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How to End a Relationship with a Married Man or a Sugar Daddy: 11 Ways

How to End a Relationship with a Married Man or a Sugar Daddy: 11 Ways

How to End a Relationship with a Married Man or a Sugar Daddy: 11 Ways

While dating a married man and sugar daddy means nothing to some people, others find such acts disgusting. 

Dating a married man has a lot of disadvantages compared to the benefits, which include a guilty conscience, marathon sex, self-judgment, shame, and insecurity, among others. Below are the 11 necessary steps to take to end a relationship with a married man.

1. Understand That This Relationship Isn’t Healthy for You.

In order for you to move on completely, you should tell yourself the truth: this type of relationship isn’t healthy for you. This man has a wife with kids at home and is only trying to use you. I’m sure you don’t want this type of life, perhaps you are tired of being an option. When you admit the fact that dating a married man is not a healthy lifestyle, ending such a relationship becomes easier.

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2. Determination.

It is not easy to end a relationship with a married man, especially when love is involved. However, with strong determination, you can achieve this. You must be determined to let go of this man and face your life. That is, you don’t want to have anything that has to do with him again in your life. Yes, you can do this with determination.

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3. Cut Off the Communication.

How do you guys communicate? Is it on social media or on the phone? Either you block him totally or limit the communication. Whenever he calls you and asks to see you, tell him you are unavailable; whenever he chats with you, show a sign that you are not interested in talking. This way, your lovebird will know that you seem not to be interested in him anymore and may start backing off too. 

If he asks you, what’s wrong? Tell him nothing. You may avoid picking up his calls too or block him from your life permanently.

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4. Give Him Space.

Giving them space is paramount to ending a relationship with a married man. Tell him you need space or a break to figure out some things in your life, and if he asks what it is, tell him it is personal.

Make sure you avoid physical contact with your sugar daddy. When he asks to see you, give him an excuse that you are unavailable. With time, you will both be fine and move on with your lives.

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5. Block Him Permanently.

In addition to No. 3 above, make sure you permanently block your sugar daddy from your life if you are serious about ending the relationship. Dispose of anything that will tempt you to go back to him. You may also distance yourself from friends who influence you to date a married man or sugar daddy.

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6. Get A New SIM.

You don’t want your sugar daddy to disturb you again to come back to his life. He could try his best to win you back while promising you heaven on earth; it is now up to you to overlook that and move on. To make sure your sugar daddy doesn’t have access to your life again, change your SIM card and your environment to start a new life that pleases you.

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7. Move Closer to God.

With God, all things are possible. Move closer to him and ask for forgiveness. Find a nearby church or mosque, confess your sins, and start living a Godly life. If you are still addicted to your sugar daddy, you should pray to God to break the spirit of addiction in you. I’m very sure that with time you will be glad to have made the right decision, ending the relationship with a married man or your sugar daddy. 

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8. Focus on Your Life.

Understand that you came to this life for a purpose; discover your talents and explore your potentials. Start doing activities that makes you happy and productive. There is more to life than sleeping with a man for money and benefits. You don’t need a sugar daddy to accomplish your dreams; what you need is to believe in yourself. You will surely get there.

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9. Stop Mingling with Bad Friends. 

Bad friends corrupt good manners. The type of friends you keep says a lot about who you are. If your friends are encouraging you to date a sugar daddy, these are bad friends you should cut ties with before they ruin you. Remember, this life is 100% your responsibility, and only you will account for how you live it.

If the type of friends you keep are of the bad cycle, distance yourself from them; otherwise, you may find it difficult to end the relationship with your sugar daddy because your friends may try to convince you to continue.

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10. Let Go of the Past and Start Focusing on the Future.

Whether you dated a married man for love or for benefits is now in the past. You can’t change the past, but you can still reshape the future. Let go of this relationship and start focusing on how to make your future better.

You may try to learn new skills and hobbies and start investing in yourself and your happiness. When you see that you are doing well in life, you can give love a chance again in your life.

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11. Give It Time.

Ending a relationship with a married man will take time if you really love them, so trust the process. When you finally call it a quit, move on and never look back. More so, don’t rush into another relationship to heal from the past hurt; instead, allow yourself to heal completely first, then you can find a young man like you to date and build a healthy relationship and a future together with them. 

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