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Is Polygamy bad? 6 Reasons Why Nothing Is Wrong With Polygamy 

Is Polygamy bad? 6 Reasons Why Nothing Is Wrong with Polygamy 

Is Polygamy bad? 6 Reasons Why Nothing Is Wrong with Polygamy 

Polygamy is the situation whereby a man has more than one spouse at a time. Polygamy is very common in Africa and other continents across the universe. Many people believe that polygamy is evil, risky, and not healthy for a man who wants a happy home. Well, this is not completely true because polygamy has actually helped a lot of single ladies to get married.

Is polygamy bad?

No! It’s not as long as the man knows what he’s doing. Some certain religions, cultures, and religions believe that polygamy is a sin or a bad practice, which I can never agree to. Here are some of the reasons why nothing is wrong with polygamy:

1. It Helps Women to Get Married on Time.

Polygamy has helped a lot of single ladies get married on time. The population of women is greater than that of men, which means one man for a woman can’t work because of the population, and this is the advantage of polygamy. 

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There are many older ladies who are still single and praying for a man to come and marry them, and what if that man is a polygamous man? Nothing is wrong, provided the man has the capacity to take care of his wives and children and treat them equally.

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2. Polygamy Prevents Infidelity.

Polygamy is not bad in the sense that it prevents infidelity in marriage. Instead of having side chicks and sleeping around, taking a second wife will be a good option. Some married men have side chicks or a secret lover they have an affair with while pretending to be a monogamous man. There is nothing totally bad with polygamy because it enables the man to stay focused on his family rather than sleeping around with side chicks.

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3. Culture and Tradition Accept It.

Certain cultures, tribes, and traditions see polygamy as a norm. In Africa, a man can have as many possible wives as he wants, provided he has the money and emotional capacity to take care of them. A polygamous marriage is not a sin, and nothing is wrong with it. It all depends on your religion, culture, tradition, and how you see it.

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4. It Fosters Unity.

In polygamous marriage, individuals may be forced to learn how to live peacefully without fights and this can foster unity in the family. 

When I was young, my father would tell us to eat on the same plate, cook together, pray together, and buy the same clothes for us all. Of course, no family is perfect, but this actually compelled me to love all my elder brothers and sisters, and we have all lived peacefully till now. 

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To achieve unity in a family, it is the duty of the man and other parties involved. Even in monogamy, couples could live under the same roof without peace or unity. So, peace and unity in a family are not about polygamy or monogamy, but rather the people involved. 

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5. Polygamy Calms a Wicked Wife.

Some women will become bad when you marry them, and you may begin to regret marrying them. And this is the benefit of polygamy, as it can be used to calm a wicked housewife. 

During one of the relationship and marriage sessions I anchored, a married man told me he decided to take a second wife because his first wife had been giving him sleepless nights and frustration, and since he took in a second wife, her bad behavior has reduced. 

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6. Men Love Varieties.

By nature, men love varieties, while women are emotionally attached. When a woman has sex, they get emotionally attached to the man, but when a man has sex, it’s just sex for them; they can move on with another woman so fast. Men love the varieties of tasting different women and this is the advantage of polygamy, you have varieties of women in your possession. 

With polygamy, you don’t need to be going out there deceiving young girls with love; a polygamous man marries the woman they love. Isn’t that better than deceiving girls with love just to sleep with them? 

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Nothing is wrong with polygamy!

Nothing is wrong with polygamy, and it’s a personal decision. If your religion is against it, that doesn’t make polygamy bad, and if your culture is against it, that doesn’t make other cultures that practice it bad. Polygamy is a choice; if anyone chooses it, it’s their life. Everybody knows what works well for them. Monogamy can’t work for everyone. If not for polygamy, a lot of women will be single by now. 

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If you want to choose a polygamy lifestyle, it is important for you to be aware of the disadvantages before going into it to avoid regret. Some of the disadvantages of polygamy are:

1. Financial Problems.

Men who adopt polygamy may face serious financial difficulties in order to satisfy their wives and children. You have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, and failure to do so will make you an irresponsible father and husband. 

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2. Peace and Unity.

While peace and unity are advantages of polygamy, a polygamous man may likely experience a lack of unity in his home if care isn’t taken, so make sure you try your best to put your house in shape. If you don’t have the emotional capacity to love them equally and take care of them, don’t even think about polygamy; otherwise, there won’t be peace in your home.

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3. Negative Stigma.

There is this negative stigma attached to polygamy that people will begin to criticize you and call you different names for choosing a different path. Family, friends, and society may label you an irresponsible man or “husband snatcher.” If you can cope with this stigma, you are good to go, but prepare for negative criticism.

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In conclusion, the purpose of this article is not to encourage polygamy but rather to point out that there is nothing completely wrong with polygamy. Polygamy is a personal decision; if anyone chooses it, fine; it’s their life, and that doesn’t make you better than them. The reason why they choose polygamy is best known to them, and there is no need to judge them for their choice.

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