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How to be a Good Stingy Man: 14 Tips

How to be a Good Stingy Man: 14 Tips

How to be a Good Stingy Man: 14 Tips

A good stingy man is a man who is conscious of his spendings, he avoids living a lavish lifestyle and still assists people close to him financially. Being a stingy man is not something to be proud of; rather, being a good stingy man is. Sometimes being a good stingy man helps you focus on yourself and other things that matter in your life. It can also be a way to move your life to the next level without distraction.

How can I be stingy without being stingy? You don’t want your girlfriend, family, and friends to start calling you a stingy man? Well, this is where being a good stingy man comes in, and below are 14 tips to be a good stingy man.


1. Don’t Give Her Money If She Refuses to Open Her Legs for You.

Gone are those days when men were being used as a woman’s regular pay cheque, right now you need to come back to your senses and understand that nothing is free in this life, and likewise, love is not free; it comes with a price. 

If a woman is stingy with her vagina, then you need to be stingy with money too. Give her money only when she gives you that thing. This way, you are trying to be a good stingy man. That is, she gives you while you give her, so nobody loses.

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2. If Anyone Posts “Sad Mood” On Their Status, Ignore It.

As a good, stingy man, it’s none of your business to interfere in other people’s welfarism, especially on social media. Are you her boyfriend, father, uncle, or brother? If not, then avoid inquiring about other people’s welfarism; if you do, you will see that the solution to their problem is money, and when you refuse to give them, they will tag you as a stingy man. So minding your business is a great way to be a good stingy man.

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As a good stingy man, you can send them happy birthday messages on their birthdays to wish them well. In fact, you can give them a shout-out on your social media. Make sure you don’t ask them for their account number for a birthday gift. If you keep on giving everybody money, you may end up broke.

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4. Spend More Money on Yourself Than Others.

My brother, you can’t give what you don’t have, so it is better if you spend more money on yourself than you spend on others. God said we should love our neighbor as ourselves, not love your neighbor more than yourself. 

Don’t invest your money on a woman; instead, invest it on yourself, and many women will rush you. If you invest all your savings on a girl, she could leave you for another man, but when you invest in yourself, you will see many women willing to have you.

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5. Give Only When You Are in Excess.

Nobody wants to associate with a poor man, and if you don’t want to end up broke, then you need to act like a good stingy man and give out to people only when you have money in excess. 

Let’s assume you only have $500, which you already budget to purchase food. And suddenly somebody asks you to lend him $500. Just tell them, “I don’t have.” Being a good stingy man means understanding that self-love is more important than other love.

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6. Never Spend a Dime on a Woman Who Isn’t Your Girlfriend. Let Her Go and Meet Her Boyfriend.

It is none of your business to spend money on a woman who isn’t your girlfriend or wife. Except they are someone who truly deserves your help, let her go and meet her boyfriend for whatever she needs. Perhaps footing bills for a woman who isn’t yours can be a silly mistake. They will mistake your generosity for being stupid.

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7. Don’t Go on A Date; Invite Them to Your House Instead. 

To be a good, stingy man means you are conscious of your time and money, and you don’t want a woman to use you and dump you. If you are meeting a woman for the first time, avoid eateries, bars, restaurants, or hotels. 

All these places will cost you a whole lot of money, and some women can decide to fuck you up by ordering drinks and items above your budget, so to make life easier for both of you, invite her to your house instead. This way, you will use one stone to kill two birds. You spend less and enjoy more.

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8. Buy Everything You Need Yourself.

You don’t need to give anybody money to buy something on your behalf. Whatever items you need, go get them yourself. This is to prevent anyone from cheating on you. They may have bought those things for 1k while claiming it’s 10k.

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9. Don’t Send Transport Money Until You Confirm Their Arrival.

Online dating and long-distance relationships are common these days. In fact, most relationships originate on social media. Thus, when a lady is to meet you for the first time, tell her you will pay her transport fare when she gets to your side. This is to outsmart their intelligence because some girls can decide to fool you; after you send them money to visit you, they will block you.

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10. If You Take Them Out, Make Sure You Are the One Placing Orders.

If you are hanging out with your girlfriend, friends, or family members and the bill is on you, make sure you are the one placing the order so as to be certain the bill doesn’t go beyond your budget.

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11. Tell People, “I’m Broke” Always.

See, if you are not careful enough, many people will take advantage of your generosity and pin all their life problems on you. When they reach out to you for help, tell them, “I’m broke.” By the way, when I tell you that I’m broke, I don’t mean I’m broke to myself; I mean I’m broke to you.

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12. Cook Your Food Yourself.

Eating outside will cost you more money, which can drain you financially. A good, stingy man should cook his own food by himself. You don’t need to call any woman to help you cook; they will rip you off. Go to the market by yourself, get the necessary ingredients, and cook your own food. You will notice your finances will be in good shape when you do these things..

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13. Let Me See What I Can Do.

If anyone asks for money from you and you are broke at the moment, tell them, “I don’t have money now, but I will see what I can do about it. I will get back to you later.” When you give them this statement, they will know you are giving them false hope, so they will get whatever they need somewhere else.

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14. Help People When You Can.

Being a good stingy man doesn’t mean you will close your hands to your woman, family, friends, and loved ones. A good, stingy man is a man who is conscious of his spending. When you have the money, take care of your parents, assist your family, and make your woman happy. By doing this even when you don’t have it, everyone will understand, because they know if truly you do have it, you will assist them.

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In summary, let them call you a stingy man, a stingy uncle, or whatever name they wish. It is better to be stingy to others than to end up broke. By the way, nobody will feed you if you are hungry. However, remember to help people close to you if you can, because you might need their help too someday.

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