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8 Signs God Does Not Want You to Marry Someone

8 Signs God Does Not Want You to Marry Someone

8 Signs God Does Not Want You to Marry Someone

The prayer of every lover in relationships is to end up marrying the man or woman they love and cherish, but sometimes what we wish for is not always God’s plan for us. God’s plan is different and beyond human knowledge; thus, he might be showing you signs against marrying someone. Have you been praying to God about your relationship? Here are some signs that God does not want you to marry someone:

1. You Receive a Revelation Against Marrying Your Partner.

If God does not want you to marry someone, he will send a prophet to warn you before you say “yes” to the marriage. Have you received a prophecy from different prophets against marrying your spouse? If yes, this may be a sign that God doesn’t want you to marry them. 

Pay attention to this message, perhaps if you receive this revelation from different sources. Remember, God will not ascend from heaven to tell you who to marry; he will show you some signs to back off if your future together is uncertain. 

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2. Family, Friends, And Your Loved Ones Are Against Your Marriage.

When God does not want you to marry someone, he will make your family and friends frustrate you until you give up on your spouse. If your parents, family, and friends are warning you against marrying someone or they’re frustrating you for choosing your spouse, it could be a sign that God does not want you to marry him or her. 

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If you recognize this sign, approach your parents in a polite manner and ask why they are against you marrying your spouse. Sometimes our parents see beyond what we see, and going against their advice can cause harm to the marriage in the future. It could be God speaking to you directly through your parents. 

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3. Your Life Is Stagnant.

God speaks in so many ways; it is up to you to decode the signs. How has your life been since you’ve been dating them? Did you notice a stagnant life—backwardness with no tangible achievement—since you have been with them? This could be a sign that God doesn’t want you to marry them. Give them a space; take a break to see if your life will flourish. The type of man or woman you choose to marry can affect your life positively and negatively.

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4. Having Strange Nightmares.

One of the ways through which God communicates with man is through his dream. If you have had several dreams against marrying your spouse, it could be God trying to tell you not to marry them.

Meanwhile, not every dream is associated with God’s communication. I once had a dream about my ex-lover hurting me. God showed me more than twice in my dream, and behold, it actually became a reality, even though I initially ignored the message in the dream. 

When you sleep and have a strange dream against marrying someone, it could be God speaking to you directly. Please don’t ignore the message. You may go for spiritual counseling.

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5. You Are Confused. 

There are many other factors that may cause confusion in relationships, but if you are always confused about whether S/he is the right partner for you, you may already have the answer “no.” If you are in the right relationship, you will be happy, but if you are in the wrong relationship and God doesn’t want you to make a terrible mistake, you will be confused. 

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6. You Broke Up So Many Times.

So, you can’t count the number of times you guys broke up only to get back together again? When God doesn’t want you to marry someone, he will frustrate them into breaking up with you. You don’t have to beg them for ignoring you; you don’t have to beg them for their love and attention. If you are not meeting your expectations for the relationship, this may be a sign not to marry him or her. 

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7. You Could See the Red Flags Visibly.

Of course, everybody has their own flaws, but there are certain red flags you shouldn’t ignore in relationships, and if you do, you may have yourself blamed in the future. If you have been praying for a good man or woman to marry and you see many red flags that you can’t cope with, please exit the relationship as early as possible. God is showing this sign for you not to make the wrong choice.

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8. They Left Your Life Unexpectedly.

You loved them so much, cared for them, and did all you could, but suddenly they disappeared from your life, and now they are nowhere to be found. Don’t cry, because God has a bigger plan ahead for you. A good man or woman will soon come. The relationship didn’t work because you were not meant to be together. 

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What should I do if God doesn’t want me to marry someone?

Did you recognize these signs that God doesn’t want you to marry someone? If yes, below are the possible solutions.

1. Pray.

Prayer is the key to every problem. Communicate with God to guide you in finding the right life partner. Talk to your spiritual father about these signs, as they may choose to assist you in prayer in order to make the right choice. 

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2. Let Go of the Relationship.

If it’s evident that God doesn’t want you to marry someone, it is for your own good and to save you from any emotional danger ahead of the marriage; thus, letting go of such a man or woman is a win, not a loss. 

3. Talk to Someone.

Talking to a superior who shares similar experiences with you can be helpful in knowing what to do. 

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Does God Choose a Life Partner for Someone?

No! God does not choose a life partner for anyone. You are the one to choose and make a decision for yourself. However, if your future together with your spouse is at risk, God will warn you or show you some signs that there is danger ahead of you. It is now up to you to work on those things or ignore them.

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In summary, if you have seen the revelation and signs that God doesn’t want you to marry someone and these signs are visible to you, the best thing to do is to let them go and move on with your life. Another man or woman who is right for you will come. However, before you arrive at the conclusion of breaking up, make sure to communicate with God directly and affirm if this person truly isn’t right for you.

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