Build Trust in a Relationship: 15 Easy Ways

How to Build Trust in a Relationship: 15 Easy Ways

How to Build Trust in a Relationship: 15 Easy Ways

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. The foundation will determine how long the relationship will last. A relationship built on trust can survive any storm. 

For a relationship to grow, you should be able to trust your partner, and your partner must be able to trust you too. Being able to trust your partner is the most important aspect of a relationship. Imagine that feeling when you tell your family and friends, “I trust my partner, and my partner trusts me.” Even outsiders will be jealous of your relationship. Here are 15 tips to build trust between you and your partner.

1. Be Loyal.

Trust is built on loyalty; therefore, you must be faithful and honest with your partner no matter the circumstances. The moment you agree to date them, try your best to be loyal. I mean, never cheat on them. The moment you cheat on your partner, and they catch you, believe me, it is going to be tough for them to trust you again. So, if you want to establish trust, make sure you stay loyal to them.

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2. Update Your Partner About Your Day-To-Day Activities.

Telling your partner where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going is the easiest way to build trust in your relationship. By doing this, you are directly building a strong connection that they can rely on.

Your partner can guess where you are, what you are doing, and this alone will give them peace of mind and confidence to trust you. If they call you, update them on where exactly you are and what you are doing; this helps to kill the negative thoughts in their mind.

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3. Never Keep Secrets.

Everyone has a secret that they keep that is personal. Nevertheless, your partner should be someone you can trust with your biggest secret; thus, sharing hints about what is going on in your life can boost the trust between you and your significant other.

Perhaps a problem shared is a problem solved. When you have a bad day, let them know; when you are sad, open up; and when you need something from them, ask. Always remember that too many secrets can destroy a relationship. Don’t make it look like you are hiding something from them; otherwise, there will be trust issues in the relationship.

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4. Share Your Passwords.

If you can share your body, which is more private, then how much more your phone and social media accounts? Sharing your passwords is a great way to prove to your partner that you have nothing to hide, and they will be able to trust you again. Let them have access to your phone any time they wish.

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5. Never Restrict Their Access to Your Home.

Although boundaries are important in a relationship, telling your partner to call you before checking up on you can make them feel unwanted that they begin to question your transparency.

It’s best if you set boundaries and talk about how much time you need alone, when you want to be alone, and how comfortable you are telling other people about your relationship. Having an understanding of each other’s boundaries is important for building trust in a relationship.

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6. Communicate More.

Constant communication can strengthen trust among lovers. Talk to your partner every day, and if you can’t talk on the phone due to your busy work, you should schedule time to chat, text, and call. When you ignore your partner’s calls, texts, and chats, you are giving them reasons to doubt you. Effective communication will build trust between you and your significant other.

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7. Tell Them the Truth.

We’re all guilty of white lies, but too many lies will lead to trust issues between you and your partner, especially if they realize that you have been telling them lies. Telling them exactly how it is will make them love you more, knowing fully well that you have nothing to hide as your yes is yes and your no is no.

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8. Don’t Make a Promise You Can’t Fulfill.

You might be compelled to make a promise to your partner, especially when they do something that impresses you. Whatever the case may be, never make a promise you won’t be able to fulfill if you want them to trust you.

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Be a man of your words. If you promise them something, fulfill the promise; if you promise to buy a gift, make sure you do it. This will convince them that you are truly a man of your words, and they can count on you any day.

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9. Avoid Flirting with the Opposite Sex.

How will you feel seeing your partner flirt with the opposite sex? Bad right? Then you should be careful how you make friends with the opposite sex, especially if you have a jealous partner; they might think there is something else going on between you and your friends.

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Learn to respect your partner’s feelings by limiting your friendship with the opposite sex. Your significant other is supposed to be your one and only best friend. If losing your friends will make your partner trust you, then so be it.

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10. Reassurance.

I know you love them and they love you too, but reassuring your partner of your love and commitment to the relationship will boost the trust between you and your partner. Look into their eyes, hold their hands, hug them, and tell them how much more they mean to you. Tell them, “It’s you or nobody.” Make them feel like they are the most important person in your life.

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11. Take Responsibility for Your Actions.

Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. When you make mistakes, admit your faults, apologize to your partner, and take responsibility for your actions. Try your best to make things right again; when they see how serious you are, they will be able to trust you again.

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12. Trust Them.

You want your partner to trust you, right? Then you must be ready to trust them too. Forget what other people are saying—that men or women cannot be trusted—that’s not true. When you trust someone with all your heart, you are giving them the opportunity to trust you too. How can this be achieved? By believing everything your partner tells you without doubt,

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13. Be Yourself.

Never pretend to be what you are not in a relationship. A man who will love you will love you, and a woman who will accept you will still accept you regardless. So if you want to build trust in your relationship, remember to be yourself.

By the way, it is not everything your partner wants that you must provide; sometimes you just have to say no. You shouldn’t be forced to endure what you don’t like. By being yourself, it will be easier for both of you to move forward.

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14. Don’t Spy on Them or Invade Their Privacy.

Spying on your partner’s privacy without their consent can cause more problems in the relationship. If they detect you have been monitoring them, they become so worried and begin to ask you questions like, “Why are you invading my privacy?” and “So you don’t trust me?” and “Why can’t you just trust me?” If not handled properly, your partner will mistrust you as well. Unless you have strong evidence that your partner isn’t loyal to you, never invade their privacy.

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15. Love Them Every Day.

Loving your partner every day is the sweetest part of building trust in a relationship. This will remind them that there is someone out there who cares and loves them, and that person is you.

Let it reflect in your words and actions that you love them, and you will always love them. Don’t forget to send those romantic messages, those midnight calls, and those goodnight texts. It works like magic in building trust in your relationship.

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Trust is like a glass cup; once broken, it can never be whole again. Therefore, if your partner trusts you so much, never do anything that will make them lose the trust they have in you.

In conclusion, to build trust in your relationship, communicate frequently, never cheat on your partner, update them about your day-to-day activities, share your passwords, set clear boundaries between friendship and relationship, believe in your partner, and respect them. Also, learn to always be yourself.

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