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Why can’t I Move on from Him/Her? 7 Reasons and How to Move on from Your Ex 

Why can't I Move on from Him/Her? 7 Reasons and How to Move on from Your Ex 

Why can’t I Move on from Him/Her? 7 Reasons and How to Move on from Your Ex

After a broken relationship, many people find it difficult to move on from their ex-lovers and their past. Are you one of those people who finds it difficult to move on from him or her? You don’t know how to let go of your past. You are wondering why it is so difficult for you to move on with your life right now. Below are some of the reasons why you find it worrisome to move on with your life after a heartbreak and what to do about it.

1. You Still Very Much Love Them.

The major thing that may be blocking you from moving on with your life after a breakup with your ex is because you love them so much, you cherish him/her, and you have planned a lot of things together, but you never saw this coming.

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The truth is, you need to be honest with yourself and understand that this relationship is never going to work. Perhaps if you have tried your best and yet nothing changes, this may be the right time to face reality and let your crappy ex go. 

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Always remember that “love alone isn’t enough.” A better man/woman will come. If you are serious about moving on, let go of the love and feelings you have for them. I know it’s hard, but the moment you summon the courage to let go, you will never regret doing this. 

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2. Scared of Starting Over.

Why can’t I move on from him or her? Because you are scared of starting all over again! You think that because your 5-year relationship crashed, it’s going to be difficult to find another man or woman who you will build a healthy relationship with from scratch and understand you. You think you are not going to find a better person like your ex, you think you are never going to fall in love again, or you possibly think that “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

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Are you finding it difficult to move on because you are scared of starting over with a new partner? Please kill that fear! I was once in your shoes; in fact, I cried bitterly when my 3-year relationship crashed. I thought I was never going to find true love again. I thought nobody will ever love me like my ex does. I also thought that I won’t be able to love anyone again, but I was wrong. I summoned the courage to move on with my life, blocked my ex, and found an angel who has been a blessing to my life. 

Sincerely, I’m happy that the relationship with my ex never worked out. If not, how will I meet such a good, caring, beautiful, and supportive partner as my current partner? 

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You can also be like me, block your ex, and accept the fact that the relationship wasn’t best for you, and you were not destined to be together. Take your time to heal, then give another man or woman a chance in your life. Who knows whether your next relationship will be your last? But how will you know when you are still stuck in your past? The past is now history; you should be more concerned about your future.

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3. You Sacrificed a Lot for The Relationship.

Moving on from a relationship where you make a lot of sacrifices can be challenging, but what choice do you have? It is possible that you are still thinking about everything you did for them, and yet it ended this way. 

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Maybe you sponsored their education and career and did everything you could to keep the relationship, but it seems your best wasn’t enough. There is no relationship without sacrifice; whatever you do, remember that you did it out of love. 

There is no need to take revenge or collect those things back; instead, see your sacrifice as an act of kindness and leave everything to God. Whether they wronged you or not, forgive them and leave the rest for God. This will be a kind of relief for you as you move on.

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4. You Are Still in Contact with Your Ex-Partner.

Why can’t I move on? Because you are still in contact with your ex. Look, if you are serious about moving on with your life, you must avoid every physical contact or online contact with your ex, especially if you really do love them. 

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You can’t move on if you still call, talk, chat, and stalk your ex’s WhatsApp status, Facebook timeline, and Instagram page. You will always have a reason to be sad, perhaps if they already moved on without you and you are still struggling with heartbreak. 

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Being in contact with your ex can affect your future relationship and block your way from building a healthy relationship with your new partner. If you are serious about moving on with your life, block your ex from your life and avoid seeing them in person and virtually.

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5. Afraid of Falling in Love Again. 

Are you afraid of falling in love again, or are you scared to give another man or woman a chance in your life? Your reason is because of the way your ex-partner treated you; they betrayed your trust, shattered your heart, and dumped you. 

The truth is, people are not the same; yes, there are still good men and women out there, and just because you tasted a sour orange doesn’t mean all oranges are sour. Have you tasted other oranges too? 

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You will always find it difficult to move on if you are still using your ex as a shield from falling in love again. Look, “I’m not your ex; I don’t love them; I don’t look like them; I don’t act like them, so please don’t compare me with them.” Everyone can’t be like your ex. I understand you could be unlucky in your previous relationships, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving love a try again if you seriously want to move on with your life.

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6. You Are Hurt.

Why can’t I move on? You are hurt, and the wound is still fresh in your heart. Healing from a heartbreak after a breakup in a relationship is an emotional trauma that can affect your mental health. If you are still hurt or the wound is still fresh, take your time to heal, and you will be fine.

It will be difficult at first. It is possible that you feel sad, depressed, and unhappy. All these feelings are normal, but never allow it to weigh you down from moving on with your life. 

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7. Hoping to Get Back to Your Ex. 

The reason you can’t move on from your ex could be that you are still hoping that fate will bring you together. You are hoping that they will come back to your life. You are thinking of going back to your ex and making things work.

Don’t stalk your ex. When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re all by yourself, you start thinking about them. You think of all the good and bad times, and before you know it, you start looking for a reason to text them, but don’t do it, okay? just don’t.

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Don’t start reading the old chats and letters they wrote to you. Don’t go back to listening to the songs they sent to you. Don’t start scrolling through their Instagram feed. Don’t start remembering the little moments of love that you two had. Don’t open their chat and type them a ‘hello’. just don’t.

It’s been a while since the breakup, and I know how much it hurts every day, but don’t go back in time. You don’t want to go through that pain all over again. There was a reason why you guys called it off, remember?

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Do you remember all the times they disrespected you? all the lies they said? all those nights they left you wide awake after leaving the conversation coldly and abruptly? Don’t go back. Let’s keep it that way. You need to learn to love yourself to be able to look after your broken heart. You can’t keep going back to stalking your ex. All your progress and all your efforts to move on will take you back to day 1.

If you were looking for a reason to text them, take these words as a sign to not do it.

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In conclusion, in order for you to move on with your life, identify what may be holding you back and avoid it. Block your ex-partner and make sure you avoid physical contact, forgive them for hurting you, and let go of the feelings you have for them. Most importantly, take your time, allow yourself to heal, and give another man or woman a chance in your life. You deserve better. Move on with your life from that crappy ex who doesn’t value you in his or her life. It will be challenging at first, but in the end, you will be glad you did.

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